11 Spooky Places to Raise the Dead

Looking for a spooky spot this Halloween? Check out these curiously creepy places, just watch out for things that go bump in the night!

On the lookout for haunted spots this Halloween?? There are plenty of places to creep you out all over the world.

Take a tour of these 11 places to raise the dead and find ghosts and ghouls across the globe!

1. Haunted House, Romeo School, Michigan

Haunted House Michigan

country boy shane

2. Highgate Cemetery, London, UK

Highgate Cemetary London

Anders B

3. Windsor Castle, Windsor, UK

Windsor Castle UK


4. Buzzards’ House, Maryland

Haunted House Maryland


5. Blair Witch Forest, Seattle

Scary Forest Seattle


6. Ghosts’ Lobby, Hotel Del Corrinado, San Diego

Hotel Del Corrinado San Diego

Adam Arthur

7. Lake of Menteith, Scotland

Lake Monteith Scotland


8. Catacombs Museum, Paris

Catacombs Museum Paris

albany tim

9. Skyline Cemetery, Portland, Oregon

Skyline Memorial Portland Oregon


10. Hill of Crosses, Lithuania

Hill of Crosses Lithuania


11. Notre Dame, Paris

Notre Dame Paris

anonymous to you

Been to any of these places? got more spooky travel suggestions? Post up your comments below and let us know.

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11 thoughts on “11 Spooky Places to Raise the Dead”

  1. I went to London, England, in 1980. Sure wish I would have known about the Highgate Cemetary then, it is one of the truely spookiest place I have ever seen (a picture of)!!!
    Great collection, by the way! :)

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