10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Picking a Travel Partner

Not sure if a certain someone will make a good travel partner? Don’t make any rash decisions, ask yourself these 10 key questions and make the right choice!

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Traveling with the right person is fundamental to the success of your trip.

Making the wrong choice can make you miserable and ruin a, perhaps once in a lifetime opportunity, to see a particular part of the world.

I once got stuck with a moaning minny whose whining reverberated around my ears like a dying wasp.

Luckily the trip was short. But not short enough.

Don’t make the same mistake as me. Ask yourself these 10 key questions before committing to a travel partner and go see the world in peace and harmony!

1.    Have you spent a concentrated amount of time together?

A crucial point. You never really know someone until you’ve spent at least a weekend straight in their company. This is a great test, do it!

You may be surprised what you find out about that person you thought you knew so well.

2.    Are you planning the same trip?

Have you actually sat down and scoped out the details of your trip? If not, you might be talking at cross purposes.

You don’t want to set off on your wild road trip only to find your buddy settling into the nearest yoga retreat.

3.    Do you have the same taste in people?

You’re going to meet a lot of people on your trip so it’ll help if you got similar ideas of who’s good company and who’s not. Think about the people they bring to parties.

Think long and hard.

4.    Is your relationship ‘issue free’?

All the deep-rooted grudges and resentments come out when traveling, that’s just the way it is. Ask yourself if there are any unresolved emotional issues between you and your potential travel partner?

If the answer’s yes then sort them out before you go…. Or go with someone else.

5.    Do you have the same routines?

You’re going to be doing pretty much everything together so your lifestyle’s had better be compatible. If you’re an early bird and they’re a nocturnal beast it just isn’t going to work.

6.    Are they a moaning minny?

Travel can be inconvenient, and frustrating and uncomfortable. A moaning minny WILL ruin your trip. See reverberating dying wasp anecdote above. You have been warned!

7.    Have they ever displayed violent, irrational or psychotic behavior towards you or anyone else?

This is an important one. You may love your friend dearly but if they’re a little bit cuckoo and unstable then I guarantee they’ll have sent you cuckoo too by the end of the trip.

8.    Do you like to do the same things?

Pretty obvious but it’s amazing how many people don’t think this through. Don’t go away with a bookworm if you’re a crazy raver. Figures.

9.    Can they roll with the punches?

The key to successful travel is flexibility. If your buddy can’t be spontaneous, go with the flow and muck in here and there then they will impair your enjoyment of the trip.

10.    Are they a good conversationalist?

Think long flights, train journeys, bus-rides and hikes. It helps if they’ve got something interesting to say.

Do you prefer traveling with a buddy or going solo?? Post up your comments below, we want to hear from you!

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20 thoughts on “10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Picking a Travel Partner”

  1. i’d add to check out the food issues – if food is important to you, and exploring cuisines, etc. while traveling, then it would NOT be a good idea to travel with someone who cares less. i’ve been there!
    great list.

  2. It’s unbelievable how travelling can turn unpleasant if done with someone you don’t get on with. I’ve had some bad experiences and I think #1 is important but even if you have spent a good amount of time together with you future travel companion, it doesn’t really say much, unless you also share a flat, as travelling means spending all days together…

    #3 and 5, I think, are crucial. When I travel I like getting up very early and leave the hotel as soon as I can, and most of the times, I’m alone in this…

  3. Great list. I think you’ve covered all the points here. For me, #3, 5 & 8 are more crucial…. to have same taste & routine. What will happen if one likes hiking and the other prefers tanning on a beach?

    It’s difficult to get a person to have exactly your taste but if these min. are matched then I guess it can be managed somehow.

    I was looking for a travel partner for my Thailand trip next March, now I have decided to go alone. :)

  4. Couldn’t agree more with this post, especially on #7. My in-laws once went to Malta for Christmas with friends. Unbeknown to them, one of the ladies in the group (a friend of a friend) was bi-polar. Sadly, she had a very bad episode whilst on the holiday which resulted in her being sectioned in a Maltese hospital on Boxing Day.

    On a personal note, I once went on holiday with someone who very uptight and more than a little picky especially when it came to food. Never again!!

  5. This is a fantastic list. As someone who has traveled a LOT, I couldn’t have written a better-thought-out list myself!

    Expat 21, of Expat Abroad

  6. Great list. But you forgot a biggie: personal hygiene. Nothing like traveling in a non-air-conditioned van with a bunch of crusty punks to really drive that one home. :)

  7. This is a variation on #2, but it’s essential that you have a shared understanding about the budget for your trip.

  8. We once traveled with Africa Veterans in Africa Kenya,we were to do a Wildlife and Mt Kilimanjaro Safari.We wanted to be joined by another group from a country I will not mention.When the safari was almost mid way,our group and the other one we had booked with could not talk to each other because of simple stupid things like not wanting to share the seat window and competing to seat next to the driver-Martin who was very good and knew a lot about the animals.It’s not good to name the company but as we had no problem with them ,here we go ,africa veterans.Martin used alot of energy trying to separate the constant childish babies between ourselves.Will write this story in detail in another separate page for everybody to see and be careful of joining safaris with pure strangers!!!

  9. all the things you say are so true, but what happend when that’s refered to a couple? Lot of fun! Me and my fiance’ are traveling around the world and still hold togheter despite being one the opposite of the other, maybe we are the living exception to the rule eh eh

  10. Can’t believe you didn’t mention money and budget – do they have to split everything in half to the penny, or are they okay with “i pay this one and you pay next one”. This can get verrrrry emotional for some people. Also, I’ve traveled with people who had waaaay less money or waaaaay more money to spend than I did – and it was horrible! You have to talk very, very frankly about the money thing before you go… and even do it more than once!

  11. I know from experience you have to go away with someone who has similar attitudes about money as you. I went backpacking in Asia with a girl who drove me mad with how tight she was. She’d rather sleep in a complete hovel than shell out an extra $5 for a decent room.

  12. Paying attention to number 4, 6, 7 and 9 is a crucial and a key I believe in a successful trip. I still prefer going solo, well, till I turn lucky and get to know _the_ companion.

    Great article!

  13. Yes Heather, budget is huge.

    You need to be on the same page or it will be a nightmare.

    Thanks for adding this one to my list!

  14. Hi Katie, well yes the right travel partner can make or break a trip. Having a good travel companion is key for trips. Finding the perfect travel buddy can be a tricky business. And the questions you mentioned above was actually everyone should ask themselves before picking a travel partner. I appreciate what you pull together through this blog!
    Choose someone who fits your own traveling style and traveling personality is important and based on that I also came up with this article: https://www.gogaffl.com/blog_posts/what-to-consider-travel-buddy
    Try checking this out and if possible let me know your thoughts!

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