8 Traveling Tips for Couples

Freelance Journalist and travel junkie, Meredith Price shares her top tips for traveling as a couple. Make your relationship work on the road!

Traveling with a partner? Continuing the romance theme this month, these tips are not to be missed for all lovers in transit…

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Traveling with a partner has its rewards and pitfalls. So before you head out together to explore the wild blue yonder, give these tips some serious consideration.

Trust me, it will make life on the road together a lot smoother!

1) Communicate

Probably the most important tip of all, communicating about where you want to go and what you want to do before you go will make things a lot easier once you’re away from home.

Make sure the destination you choose is compatible with both of your desires and that you’ve each had a chance to talk and listen.

2) Separate

Sometimes taking time apart will make the trip better for both of you, especially if you’re on a long journey.

Don’t be afraid to take a day trip to that underground cave you’re dying to see while your partner lounges on the beach.

If you’re hesitant to go out alone as a woman, reach a destination where you feel comfortable. Then your partner can venture out for a day or two while you enjoy a secure adventure of your own.

3) Compromise

Compromise doesn’t always entail giving up on what you want or meeting in the middle. Sometimes rock climbing and deep sea diving just won’t jive. Don’t sweat it.

Rather, dare to do things you think you may not like on occasion. By the same token, make sure your partner is coming with you on your wild escapades too.

4) Plan Ahead

I don’t mean that you should book everything ahead of time. But it is a good idea, especially on shorter trips, to make sure you’ll both be able to do what you want at a given destination.

Disclaimer: if you’re not a planner and neither is your partner, that’s OK. Just be sure you’re both ok with the fact that if you don’t plan you may end up in a youth hostel bunk-bed, or skipping a meal.

Not planning can lead to the greatest adventures, but it should be fun for both of you.

5) Respect

At home you have your creature comforts and your personal space at your disposal all the time. Sometimes being on the road together crimps that style.

Make sure you’re respecting each other’s privacy by being considerate – especially when it comes to sharing a bathroom!

6) Keep it Romantic

There’s nothing more fun than getting a romantic surprise whilst traveling, but it should be something you know your partner will like. Don’t throw a surprise party if you know your partner wants a tranquil escape!

7) Indulge

Don’t buy that $10,000 rug in Mumbai if you’ll be paying it off for the next ten years. But indulgence is relative. If it means going a little over your budget then go for it.

In Kerala, India, my partner and I once decided to rent a houseboat for $100 a day (a literal fortune compared to what we’d been spending), but the experience was worth every penny!

Keep in mind that you may never return to a place. Don’t hesitate. You won’t be sorry.

8) Don’t Sweat the Small Things

New destinations can be stressful, small irritations and stressful events often occur whilst traveling. This can lead to frustration and aggression, which sometimes gets taken out on your partner.

Take time to cool off and then let it go. Don’t let the little things get in the way of a great vacation together.

If major incompatibilities arise on the road, work it out once you’re back home. Don’t waste your trip on couple’s therapy!

Had some awesome or disastrous experiences traveling as a couple? Let us know, we want to hear from you!

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21 thoughts on “8 Traveling Tips for Couples”

  1. It’s probably the best test for compatibility you can do…my wife’s and my first trip together was 3 months in a campervan…24 hours a day in a cramped space for 3 months…if you can make it through that…

  2. Great list! Dare to do things, indeed. :)

    We’ve had some highs and lows on our travels: Getting horribly lost in Greece and not speaking to each other for a half-day; finding a great Spanish hilltop wine bar and whiling away the afternoon; renting a private boat to uninhabited islands in the South Pacific; having our daypack (and camera) stolen at a Hawaiian airport…

    But the common thread? We went back home together, talked, laughed and learned form our mistakes; our travel stories enrich the story of us.

  3. Great advice, especially about not sweating the small things. What I would also add is don’t take things personally. Sometimes your partner will get upset about something completely independent of you – that’s OK. Let him/her blow off steam and don’t think it’s your fault.

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