15 Most Popular Blog Posts of 2010

As 2010 draws to a close, what got your juices flowing this year? Was it silly signs, movie sets or school lunches? Read on for Tripbase’s most commented on blog posts of 2010.

1) 10 Best Places to Teach English Abroad

Japan or South Korea, Italy or Spain? Where will your standard of living be highest? Is teaching English in Asia a waste of time? Join the discussion to find out more.

2) 21 Signs You’re a Travel Addict

A list of tell-tale sign that you’re helplessly addicted to travel! Test yourself, share your score and join the desperate souls in the comments section who are as hopelessly hooked as you are!

3) What’s Best for Our Kids? 11 School Lunches from Around the World

What do kids eat for lunch in India? What about France? Should we be ashamed of the school lunch system in the US? Join the debate!

4) Top 10 Cleanest Streets in the World

Is Ottawa really that clean? Why isn’t Singapore on the list? Share your travel expertise and meet the people who like to travel germ-free.

5) 8 Superb Children’s Books About Travel

Did you read James and the Giant Peach as a child? What books can we use to instill a love of travel in our children? Add your recommendations to the comments section.

6) Top 10 Greatest Movie Locations of all Time

Why didn’t Indiana Jones make the cut? Do you have a better list? If you’re a movie buff then we want to hear from you!

7) 13 Silly Signs Guaranteed to Make You Smile

Hilarious translation blunders never get old. Can this post make you LOL? Have you seen funnier! Add your crackers to the comments.

8) Top 10 Hottest Nations in the World

And we’re not talking about the weather. Where is Eastern Europe? Who voted for the UK? Are you an expert in this field – tell us if you’ve got a better list!

9) 101 Ways to be Happy

A post that exploded into the blogosphere – this article will help you unlock the key to happiness? But can such small things really make you happy? Is this just self-help nonsense? What do you think?

10) 8 Tips for Traveling Couples

Is traveling with a partner the best way to travel or simply a terrible idea? What’s your experience? – let us know if you have any words of wisdom?

11) 9 Most Mathematically Interesting Buildings in the World

Where is the Math in the Sagrada Familia? Were the Ancient Egyptians more mathematically skilled than the Greeks? Which buildings are missing off this list – if you know Math then let us know!

12) Which Continent Are You?

Are you fiery, sophisticated or mysterious? If you were a continent, which one would you be? Take this fun quiz, analyze your personality and let us know how you score!

13) 6 Most Unusual Sea Creatures in the World

Would you want to take a blobfish home with you? What about a Yeti Crab? Do we really know anything about what’s lurking under the sea? What do you think?

14) 3 Revolutionary Ways to Extend Your Life

Can these wacky treatments really make you live longer? Jellyfish chambers, bee sting therapy and ostrich…. what?! A massively popular post from back in April.

15) 7 Travel Goals for You to Conquer in 2010

Written last January but just as relevant for 2011? What would you like to achieve in the new year? Should we be setting goals or just traveling for pleasure? What’s your opinion?

One year on and these travel debates are still going! Click through and add your comment – we want to know what you think!

Happy New Year!

Have a wild one if you’re partying but if you can’t stand New Year’s Eve, then this one’s for you: Who Else Hates New Year’s Eve? 5 Anti-Social Places to Escape it All!

Main image by the fabulous Engrish.com.

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