5 (Less Obvious) Reasons Why Travel is Good for You

Contemplating a trip but not sure what you’ll get out of it? Consider these less obvious benefits of world travel and get packing!

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We’re all familiar with the most popular clichés about world travel: broadening your horizons, experiencing new cultures, meeting people from all walks of life, blah blah..

But what about the less obvious ones??

Travel can actually benefit you immensely in ways you had never imagined!

Have a read of these 5 (less obvious) reasons why travel is good for you and set off on your next trip in a whole new light!

1. Becoming More Employable

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that travel is time wasting for lazy bums.

Backpacking is actually an excellent lesson in the key skills you need for any job: planning, problem solving, communication, decision-making, managing budgets.. you name it, it’s there!

Just be sure to tell your next potential employer!

2. Gaining Independence

Travel will make you more capable, mature and able to look after yourself.

It was only after hopping on flights across the globe and hunting around for hotels on my own that I stopped calling my Dad at the first sign of trouble.

I started to solve my problems myself. Novel!

3. Being Happier at Home

There’s nothing like roughing it in grimy hostels and being away from your important people to make you appreciate everything you have at home.

When your feet sink into that fluffy carpet you’ll suddenly feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude. Which will make you a happier person.

4. “Travel Therapy”

Taking yourself away from it all will give you a fantastic sense of perspective.

You’ll be able to think more clearly about any decisions or dilemmas you may be facing and be better equipped to deal with them.

Travel Therapy” is the hottest new trend in self-help. There must be something in it!

5. Consolidating Relationships

Travel is an awesome way of cementing and developing relationships.

A friend of mine got engaged shortly after a stint in South East Asia with her boyf. She said it “changed everything”.

And if you’re traveling with a buddy, a warm acquaintance might just become a friend for life. All nice fluffy stuff!

Experienced these less obvious benefits of world travel? Got more good stuff to add? Let us know!

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10 thoughts on “5 (Less Obvious) Reasons Why Travel is Good for You”

  1. I can’t imagine NOT traveling!

    In addition to your great list, it also provides us with some perspective on our own culture and habits – both good and bad.

  2. I agree that there are many good things that come from traveling apart from the obvious. Spending years living and traveling in developing countries has given me a keen sense of gratitude for having grown up in the West (the Netherlands) with all its prosperity and advantages.

    However, living in the developed world again, in the US now, I have a problem. Along with enjoying the conveniences and being grateful for them, I am turned off by certain aspects of the culture — the enormous waste of resources, the excesses of everything, the materialism and worst of all, the sense of entitlement that many people seem to have.

    I think there’s a word for it: reverse culture shock ;)

    I’m not sure I can be cured, but I can always get back on a plane!

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