15 Most Magical Places in the World

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Wizards, sorcerers, hobbits and goblins. This maybe the stuff of fairy-tales but you can bring magic to life! Visit these breath-taking magical destinations and live out your own travel legend!

Travel and make-believe certainly go hand in hand.

Whether it’s royal palaces, enchanted forests or magical lagoons, traveling the world can bring your favorite fairy-tales to life!

So grab your wand, mount your white horse and take a virtual journey through the 15 most magical places in the world!

1. Sorcerer’s Castle, Montreux, Switzerland

Lausanne Castle

Pear Biter

2. The Enchanted Forest, Oberursel, Germany

Germany taunus forest


3. Wizards’ Town, Gent, Belgium

Gent town


4. Magical Lagoon, Mount Cook, New Zealand

Lake Pukaki


5. Emperor’s Palace, Versailles, France

Versailles palace


6. Knights’ Ship, River Elbe, Germany

Elbe Ship


7. Prince Charming’s Castle, Gstaad, Switzerland

Gstaad Castle


8. Golden Pagodas, Bagan, Myanmar

Myanmar Pagodas


9. The Faraway Tree, Oxfordshire, UK

Oxfordshire tree


10. Rapunzel’s Tower, Huddersfield, UK

Castle Hill Huddersfield


11. Wishing Bridge, Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Switzerland bridge

Tambako the Jaguar

12. Warlocks’ Castle, Stonehaven, Scotland

Scotland castle


13. The Snow Queen’s Lair, Hausham, Germany

Bavaria Forest


14. Hobbits’ House, Dordogne, France

Dordogne France


15. Lake of Dreams, Yuangshuo, China

China Lake


Been to any of these places? Got more magical travel recommendations? Which fairy-tale character would you be*?!

Post up your comments!

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*(I’d be the Snow Queen!)

* Please note, in the spirit of magical fun the place names in this post are fictional. The location information, however, is accurate.

183 thoughts on “15 Most Magical Places in the World”

  1. A great place to go that is just magical is called Tupelo Gum Pond in Missouri, USA. It is one of the most remote places and very hard to get to without a 4-wheel-drive.

  2. Fort Myers and Naples Beaches are very beautiful. Nothing is more inspiring than the sunsets over playful dolphins. Even an excursion into the everglades would be amazing. And lets not forget the sport fishing, need I say more?

  3. Hmmm very eurosintric research. There’s so much magic around the entire world: Africa, South America, Australia, North America, South East Asia. My God this post looses some validity because of the narrow perception. Dont respect this research. Good start but very single minded. Thank You

  4. Mari, this was aimed primarily at a fantasy magical ‘setting’. Places that seem like they could come from a european knight-in-shining-armour fairytale not just generally beautiful places.
    Just because it doesn’t include your home town doesn’t mean the creator of this article is closed minded.

  5. um. sorry. but… “hobbit house”??
    not the most apt name. since that building doesnt come anywhere close to the description of a hobbit hole.

  6. Put these on my bucket list. I’m been some really beautiful places in the World, even in the US…Wyoming in the Summer, Maui and Kauai, Mount Dessert Island in Maine..these are some really beautiful places in the world.

  7. I live in Gent, never thought of it as ‘Wizards Town’ though :-). Very beautiful city. Sure worth visiting!

  8. Yo, aye nice pictures, i’m from huddersfield and the tower made me laugh, if you’re actually there the whole town including a lovely chemical works is just out of shot to the right. the red stuff around the base is to keep people away from the building itself and at night the carpark is just full of pimped out cars either selling drugs or getting the windows a bit steamy, canada’s probably got something better at least like. i dunno or norway. cheers inabit

  9. Please add Santorini in Greece. Peacefully serene and heavenly beautiful, it feels like another dimension, and it is! Words do not do it justice, but magical gets close….Go to the top and experience a sunset….

  10. Mari,
    I think your comment ‘looses’ some validity because you can not spell.
    Think you wanted to say loses.

  11. Excuse me, but after reaching #12 I realized that none of these are the real names of these places. You’re so-called “Warlocks Castle” is in fact Dunnotar Castle, just out side of Stonehaven, Scotland. You have your information all messed up. Nice pictures, but ignorant labeling of the places, making it impossible for someone to actually find them.

    By the way, being a Keith, that particular castle has family history for myself, and calling it “warlock” anything is just ignorant and irresponsible. What if I called some ancient hometown of your ancestors “Turd bucket palace” ?

  12. Why are the two from England down as ‘UK’ but the one from Scotland is down as ‘Scotland’? Another instance of a Yank not knowing the difference between England and Britain perhaps?

  13. Huddersfield is on here…I live there, and they really don’t mention how windy the top, and there are far more magical places round there. Castle Hill really isn’t good for the tower…it’s not too impressive close up.

  14. I don’t know whether these places have some magic or not but is confirm the place is very beautiful

  15. I’ve only been in the Emperor’s Palace, Versailles, France :)
    What about Neuschwanstein the Magic Kingdom Castle? And I thought of this before I read the comment above :)

  16. I was in Lausanne, Switzerland a few weeks ago, and visited the tourist office and cam eequiped with a guide book entry for the city, but this is the first I’ve heard of ‘Sorcerer’s Castle’ – thanks for sharing, maybe next time :)

  17. Great site, but very weird for me as I was searching for somewhere magical to take my family on gap year and… I spotted Castle Hill, Huddersfield in whose shadow we live!

    Small world!

  18. this blog makes me happy with all its content, I decided to comment here because I found this 15 photos really amazing! Each of them is perfect, but the one with the Wishing Bridge is so alive, that I fill like I wanna cross that bridge over and over again.

  19. Love these places. We were just in Yangshuo a few weeks ago and agree it is certainly magical. We’ve been to quite a few of these places, but the one I want to go to is Prince Charming’s castle. Every little girls dream:-)

  20. aaah, the wizard’s town and hobbit’s house are my favorite!!! would like to see it myself, this is why I like to travel with only money and tips in my pocket, without any directions! just go from one place to another.
    thank you guys for this beautiful pictures and for nice work too ;)

  21. To the person who thinks Americans have no magic is a bit on the ego-maniac side, shame shame on you Ignorance has no tolerence hahahahahahahahahahaha joke on you moron hahahahahaha

  22. Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria, Germany! Most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

  23. These have to be some of the best pictures I have come across for any destination! Did you take these pictures yourself, more than the destination itself, I also have to congratulate you on fantastic photography skills!

    I am planning on my next city breaks, I am definitely going to consider going to one of these places. Thanks for sharing!

  24. 5. Emperor’s Palace, Versailles, France.
    This is the Palace of Versailles, not the Emperor’s Palace.
    This palace was built during the seventeenth century by the King Louis XIV, the next king lived there until the French Revolution in 1789. And the 2 french emperors (Napoleon & Napoleon III) never lived there.

  25. from huddersfield, been to castle hill a millions times…. its so windy, the only thing its good for is flying kits… and even thats not 100% fool proof!! really not magical :/!

  26. How dare you forget about Ireland! Everything about it is enchanting!! especially in County Mayo.

  27. Thats amazing! only been to 12 becuase i live right next to it! WOOO

    btw its called Dunottar castle :)

  28. First one is the Chateau de Chillon — about 30 mins by train from Lausanne (heading towards Brig). I’d recommend getting off the train at Vevey and taking the bus (next to the station) towards Villeneuve. It’s about 20 minutes longer but you get a bus ride along the lakeside and the bus stops right outside the castle. Once there, keep an eye out for the offshore L’île de Peilz — a tiny island with one very large tree on it.)
    BTW, this is castle is even cooler: Sintra in Portugal. Can be done as a day trip from Lisbon.
    Lisbon itself has this:

  29. It is very Euro-centric!

    Some places in Asia that are magical and other worldly are;

    Varanasi – the Hindu’s most holy city – a very timeless place


    Kyoto in Japan, ancient temples – extremely beautiful and magical


    And just outside Kyoto is Fushimi inari that place is surreal!


    I’ve never been but I think Machu Picchu and Easter Island would be magical as well.

  30. What rubbish there is no warlock’s castle in Stonehaven, Scotland! There is a Dunnottar Castle pictured above…

  31. Nice selection, and a good place for Switzerland, but the first one has nothing of a Sorcerer’s Castle, and it’s not in lausanne….

    It’s the famous “Chateau de Chillon”, very gorgeous castle indeed

    then there was no “prince charming” in Gstaad, just overrich american and british tourists ;)

  32. Meh, alot of those places are pretty common, nothing special. I mean the settings and the nature, we have alot of places here like in most of these pictures.

  33. Would agree the Neuschwanstein castle is amazing but honestly the countryside around it is just as breath taking on a sunny spring/ summer day. The way the orange rooftops contrast with the lush green rolling hills and the turquoise color of all the small ponds and lakes…amazing.

    Being from America, yeah the Grand Canyon is pretty awesome, but honestly nothing is more amazing than a Southern California sunset (and no I’m not from So Cal, I’m from the Northeast)

  34. You should add Schloss NeuSchwanstein in Bavaria. I think its what all disney castles are based on. Otherwise very nice list!

  35. These places are amazing,although they might look different in various times of the day but they’re still beautiful.

  36. @Nomadic Matt: disney world is not magical, it’s an abomination. how can you possibly compare it to what is listed here? IT’S FAKE!!!!!

  37. Ah, yes, the Enchanted Forest. Enchanted with voracious, fearsome, radioactive wild boars.

  38. LOL! I got a job in Hausham, where the lair of the snow queen is. Its just about 15 km from here.

  39. I’m 70 and have been pushing photographic emulsions around this planet for 60 years. The sunset photo at Neuchatel’s “Wishng Bridge” is the most beautiful sunset photo of my life. (The art is best done with one or two optical abberations.) –Stephen

  40. This is wonderful, but I would Neuschwanstein to this list in Füssen, Germany. It’s the castle that Disney used as a model to build Cinderella’s castle.

  41. Why not any of the filming locations of the Harry Potter series, especially Alnwick Castle (Hogwarts). I think that would be the most magical place.

  42. hai guys,
    there is a place call Dayang Bunting In a small Island in langkawi,Malaysia.
    its a lake in midle of the small mount in a island.Fresh waterlake surrounded by salt seawater. such anice place where you can bond with nature and its magical moments

  43. In response to Mari:
    “Hmmm very eurosintric research. There’s so much magic around the entire world: Africa, South America, Australia, North America, South East Asia. My God this post looses some validity because of the narrow perception. Dont respect this research. Good start but very single minded.”

    And the person who said it’s “Euro-centric” ….. Um, do you know where New Zealand actually is? About 3 days flying away from the UK! :p

  44. Machupicchu is a unforgetable experience i went there with my family 3 months ago i think and it was amazing all the culture and the native people all so humble. Being Machipicchu it’s magical for real!!!
    Even tought i’m korean i like all the food there and in Lima i tried “Lomo Saltado” delicious. i want more kekeke.
    At the begining i didn’t want to be there but i the end i enjoy it the most.

  45. What a dreamy site this is…. Brooke, I envy you ! Been to most them ? mmmm

    Now what about St. Lucia, Kwazulu Natal, South Africa ??? I’ll be posting some magical pictures of that place soon….

  46. Fantastic places, but nothing about Asia? Only Myanmar? Where is the Angkor Complex? Petra? Halong Bay? Taj Mahal? Lantau Buda? And nothing in Africa? South America? What about Niagara Falls? Machu Picchu? Antarctica Glaciers? Why not the Giza Pyramids, Valley of the Kings? Sorry, but there are many things around the world then only some castles in Europe.

  47. Wow these are all magical indeed. It’s a shame I haven’t seen any of these upfront but it will be a goal to see at least one of these unbelievable structures.

  48. The description of the first photo is wrong. It is actually the Chateau de Chillon in Montreaux, Switzerland.

  49. Asia has some awesome places… Vang Vieng Laos, for off the planet scenery and some great activities… You can get whatever you want at Vang Vieng, or something like that…

  50. well you have not seen much cause you have not been to south africa.
    table mountain in the western cape
    st lucia in kwazulu natal
    wild coast on the east coast
    inland almost as good as western cape

  51. Have youheard about the Pacific, Asia, New Zealand, etc. There are sites in Palau and Hawaii that would trump many of your 15.

  52. These are truly beautiful places. For me, there is something magical about the desert, especially those with majestic rock formations. I remember looking up at the night sky in the Mongolian grasslands and seeing more stars than I ever have. For me that was magical.

  53. Speaking as a Huddersfield resident who can see “Rapunzel’s Tower” aka Castle Hill from my window, I promise you it is not at all magical/worth the journey if you’re from any other town. It’s just a windy hill with a 4 story brick tower stuck on the top of it.

  54. beautiful places you have selected. nice to see these. definitely there will be thrill when you really visit these places. hope you guys can make it.

  55. I look at places like those in images #1, #12 and #14 and wonder all the whos, whys and hows… My thoughts immediately turn to the difficult logistics they must have encountered in building dwellings of that size in those locations. Amazing and beautiful images.

  56. Great places, but how did you made it , i mean there are many many places like this in whole Europe and even world, maybe you should change the topic of this article. :)
    But i am glad i found your blog, try to visit my too.


  57. Wow, magical post. Really like some of these shots. The temples of Bagan are magical as is the rest of Myanmar. Another magical place would be the islands off the Northern Coast of Mozambique.
    Great article.

  58. Great! I am sitting in Yangshuo looking at what is in fact a river which
    In places seems to be a magical lake but is really a magical river.

  59. God has filled this world with beautiful sights to behold. Unfortunately only the moneyed could afford to reach them. People like could only enjoy them through pictures until we get lucky to see the real one! I dream one day I’ll see them all! God bless his creations. I just love this blog. Fantastik indeed!

  60. if you want to see heaven on earth ,you come over to khyber pukhtoonkhaw province of pakistan one cannot forget its natural scenes

  61. friends the lakes are lovely but lake saif ul maluk in naran hazara khyber pukhtoonkhawa satuated in pakistan is realy beutiful.one cannot forget it ,if onece seen.

  62. The ‘warlocks castle’ in Scotland is WRONG! It’s Dunnottar castle, Stonehaven,Scotland. Warlocks castle indeed, p’ah!!

  63. I advise you all my entire country:ITALY and especially Venice, Florence, Rome, Naples and for a magical experience the isle of Capri, so romantic and enchanted,
    Come to Italy then, also in winter the temperatures are always very mild, and above zero, Yesterday for example the temperature was +10 and we are in full winter.
    Rosy from Naples

  64. I definitely think Carcassonne needs to be on this list :) When I went there it just reminded me of a fairytale, ‘Merlin’ sort of town.

    Plus Carrickfergus Castle, Ulster Folk and Transport Museum (which is situated in a old farm style village), Dunluce Castle, Scrabo Tower and the Giants Causeway :) (All in Northern Ireland)

  65. Nice pics..I’m pretty sure what u call Rapunzel’s is actually Victoria Tower at Castle Hill.

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  67. These places are incredible. But there are Thousands of places across America That are Magical/ Bisti Badlands
    Lake Powell
    Lake Havasu
    Bryce Canyon Natl. Park
    Grand Canyon
    Just to name a few, I would like to see all of those 15 places they had pictured as well. But for someone to assume there is nothing Beautiful in America Is to show that they are not very well traveled. You could spend 6 months in the Grand Canyon alone and never see it all.

  68. It was acknowleged that the names were made up for fun and not the “real” names. Also, knight and fairy type magical! No knights in Grand Canyon except when the sun goes down!

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