14 Juvenile Things to do with an Underwater Camera

by katie Sorene

Bored of swimming lengths? Pick up an underwater camera for your next vacation and let the games begin!

Why is it that as soon as you become an “adult” pool-time gets confined to swimming lengths. Boring!

I recently challenged my friends to come up with as many juvenile things to do with an underwater camera that they could think of.

Here are the results!

1.    Hi Mom Pics

Hi Mum

2.    Mermaid Pics


3.    Bezzie Mate Pics (trying not to cut your friend’s head off)

Cute Friendly

4.    Upside-Down Pics


5.    General Underwater Silliness


6.    Dead Straight Dives


7.    Back-Flips


8.    Air Somersaults


9.    Shoulder Launches


10.    Backward Shoulder Launches


11.    Bum Flops


12.    Balancing Shots


13.    Synchronized Side-Lunges

Water Cartwheels

14.    Nice Splashy Pics


Like my pics or think they’re just plain silly? Got more cool underwater pics? Post up your comments below, we want to hear from you!

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7 comments… read them below or Add a Comment

Jamie Beaumont

Great photos Katie… Looks like you and your friends had a lot of fun. Definitely getting myself one of those when I next go away.

p.s. love the blog

Monica Hamburg

So cute!


what a hoot!! such fun – makes me want to go swimming – with a camera!

Travelers Community

nice photos!!!! i think i really need an underwater camera next time we go to beach…

kewl kat

Great Pics. Looks like a lot of fun. It is really great to think of summertime at the pool since it has been cold out lately. As far as an underwater camera. if you ever get tired of swimming while holding a camera, check out this swim mask with a built in digital camera. Its pretty kewl:


Love it! So fun!!!

Christopher Bellacose

Nice. Say cheese!


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