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May 2009

5 Reasons Why Time Travel Might Just be Possible…

“The Time Machine”, “Star Trek”, “Dr Who”… Time travel has captured our creative imaginations for centuries. But could it really make the quantum leap from fiction to reality?? Traveling through [...]

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How to Make a Guy Run Joyfully Naked Down a White Sandy Beach

Brave New Traveler are offering all kinds of silly stunts to boost their readership. Read on to find out how to make a guy strip! It’s amazing what some people [...]

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Top 10 Happiest Countries in the World

Money, love, freedom – happiness means something different to everyone. But where in the world are we most likely to find it?? I often wonder if certain countries are simply [...]

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12 Secrets of a Modern Day Nomad

Two years, 62 counties, 56,000 Twitter followers and scores of travel awards. I met up with eternal traveler, Gary Arndt to find out more about his never-ending trip and incredible [...]

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Boost Your Site with Free Travel Widgets

We’re pleased to introduce Tripbase’s brand new travel widgets. These widgets aren’t just cute, they’re really useful and completely FREE. You get a cool widget for your site and we [...]

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SWINE FLU: 22 Countries You Might Not Want to Travel to

1.    Mexico – 822 cases, 29 deaths 2.    US – 403 cases, 1 death 3.    Canada – 165 cases 4.    Spain – 57 cases 5.    UK – 27 cases 6.    [...]

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Five Reasons Why Space Tourism is Closer Than You Think

Orbiting off into space for your summer vacation might seem light years ahead, but mainstream space tourism could be with us a lot sooner than you might realize. Frankly, the thought [...]

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