24 Signs You’ve Been Traveling Too Long

Turning into a traveling nomad? Could it be time to go home? Check out these 24 signs you’ve been traveling too long and make a decision on that home-ward flight!

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I know that some of you guys have been on the road for years but could your trip be reaching its natural conclusion?

Check out these 24 signs that you’ve been traveling too long, it might just be time to hang up your rucksack!

1. You start every sentence with “so, where are you from?”

2. You have loads of new friends but have no clue what their surnames are

3. Carpet feels like cotton wool

4. You look dirty but it’s just your tan

5. Throwing toilet paper in the toilet feels wrong

6. You’re adorned with bits of coconut, stones and shells head to toe

7. You’ve been wearing the same pair of Thai pants for weeks

8. You very rarely know (or care) what the time is

9. Staying put for more than a few days makes you antsy

10. Paying more than $5 for a meal feels extravagant

11. Sleeping in a room with strangers seems normal

12. Your rucksack weighs about 50% less than before you left

13. You weigh about 50% less than before you left

14. Sunsets bore you

15. A 6 hour train journey feels short

16. You sleep well on airport chairs

17. You laugh in the face of the Lonely Planet

18. The thought of wearing a suit makes you snigger

19. Your family/friends have stopped asking when you’re coming back

20. Crazy people seem normal

21. Your home food cravings are becoming delusional

22. You’d happily trade in your iPod for a bubble bath

23. When stepping into a hotel lobby, it usually takes about 3 seconds until you’re escorted out

24. You used to have a day-job but it all seems very hazy

Identify with these tell-tale signs or think there’s never a time to go home?! Post up your comments, we want to hear from you!

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7 thoughts on “24 Signs You’ve Been Traveling Too Long”

  1. This is just wonderful and oh so true! I don’t think though that I will ever be able to say that I find sleeping in airport chairs comfortable.

    Happy traveling

  2. i consider most of these as life on the road, and when i’m not on the road i miss them. i wonder what that means

  3. wow…i’d actually love to have all of those apply to me. some of them do and i haven’t even gotten to travel for a long period of time for a few years

  4. Would definitely give everything up to live this life.

    “Regular” life is too boring. Too much paperwork and INTERNET

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