50 Signs You’re a Travel Nerd

by Ayngelina B

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Some people love to travel, some people live for it and then others take it to a whole new level of scientific insanity.

If you are wondering if you may be one of these people check out these 50 signs that you could be a travel nerd.

1) You always look up the inflight movies so you can most effectively plan your flight time.

2) You have SIM cards for multiple countries.

3) Your pulse quickens when you discover you’re on a new model of airplane for the first time.

4) You can recite the rewards miles needed for any major destination on most airlines.

5) You find factual errors in travel shows, and email the corrections.

6) For your wedding you registered at a travel agency.

7) You never leave the house without diarrhea medication, just in case.

8) You know what car rental model and year you would like to use based on miles per gallon.

9) When you arrive in a new city you give your driver precise directions according to your GPS.

10) You know the tipping etiquette for more than 10 countries.

11) You refer to cities by their three letter airport code.

12) You know the frequent flyer bonus reward cycles and plan your vacations around getting double points.

13) Other tourists ask you for directions and you always know where to go because you’ve memorized the downtown map.

14) You know the area codes for most US cities.

15) You keep toilet paper in your purse at all times.

16) You are an expert in combating jet lag.

17) You follow airline union strike progress, just for fun.

18) You carry Ryanair approved luggage so you don’t incur additional fees.

19) You pick restaurants based on their participation in airline mileage programs and calculate your order to maximize points.

20) Your email is on a steady out-of-office notification.

21) You dial 9 even when at home.

22) You know which airports have free wifi and which do not.

23) You contemplate big purchases based on how many dinners in Paris they are equivalent to.

24) Noise canceling earphones are totally worth the cost.

25) You can spot which souvenirs are authentic and which are from factories in China.

26) When you are at home you still look up every location on Google Maps.

27) You have spent a small fortune on iPhone travel apps.

28) Your luggage has been lost so many times you don’t worry about it anymore.

29) You follow elections in other countries to gauge for travel viability.

30) You don’t need a currency converter you can do it in your head.

31) You visit your favorite travel bloggers and advise them on where to go next.

32) You use Skype more than a regular phone.

33) You create song lists for upcoming holidays.

34) You have programed your car stereo with the airport information station.

35) You visit a location more than once just to become its mayor on FourSquare.

36) You invest in top of the range eye-masks because you know they’re totally worth it.

37) You plan your friends and family’s vacations, just for fun.

38) You wear a pedometer to measure how many steps you have walked in a city.

39) You carry multiple wireless hotspots access cards.

40) The hardest relationship you have left was with your travel agent when you realized you knew more than them.

41) You fly so often you know when a flight attendant is new to the airline.

42) You collect beer coasters from around the world.

43) Most of your Facebook friends are not from your hometown.

44) You evaluate prospective careers based on allowable vacation time.

45) You are a rock-star in the geocaching world.

46) You are always trying to learn at least one new language for an upcoming trip.

47) You watch international news for inspiration

48) You wear flip flops in the shower.

49) You don’t need SeatGuru as you’ve memorized the best seats on every type of plane.

50) Tripbase is your home page.

How did you score? Anything over 25  and you’re well on your way to becoming a total travel nerd!

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Too many of those criterias refer to flying travelers. There’s also the absolut travelers that uses the plane the less often as possible. The one that choses traveling as a life.
Some other questions or statements like:
-How many revolutions you’ve witnessed?
-You figure money exchange rate by price of gazoline
-In some cities you take locals out to places they’ve never been

The Travel Fool

2, 7, 16, 24, 25, 30 and 42. Not bad I am not too nerdy.. yet.

Kit Whelan

Great post Ayngelina! This is hilarious. I’m definitely a travel nerd – my score is at least 40!

Cole @ FourJandals

Its official then – I am a Travel Nerd.

Cruise Holidays Guide

We are addicts. Internet doesnt help!


Nerd is a positive word :)


I agree with Sophie and am proud to be a travel nerd.

Stephanie - The Travel Chica

I am definitely NOT a travel nerd :-)

A Lady in London

Great post Ayngelina! I can relate to so many of them, not least the noise cancelling headphones!

50+ and on the Run

Well–I am a nerd in other areas, anyway. And cell phones have rendered my knowledge of area codes nearly useless!

Mirabile Travel

I qualify for almost all of these, and those that I don’t, I plan on starting right now. Thank you for the tips!

Travel Nerd

Guess I am a travel nerd ;-)

Travel Nerd

Well, i think that i’m a nerd in traveling. I find my self on most of the signs that you’ve posted.

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