12 Most Magnificent Lakes in the World

by katie Sorene

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Prepare to be amazed and overwhelmed by these 12 incredible lakes that will take your breath away.

Sure, the sea is amazing but I always feel that lakes have a phenomenal stillness that makes you feel, well, calm.

Check out these magnificent lakes across the world, and should you feel compelled to go and experience their beauty first-hand then all the better!

1.    Masyuko lake, Hokkaido, Japan



2.     Lake Umayo,  Sullistani, Peru



3. Lake Pukuaki, South Island, New Zealand



4.    Tso Moriri Lake, Kashmir, India



5.    Laguna Verde, Sud Lípez,  Bolivia



6.    Peyto Lake, Alberta, Canada



7. Lake Matheson, South Island, New Zealand


patrick kiteley

8.    Pakhal lake,  Pogallapalle, India



9.    Lake Como, Bellagio, Italy



10. Long Lake, Minnesota



11. Lake Diablo, North Cascades, Washington



12.  Lone Pine Lake, Whitney Portal, California



Want more? Check out these 2 more stunning lakes that we just couldn’t leave out!

Visited any of these magnificent lakes? Got more recommendations for fantastic lake destinations? Post up your comments below!

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88 comments… read them below or Add a Comment


Wow, I am lost for words. The picture of Lake Pukaki is just amazing..


Crater Lake is missing.


Hey that’s a great list!

Velva's Daughter

Lake Diablo, North Cascades, Washington is AWESOME!

Twin Lakes on Orcas Island in the San Juan Islands in East Sound is a worth every step to get to these majestic lakes.

BackpackBill….Are you from Washington?

Jessica, WhyGo Italy

What? No Crater Lake in Oregon? Preposterous.


Loch Lomond in Scotland, along with the west coast of Scotland, is at the top of the list of places I recommend to visitors to Scotland.


It may not be as dramatic as these, but I’m a sucker for Lake Champlain – Green Mountains on one side, Adirondacks on the other. Nice photos though.


crater late oregon usa really should be on this list! not only is it a fresh water lake you cant get to in the winter bc of the amazing snow falls. but also it is the deepest fresh water lake.

Vera Marie Badertscher

I’ve hiked back to Lake Matheson at dawn. Incredible site!

But Lake Tahoe certainly ranks as one of the most beautiful lakes in the world.


lol i live by long lake….its not that great


Lago de Atitlan in Guatemala, Also Lake Crescent on the olympic penninsula in Washington state

Nomadic Matt

great list katie!

Jet Set Life

Thanks for the post! Exquisite photos indeed. These places can make a great venue for our next video shoot. I’d be passing this along to my readers as well. My warm regards!


Absolutely gorgeous! And for something a little more ‘civilized’, have a look at Lake Annecy in Eastern France. Seen from the mountains above, it is truly spectacular.



this is really breath- taking!


Lake Wanaka South Island, New Zealand

Lake Powell Page, Arizona

Lake Titicaca Peru

Mono Lake California


The #8 Pakhal lake, India was amazing to see. It was my lake where our family used to go for every festival in India to show the guests, to have family gettogether. It is in Pakhal wild life sanctuary and actually said to be a manmade lake built by King Prataparudra of Warangal Kakatiyas in 13th century although the local tribals disagree and tell the stories of a goddess.
There used to be tigers here and the queen Mary had visited it and shot some tigers and took pictures. The pictures are said to be stored in Cambridge Library.
Now, it is just a water source for irrigation and government isnt restoring its serene beauty


Wow, thanks everyone for all your great comments!

Few more lakes that you wanted to see here:





Good list!! Missing Dal lake of Kashmir is one of the most beautiful lakes in India

chandra shekar

Thanx for giving the place to our pakhal lake in yr list…and i am very proud….


thanks for giving a good placement in the world for pakhal lake, which is suitable for the gave position. Its a beautiful and magnificent to the tourists .

vjay Rapaka

Its very nice to see that Pakhal got placed in top 12 lakes in the world, I have been Pakhal its very beutiful, tourism plans should be developed so that tourists can visit and this place can become developed. at the moment its like natural but many people already started visting so tourism plans should be made



So is that Long Lake MN (as in the little lake 20 minutes northwest of Minneapolis) or Long Lake in the boundary waters of MN?


Yeah it’s so amazing, that’s water as a fresh stream and refreshing….


Hi NickZ, I’ve never actually been to that lake myself.. jaafar??


You should see Ohrid Lake in Macedonia (Republic of). Its one of the oldiest lakes in Europe, with many endemic lifeforms. Ohrid Lake is connected with neibourg Prespa Lake under the mountins with caves.


Amazing pictures! And a lovely list!

Shannon OD

I’ve only got one out the the 12! Yikes! This list is fabulous and gives me some places to add on my list of destinations :-)


Crater lake definitely should be on the list. I’d recommend adding Lake Mackenzie on Fraser Island (Australia) as well!


i think the author didt see the saif-ul-malook and doodipatsar lake of pakistan


I agree with Jessica, Crater Lake is more gorgeous than some of the lakes above. But again, people may have different tastes. I love these pics though.


i was really surprised to see 2 lakes from india in the list of 10 lakes…….


I have not got any of them but I am definitely adding a few to my next destinations :) Thanks for sharing this great list!


My favorite is Como, it is located in a beautful part of Italy. Hope to visit it some day!


Hey ,

Im new here and just wanted to stop by and say hi :)


I second Lake Titicaca – Peru/Bolivia
Huge, Beautiful, Shared between 2 countries and it has people that live on it.


New Zealand has some great lakes. Lake Rotoiti is simple magnificient, have a look http://www.atravelaroundtheworld.com/2009/06/snapshot-of-week-chilling-scenery.html


New Zealand has some great lakes. My fav is Lake Rotoiti in the Nelson Lakes region

James Clark

Great list. I would add:

- Lake Toba in Sumatra, Indonesia, the world’s largest volcanic crater lake.

- Lake Balaton in Hungary, the largest lake in Central Europe.

Travel Blogs

My favourite is The Blue Lake in Mount Gambier, South Australia


I love water, and even though I do live by the ocean–I’m still a Lake Girl at heart. Growing up in upstate New York-my dad has a house in the Thousand Islands Area on Lake Ontario. This summer I went to one of the lakes posted above: Peyto Lake, Alberta, Canada. This trip was so incredibly spectacular. I had been dreaming of going to Lake Louise for ~8-10 years. I finally made it there-stayed at Chateau Lake Louise (Fairmont) and it was simply breath-taking. There is lake after beautiful lake up there in Alberta–esp off the Icefields Parkway: Bow Lake, Peyto Lake–all Glacier fed. Lake Louise and Moraine Lake my fav’s. Hope to hit Crater Lake and Mono Lake this year. Please-keep posting pics! Love it

Hermes Lin Yichao

Thanks for compliling this awesome list. I have yet to travel to any of these but I would highly recommed the crater lake of Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines. The azure waters coupled by the serene surroundings of the active volcano makes it absolutely worth checking out.


I’ve only been in Peyto Lake, and I agree it was really gorgeous. I also love the Lake Louise near there.

Travel Tips Newsletter

Have you ever visited Lake Powell it should have made the list. The terrain is much different than any here. These lakes are beautiful but Lake Powell is astounding.


saif ul maluk lake frm PAKISTAN is missing


Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. That one is more impressive then some of the one’s here, plus that lake in all of the other websites I visited.

Animesh Niroula

Rara, Phewa and Phoksundo lakes from Nepal are missing….

Black Rainforest

I’m surprised that there are no lakes listed from Nepal….!!! Rara and Phewa are amazingly beautiful.


saif ul malook in Pakistan is the most amazing sight i have experienced!


All lakes are in this list are heaven made, and i don’t have words to explain its beauty

walks of italy

list of lakes are really very Nice but Tso moriri lake affecting me more…….thanks for sharing great lakes pictures.


Hey this is cool.Check out my blog on lakes, some are similar to your’s…http://muruginjehia.blogspot.com/2010/10/worlds-most-unique-lakes-raw-beauty.html

Seka Aleksic Mica

I am amazed with pictures and your choice, still I would change the order if you don’t mind, so for me no1 is Lone Pine Lake, no2 Peyto and no3 Pukuaki :)
You haven’t put any from Alaska!

Jim Lettis

I’ve actually been to many of the lakes you listed, including Lone Pine Lake at Whitney Portal. I’m amazed that you haven’t included the most beautiful lake I’ve seen, Crater Lake in Oregon. Also Lake Tahoe. Jim Lettis

patricia grimes

A lake worth mentioning is Lago Atitlan in Guatemala. This is a beautiful huge lake surrounded by volcanoes, breathtaking.

abdul bais

this is very nice i want to go see it

gord nelson

Very beautiful but here are a few more for consideration, Lake Louise in Alberta, Kalamalka Lake in British Columbia and Echo Lake in British Columbia


We have Batur Lake, Bratan Lake, Buyan Lake and Tamblingan lake in Bali. You must see..

Central Park Bike Tours

I’ve been to the lake in Bolivia, it’s really stunning! Everybody should go visit these places!


Love lakes. For surely missing Crater Lake from my home state and Lago De Atitlan in Guatemala. two or three volcanos rising from the middle of a huge lake surrounded by the most amazing landscapes… no cars on 99% of the lake takes you back to a better time.


Lake Powell, AZ


i love it amazing nature

Brady Stump

Enjoyed the read.


saif ul muluk lake should be in list


I second that, Crater Lake is missing.

Peru Travel Packages

Wow! Simply amazing, I love the Peru lake. Thanks for sharing the list of lake. These places are just piece of dreamland.


“Lagoa das sete cidades”
two lakes, two colors, green and blue

The water is so pure,it’s so beautiful.
The only thing missing is a rainbow running across the sky above the lakes


I really never imagined some thing like that! They are really the greatest lakes!

nuansyah dhika

all of u must know abouty lake toba in north sumatra , Indonesia… the biggest volcanoes lake… its so pretty and awesome……
a beauty lake in the world..
the biggest lake in ASEAN
visit my province…. north sumatra , Indonesia

Bama Peta

I’ve been to it – Sept 09
Hands down! it’s the Unesco World heritage:
Five Flowers lake, Jiuzhaigou, Sichuan, China


Plitvice lakes in Croatia are also a must to see!

Inna Molodeeva

Hey! And it seems you lost the greatest lake in the world – Lake Baikal?)


Medan, Lake Toba, Indonesia
Lake (Danau Toba) is the largest volcanic lake in the world and is in Sumatra. Indonesia. Samosir island within the lake is the island within the island of Sumatra.

Christy Acton

Son kol (lake) in Kyrgyzstan would be in my top three.


I would have to add Windermere to this in England´s Lake District. Over 10 miles long and surrounded by the most beautiful scenery.


Have you seen Nahuel Huapi Lake in Bariloche, Argentina????? For sure if you get to know it, you will realize it is one of the most Espectaculars Lakes in the World!!!!!!

marta elena ason

the lake that surrounds Moreno Glacier, the biggest ice-wall in the world is missing


OMG……pakala lake in 8th place from india
i cant believe this..its amazing..its near to our village.
Am really so happy for that


In Kazakhstan we have lake Kolsai. It is also amaizing

Sudhir Modak

Where is lake Victoria amongst these lovely lakes.its the mother of all lakes still no wonder.

elisabeth flores

I agree with the oregonian,I was missing it and then I read your comment,so Crater Lake is a must!


I was thinking the same thing about Long Lake – hopefully there is another one in Northern MN this is in reference to, not the one in the Minneapolis Suburbs!


Thanks for showing these lake


All the pics are really amazing and I think New Zealand is the undisputed heaven on Earth:):)

Katharine Ho

Nice n beautiful lakes no doubt. But guess the author yet to see the magnificent sky blue lakes at the other horizon like the
Namcho Lake at Tibet >=4300M and the world highest Tilicho lake @4920M in Nepal . the Kanas Lake at Northern Xinjiang ,China also very awesome.

arbab firdos

best lake to see is Mahodund in swat ahill station in pakistan. unfortunatly i dont have picture

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