6 Don’ts for Dating Women Abroad

Dating is never an easy thing to do, no matter where you live. Add traveling to another country or moving to a different continent and it takes the hardships of dating to a whole new level.

But it doesn’t have to all be bad. So many places in the world provide beautiful backdrops for romantic dates, and the excitement of being in a new place may lead to a great experience. There are certain things to keep in mind, though, when approaching a foreign woman for a date and what to do once you’ve gotten to know each other a bit better.

Here are 6 tips to remember when you begin dating abroad that can help ease the process, while still impressing the women you want to connect with:

1) Don’t be deterred by the language barrier

It’s human nature to feel nervous when we are surrounded by people who don’t speak the same language as us. This fact makes dating in a foreign country where you don’t speak the language an even harder prospect than it already is.

But remember that many women are charmed by attempts that foreign men make to speak even just a bit of their language. They also tend to be enamored with American men and often know enough English to converse almost anywhere in the world.

Don’t worry too much about the difference in language, but be prepared with a few local words and phrases.

Just because you don’t speak the same language doesn’t mean you can’t find fun things to do together. Photo by MangAndri …on/off.

2) Don’t offer to go Dutch

While in some countries women may be inclined to pay for their own meal on a date, in many places men are still expected to pick up the check.

Although in the United States some women get offended when the man doesn’t let them pay, this is less likely to happen elsewhere. Just to be safe, expect to pay for the entire meal if you ask a woman to dinner.

Plan to pick up the check at a cafe, bar or dinner. Photo by Jing a Ling.

3) Don’t go overboard, or under board

It’s important to note the general way that men of the country you are visiting approach women. If you are in Germany, for example, the women may be more accustomed to a nonchalant, more standoffish way of being asked out, while in Central or South America, women are more used to men declaring their love immediately.

Pay attention to what is the norm in the place that you are visiting before making a move, or even better, if you can make friends with a woman and ask her about the best approach, you may jump ahead of the rest of the pack.

Watch how local men interact with local women before you make a move. Photo by rita banerji.

4) Don’t use pick-up lines

While the use of pick-up lines in the United States varies in scale, there are certain countries where a woman will shoot you down immediately if you use a pick-up line.

For example, people in the Netherlands tend to have very healthy attitudes when it comes to dating and relationships and don’t participate in playing games as much as Americans do.

Genuinely approach a woman asking her advice about the best sites to see in the area or good places to eat. If she seems interested, you can always ask for her number to get more recommendations later, or even ask her out for a drink right then. If she doesn’t seem responsive, you can easily move on.

Don’t use pick-up lines, no matter how much you are inclined toward them. Photo by Mikey Angels.

5) Don’t overdo the PDA

If you’ve gotten to the place of asking a woman out and the two of you have connected, you may feel the need to be touchy-feely with her in public.

When it comes to this rule, it really depends on the country you find yourself in. Europe, Australia and Central and South America tend to be much more open with their affection, while Asia, Africa, and India most definitely are not.

You may embarrass a woman in Thailand immensely if you try to kiss her in public. It’s best to know what the customs are in that place, and also to tune into the vibe of your date (not just how much you are vibing on her).

Find out the accepted levels of PDA in the country you are visiting before kissing in public. Photo by mootown.

6) Don’t fall for exoticism

It can happen to the best of us. We see someone in a foreign country whose skin is so smooth and clear and hair so shiny in ways that are completely different than our own and become infatuated with that beauty that is so different from what we are used to.

But a person’s physical beauty and cultural identity is not the whole of them, so don’t get swept away by what’s on the outside. It’s fine to be attracted to a beautiful woman, but keep yourself in check enough to get to know her before falling madly in love. It’ll save both of you a lot of trouble in the long run.

Romantic new surroundings can make you fall head over heels, but get to know a woman before you get in too deep. Photo by Hamed Parham.

Do you have an overseas dating story you’d like to share? Let me know in the comments.

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Main photo: Dating in different parts of the world can be a scary proposition, but there are a few simple guidelines that can make the process easier by Instant Vantage.

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