7 Bizarre Bars around the World

With most bars serving up the same dull fare, dance music thumping, televisions playing sports and the usual suspects of wine lists and draft beers being poured, there has to be more out there for a night of drinks. Well, there is…

Here are 7 of the most bizarre bars in the world to have a drink and an experience:

1) Bodmin Jail, Cornwall, UK

You probably don’t want to find yourself in the big house when out for some drinks, unless you are popping into the Bodmin Jail. Here you can have a drink behind bars in this place and still go home for the night.

At Bodmin Jail, you will also learn about what the prison life of the actual late 18th-century jail that the bar is built in. For the truly morbid patrons, or the tipsy ones, take a peek into the execution pit, where prisoners dropped to their death sentence.

Experience 18th-century prison life while having a drink at Bodmin Jail. Photo by DP-J.

2) Cave Bar, Petra, Jordan

Petra, which is Arabic for “stone,” is a city known for its history and archaeology, as well as the world’s oldest bar—the Cave Bar that is actually inside a cave.

After spending a long day exploring the city and all of its sights, enter into the cool Cave Bar for a glass of wine from its extensive selection. The bar’s interior presents a modern décor with the rustic cave setting, and on some nights, you can listen to live music while inside the cave or outside on the terrace.

Step into a cave for a glass of wine after exploring the beauty of Petra. Photo by robertpaulyoung.

3) Conrad Maldives Rangali Island, Maldives

This award-wining resort offers some truly underwater locales for a wine tasting. The Wine Cellar takes you six feet under the ocean to an exclusive cellar stocked with private reserves for you to enjoy.

For another unique underwater experience, go for a glass of wine and dinner at the Ithaa Restaurant, which is 16 feet below sea level. Don’t worry, though, you won’t get wet – the restaurant is fully enclosed under glass and provides breathtaking views of the ocean.

Enjoy a drink while dining underwater in the Indian Ocean. Photo by Alexey Potov.

4) Below Zero Icebar, London

London is known for its brisk and rainy nights, but at the Below Zero Icebar, make sure to bring your winter parka and a hat to have a drink on ice, literally. The entire bar is made up of ice—walls, seats and even the bar itself.

For the complete icebar experience, order a glass of Champagne, which comes in a flute made of ice and a pair of thermal gloves to hold it!

Sip champagne on ice—both sitting on an ice cube and a glass made entirely of ice. Photo by Martin.

5) Office, Tokyo

After being stuck inside an office or cubicle all day, you might not be in the mood to see more paperwork, desks and computers. Unless, of course, you are having a drink at the Office in Tokyo.

The Office bar’s décor includes desks scattered with files and computers, office chairs for sitting as well as copier and shelves strewn with papers. However, the locals enjoy the office atmosphere, and if all of the office decorations are bogging you down, enjoy panoramic views of the city.

The Office bar in Tokyo isn’t quite Dunder Mifflin but offers a fun night out for drinks. Photo by sekihan.

6) Hobbit House, Manila, Philippines

Started by a former Peace Corps volunteer, the Hobbit House bar transports its patrons into the hobbit world made famous by “The Lord of Rings” books and movies. The friendly staff of little people help make the experience seem more real, and they are always willing to pose for photo or two.

While at the Hobbit House, try the local drink Lambanog. It is a coconut liquor native to the Philippian region. If that sounds too sweet for your liking, the bar stocks over a 100 beers as well as other fine liquors.

Transport yourself into the setting of “The Lord of Rings” stories at the Hobbit House. Photo by _resa_.

7) Bed Supperclub, Bangkok, Thailand

Most of us might watch TV, read or get intimate with our significant others in bed, but at the hip Bed Supperclub in Bangkok, you can stretch out with a cocktail.

Kick off those high heels, lay back and sip your favorite beverage in this bar that provides the mattresses. You won’t be drifting off into slumberland, though, as the night grows later, the music kicks up and the bar becomes more of a club atmosphere that you can join in or watch from bed.

Stretch out in a bed with a drink at the Bed Supperclub. Photo by jae michie.

What’s the weirdest bar you’ve had a drink in? Let me know in the comments below.

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Main photo: London’s Icebar

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