3 Revolutionary Treatments that will Make You Live Longer

Want to stay young and live longer? Check out these revolutionary life extension therapies from across the globe and discover some real-life youth elixir on your next trip!

Frustrated by the aging process and keen to hang on to your youth?

Incredible strides are being made in the fields of human rejuvenation and life extension.

Ground-breaking research is being carried out in research institutes across the world with some revolutionary treatments soon to make their debut on the alternative health-care circuit.

Check out these 3 amazing life extension therapies from across the world and go one step closer to discovering the secret to eternal youth.


Jelly Fish

The Turritopsis Nutricula jellyfish is one of the world’s few immortal creatures. Under certain conditions it has been found to excrete chemicals and hormones inextricably linked to human life extension.

Treatments that involve body immersion within specialized jellyfish chambers have been proven to reverse hormones to youthful levels and extend human life by up to 10 years.

Consumer testing is being conducted in Sydney, Australia and the treatment could be become available to the first consumers at high cost in early 2011.



Although many people are scared of bees, the actual process of being stung actually has incredibly positive effects on our well-being and life expectancy.

The pheromones released by honey bee stings have been found to interact with chemicals in our brain to reduce adrenalin and stress levels, promote feelings of contentment and help prolong our lives.

Bee Sting Therapies involve coating the body in a protective substance to counter-act the harmful apitoxin within the bee’s venom.

The body is then exposed to hundreds of bee stings within each session under controlled conditions.

Further research is being conducted in London and New York and initial treatments are set to become available late in 2011.


Ostrich Facemask

An unlikely place to look but scientists have found a “wonder chemical” within the composition of ostrich excrement.

This chemical, once it enters our blood stream, has a re-invigorating effect on our vital organs keeping them functioning healthily and guarding against disease and organ failure in later life.

The excrement can either be ingested or applied topically to the skin, where a rejuvenating effect has been observed.

Ostrich excrement is undergoing medical testing in Miami, Florida and could be available to the first US consumers later this year.



Encountered more weird therapies on your travels? Let us know, we want to hear from you!

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11 thoughts on “3 Revolutionary Treatments that will Make You Live Longer”

  1. I’m with Anil on the wine and chocolate thing. Wouldn’t the stress of being covered in ostrich crap or stung by bees just make you older?

    Surely there must be an herb for that? And wait, where does one come across enough ostriches for…

    Well, nevermind. Great article! Definitely provokes thought.

  2. Very interesting stuff here! I would go for the jellyfish chambers, bees are not for me and who wants to have ostrich excrement slabbed over them?!

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