21 Signs You’re a Travel Addict

by katie Sorene

Sure we all love traveling but is your passion verging on addiction?! Check out these tell-tale signs and see if you are, in fact, a travel addict!

travel addict

I love to travel…. loads but I also like staying in one place.

Some people, however, take their passion to a whole new level.

If you really really love to travel all the time then this article is for you!

Check out these 21 tell-tale signs and see if you are, in fact, a travel addict!

1. Your travel bucket list is 4 pages long

2. Coming home is more like a vacation from traveling

3. On your home-ward flight, you’re already planning your next trip

4. Once home, you’re already booking your next trip

5. Staying in the same place for more than one week makes you fidgety

6. Films make you want to travel

7. Books make you want to travel

Music makes you want to travel

9. Every day brings a new destination idea

10. You work to fund your next trip

11. 9 to 5 makes you feel like you’re in prison

12. You don’t wait around for people but take off on your own

13. Thinking about all the places you haven’t been makes you feel anxious

14. When you’re not traveling you fantasize about traveling

You say you could stop traveling whenever you want

16. You’re happiest on the road

You’re constantly counting countries and continents

18. Booking flights gives you an amazing high

19. The high street in your hometown plunges you into despair

20. You’ve tried living a stationary life many times but you always fall off the wagon

Your parents have suggested you seek professional help

How did you score?? 15 out of 21 and we’d recommend you join our Travel Addicts help group!!

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81 comments… read them below or Add a Comment


I’ve known I was addicted to travel for some time. Some of my family love my passion – others cringe. I’m different than most other travel addicts in that I’ve almost always traveled WITH my family – it’s what we do full-time as a family – “vacation for a living!” Our livelihood is solely from organizing our regional, domestic U.S. travel journals into best-selling KIDS LOVE TRAVEL guides.

Lifecruiser Travel Blog

Oh, oh! Danger alert! Many of those fitted, even if there’s still some hope since not all of them fitted in on me…. *giggles*

Barbara Weibel

Am I a travel addict? I’m on a 4-month trek right now thru Mexico, Central & South America, then I go back to the States for 2 months before heading out for another 5-6 months in Asia, SE Asia, & Indo. Methinks I am more than an addict.


Yep, I think I’m a travel addict!


only 4 pages?? ;) great list!!


Yep. I’m full on, too.


Guilty as charged! :)


So true, so true!
I am one of them! ;)

Runaway Juno

yes i am.

No. 3&4. yes. :D

Cherrye at My Bella Vita

I kinda like staying put in one place a little bit, too, but this list sounds an awful lot like me! ;-)

Travel Photo Blogging

I could definitely stop travelling if I wanted to. No really, I could…
…I just hope I won’t have to. ;)

Danielle "Miss Journey"

Hi, my name is Danielle, and I’m a travel addict. This list definitely sums me up. It wasn’t until recently that I realized I’ve been a travel addict for most of my life. I was that kid who thoroughly enjoyed road trips from NY to FL, got a rush from taking off in a plane and loved the experience of flying alone as an “unaccompanied minor.” Now that I’ve identified and embraced my addiction, my life has been so much more fun. Counting down to my next adventure…78 days (may have to plan a mini-adventure sometimes before then, lol)


What? Only planning ONE trip on my way home? That’s NOT enough.

Vera Marie Badertscher

Nobody has suggested professional help–except maybe travel agents. ;-)
But 6 and 7 made me start a blog, A Traveler’s Library, and I score 100% on all the rest!

Shannon OD

Guilty as charged for sure! :-) What a fun list and I def score fully on most of these!


Guilty, although I am capable of staying in one place for up to year, as long as it is sufficiently exotic. I’m uncomfortable being too comfortable.


You forgot to include, “You’re home so rarely, your furniture looks foreign.” A few months ago, we got back from a trip and the hubby swore that he had never seen our set of drawers in his life.


Brilliant! I think we have some serious addicts here :) Maybe we should form a group, Travel Addicts Anonymous!


11 out of 21! Does that make me an addict?


@Jen, it makes you well on your way!


Addicted to traveling to Italy!!!


10 out of 21…hmm I’d say I’m well on my way to addiction!


Let’s just say that even if there was a 12-step meeting to cope with a travel addiction, I WOULD NOT GO. Does that answer your question? ;op
Bon voyage, everybody!


17 out of 21…i’m a goner.


Well, maybe, could be, alright, yes I am a Travel Addict too!


I’m at 20 out of 21. Awesome … Love it!

Cecil Lee

Wow! Even though I only scored maybe half of them, I already feel like a travel addict. Why? This post and those comments made me want to travel NOW! :)


If I’m going to be addicted to something, it might as well be travel!

Nancie (Ladyexpat)

I’m on the cusp. Great post.

Dian Emery

Great post, how about you know you’re addicted to travel when you have to carry all your travel points cards in a separate card case.

Pinay Travel Junkie



I am lucky that both my hubby and I fit the bill! We definitely get jittery if we are not planning a trip or are on a trip somewhere. Four years ago we made ourselves a promise that we would get one passport stamp per year for the next five years. We are currently up to 14. :D

Tara Bradford

Guilty as charged – and that’s a good thing, possibly. :)


Home?! A REAL travel addict dosen’t HAVE a home.

Jackie (Miss Jetset)

I realised I was a travel addict when I was away about 4 holidays ago (only 3 months ago though!) and got a text from a friend. It read ‘hey miss jetset. What you up to? Want to come mountain biking this arvo?’ My reply was ‘sorry, flew out of town this morning, see you next week!’. That sums it up I think. Rarotonga last month, Canada next week. YAY!!!


I’ve been on the road for 10 years…that might qualify as addicted :) I’ll throw it right next to good coffee and strong beer.

Karen A. Setia

Comforting to hear others are likewise blessed with the travel bug. How do we develop this passion for new places and experiences into an epidemic to keep us travel consultants in business? “Where I’ve Been” and “1000 Places To see Before You Die” are my best friends- always trying to pin or mark off more places I’ve been to or am going to…..
Yes a support group, in the form of an at sea therapy session would be ideal. Heck, I’ll even volunteer to arrange it. Just let me know where and when… :-)


I have discovered my love for traveling just 2 years ago and
since then, I never stopped booking flights!


LMAO! 18 of 21… truly a travel addict! I laughed so much as I went “checking” each statement on the list…


Well I’m a proud addict at least I’m not addicted to a drug or something, I made a commitment to my self that I’m going to travel every 3-4 months, thank god I work in a company the very generous giving vacation hours, this year I have visited Oahu, NYC, San Francisco, I’m looking for tickets now to visit Florida this coming January! Cant wait!

Naughty Nomad

By my 24th birthday, I’ve visited nearly 60 countries including Antarctica and few self-proclaimed republics… Hi, my name is Mark and I’m a traveholic. Let add some more…

22. Staying up late at combing through airline websites for cheap flights.

23. Starting a travel blog (an awesome one at that).

23. Reading other travel blogs at work.

24. Spending a fortune on maps, globes and atlas books.

I think this thing is a real disease!!!!


25. All I talk about when I’m drunk is travel


26. You go through a weird delusional phase in which partaking in strange activities extremely amuses you. IE: http://changchangtravels.wordpress.com/2010/12/03/dealing-with-post-traveling-ennui/


Spend your days looking at all the pictures…
cool post


I found this blog by googling : ‘ is it possible to be addicted to travelling?’
obvoiusly my question has been answered, yes its possible, yes i am addicted, and I am not alone!!! haha


20 out of 21. I guess I’m a travel addict. Would I want to overcome my addiction? Never… Travelling is one of the best things in the world. Great post :)


can someone tell me why is travell important to you ? I need to know the reasons please …


Asseb.- Travel is important to me because it gives me the opportunity to see how different cultures live. I love getting to see a way of life so unlike my own; and yet, I always can find similarities. It is a wonderful thing to be able to find common ground with people you would never expect to. I get anxious if I think of the day where I can’t escape my own reality just to experience another, if even for a short time.


17 out of 21! YES, finally an addiction – actually my parents haven’t suggested professional help (yet), but I have the feeling they regard it as not doing something productive (gasp). And I’m totally down with joining Travel Addicts Anonymous!

Stu Lloyd - Thailand JING JING

Oh dear … looks like I’m a hardcore travel junkie!

Is there a 12 Step program I can go through for my addiction?

Great article, good read, thanks!


Does going to Budapest for the second time in a year (and making a third at the end of the year) make me a travel addict? It’s not for business. Also I think I have about 10 different trips planned out in my head…yeah I am!


But I don’t want to get help! :P I’m perfectly fine with this addiction.

James Cook

I could relate so well to this list! At the moment I am working in Wellington to save up for another trip. We are heading off again in October though which is so exciting!


Guilty! 17 out of 21 sounds like a serious case of adventure to us… We recommend mixing in some slow travel to alleviate the symptoms :)

Carole E. Frazier

I am so serious I am a travel Addict. I won’t even date a man that hasn’t flown most of his life. My mother says I am Gypsy. I love to travel enough that I had to open my own travel agency. What better way to still make money and travel at the same time. Please let me know if I can help you with your addiction. Just call me a travel dealer. LOL

kimberly ellen

I am CERTAINLY a travel addict. I travel more days than I am at home a year! Love it!


I wish I could find a job/career or have the money to be a travel addict! I love it.


Definitely addicted. I inherited this passion, (or should I say addiction?) from my grandma :)

Allergic to Australia

I can’t seem to help myself. Travelling brings me all the variety, adventure and challenge I just can’t seem to get at home. Of course my conservative family members don’t understand! Truth is I can stay put for a long time (so far two years) as long as I’m in a foreign country. But back on home soil and I’m restless within months….


I know I must be addicted when I receive emails that are simply “So where in the world are you now?”


19 out 21. Yep I knew it! I love #19 SO funny. So true!

Gerard ~ GQ trippin

My travel bucket list just keeps growing and growing all the time!


I googled “the addiction of traveling” and I found this blog. I’m diagnosed :)!


Reading this article makes me want to travel. LOL!

Ashraf Sheikh

If you go by this list, almost everyone is a Travel addict

Frank Kelly

Why do so few of the addicted commenters on this site take this seriously? It’s all a big joke to most people on here … the rich elite of western democracies, full of blind indifference to what their addiction does to the rest of humanity and other species on the planet. The sense of affluent, elitist entitlement displayed here is incredible, even obscene, as though their ‘good-time’ addiction was in some way benign, unlike those “really bad” addictions like drugs, when, in fact, travel addiction is far more damaging to themselves and those around them, part and parcel of the devastating oil addiction that is turning our planet into a giant degraded flophouse for dangerously deluded addicts, as foul as any squat, den or crack house. “LOL”? I think not. Air travel may account for only 2% of greenhouse gases but getting to these exotic destinations is only the tip of the iceberg (melting). For example; the water, gasoline and electricity use in resort pools, hotel showers, food preparation, local tourist travel etc … HUGE compared to the water and power use of the host nation’s people in almost all of the nations visited.
Sorry to be such a killjoy but you people are suffering from an addiction that, far from being benign, is many times worse than a crackhead’s. Get things in perspective. Stay at home and start working to improve the degraded cities and towns that you want to incessantly flee because your travel addiction has contributed so much to make them ugly, polluted and scarred by the travel infrastructure needed to feed your habit.
Get help but first recognize that you have a problem. That’s the first step in any 12 step programme, is it not?


Number 3!! Always and forever number 3! Great list.

Aleah | SolitaryWanderer.com

If traveling can be an addiction, I would certainly want to be addicted! Most of these are true for me! :D

crazy sexy fun traveler

I think I have to show this to my mom :D All of the 21 points are 100% true!!! Great post :)

Tom Stockwell

Loving this. Currently under contract at my work until the end of February. Spend a lot of time researching flight prices, browsing my favourite travel blogs and daydreaming. I think my co-workers’ suspicions are aroused…


Lol! I’m so #10! Been asking for over-time hours at work to fund my next trip..
@Naught Nomad: High five for your #22 and (2)#23′s :)


Though I just travel inside the border of Indonesia, my country, I never can get enough of it! Beautiful places everywhere.. I even visit some beaches over and over again just to getaway from my routine.. And yes, I work just to spend it all on my trip! :D


with the exception to maybe one or two, i definitely said yes to all of these. i’m home now, sorta settled, and anxious is an understatement lol

Lyndsay/ Discount Travel Blogger

I’m dead guilty! I just don’t think I would want a rehab for all this fun. Na ah, nope, I refuse. lol


Reading makes me think of traveling…
Watching a movie makes me think of traveling…
Eating makes me thinkof traveling…
Even when I travel I keep thinking of traveling…
I am definitely one of you guys! :)


Im guilty. :)


Oh, no. I’m an addict!


Hahaha, I think pretty much everyone of these is me! Great list.

Cindy tong

Im joining in…. Travel addict participant frm Malaysia!


Jerico del Rosario

Anyone traveling to Europe next spring/summer? I’m going and it’s my first time! I would love to go with fellow first timers or maybe experienced Euro travelers too. :)

Gail Thomas

I am so glad to have found this group. My main issue with the addiction is that when I arrive in a place especially if I have been there before I adapt so quickly that after a few weeks I start thinking of being somewhere else .
For example I lived in China for 2 years with my partners job and feel that i missed so much and how I would do things different if I went back .

My feelings differ from wanting some kind of stability for while to the go off travelling again. I know you cant have both ….or can you ???

How do you ‘Live in the now’ answer on a postcard please ….

Would love to hear your thoughts fellow travellers

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