25 Reasons to Travel with Your Furry Friend


Do you love to travel but hate leaving your pet behind? Don’t! Here are the top twenty five reasons to travel with a fuzzy companion.

1)    Do it for the reliable and lovable company!

2)    Your companion won’t tell the same old stories over and over.

3)    Your companion won’t mind if you tell the same old stories over and over.

4)    You get to decide the itinerary every day.

5)    You’ll spend more time walking and getting acquainted with new neighborhoods.

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6)    There will always be someone to talk to.

7)    Pets are a great conversation piece – chat more with the locals!

8)    It will be great to feel needed when you’re far away from home.

9)    You can have the best part of home wherever you are.

10)   You don’t have to find a pet sitter or a kennel.

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11)   Cuddles!

12)   Pets will make you laugh and remind you not to take anything too seriously.

13)   Dogs let you take as many photos as you want.

14)   You don’t have to worry about someone else’s care.

15)    You’re that much safer with a pet by your side.



16)    Your puppy might take you to places you wouldn’t go otherwise.

17)    Pets reduce stress. Check in delayed? How about a game of catch!

18)    You won’t need an alarm clock – wet kisses are all it takes.

19)    Exercise and time in the sun with your pet will help you recover from jetlag faster.

20)    Not thrilled by the local cuisine? I can think of someone else who might take your leftovers…

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21)    Thrilled by the local cuisine? That’s ok – you’ll be getting extra exercise.

22)    A bit of routine when everything around you is foreign can be nice.

23)    A little nuzzling makes a tough day better.

24)    You won’t be able to lose all sense of responsibility.

25)    Who could leave something so cute behind?

Have you had any interesting experiences traveling with pets? Tell us about them!

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14 thoughts on “25 Reasons to Travel with Your Furry Friend”

  1. But how can you find hotels that accept pets? That’s the challenge. Or a cruise ship, since I tend to cruise a lot.

  2. Thanks for the comments!

    @Guy – you can check border crossing regulations in advance through embassy websites.

    @Ryan – Then I suggest you take a look at who the other dog is traveling with!

  3. They are true indeed. Pets are great companion when traveling and less tress too. Vacation would be much enjoyable when you know your dog is a nice attraction for other people and a greater chance to meet lots of people too.

  4. @guy – we take our dog ‘nacho’ over the can/usa border all the time. we always have all his papers, and ensure his shots are up to date. we’ve never had a problem. the one place we wouldn’t take out dog on vaca is maui a) because we fly there and b) because of hawaii’s pet quarantine rules.

    love this post. we don’t take our dog on airplanes (although wish we could but i think he’d have a heart attack) but we DO take him on road trips to stay with friends or at hotels like fairmonts who allow pets. it’s so much easier than getting a pet-sitter and it forces us to walk a lot!

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