Nominated Blogs A – D

Beach Vintage
From Mrs. to Mama
Gourmande in the Kitchen
I Am Bossy  
Journey Kitchen
Michael James on Money
¡Comida es mi vida y mi vida es comida!
“Knee How” Shanghai
1 Dad 1 Kid
1 Step to the Left
10 Steps to Finding Your Happy Place
10 Year Itch
100 Cups
100 Miles Highway
1000 Most Romantic Places
1000 Places to Fight Before You Die
101 Centavos
108 Zen Books
140 Point 6 Miles of….Awesome
17 modi di mangiare il mango
17 modi di mangiare il mango
2 Baci in a Pinon Tree
2 Backpackers
2 Brown Dawgs
2 Girls 1 Journey
20 and Engaged
24 Paws of Love
25 Dollar Travel
25 Travels
320 Square Foot Home
35 Summers
365 Degrees, Photos from Each Day
365 Less Things
365 Project
4 Kids, 20 Suitcases and a Beagle
40 Before 30
48 Hour Adventure
49 Essential Things for Packing Your Kids
5 little elves
50 by 50
500 Places With Kids
501 Places
6 Bittersweets
6 Bittersweets
A Blogful of Boredom
A Certain Simplicity
A cookie a Day
A Cowgirl in Australia
A Cruising Couple
A Dangerous Business
A Day that is Dessert
A Femme d’Un Certain Age
A Flourishing Life
A Flugschreiber
A Foodie Stays Fit
A Goat’s View of Eden Hills
A Grave Interest
A Hamburger Today
A Healthy Slice of Life
A Hop, Skip & Jump ove the Pond
A Hungry Girl’s Guide to Taipei
A kiss to the cheek
A Knack for Nutrition
A Lady in London
A Letter from the Netherlands
A Life Divided
A Life Well Photographed
A Lil Fat Monkey
A Literal Girl
A Little Adrift
A Little Bit of This & That
A Little Lilac
A Little Yumminess
A Lot of Loves
A lot of wind
A Malaysian Travel and Photo Blog
A Million Miles from Normal
A Million Miles from Normal
A Moment in the Sun
A Nutritionist Eats
A Pair of Panties and Boxers
A Philly Nerd Girl
A Piece of Lisa
A Postcard From…
A Reason To Write
A Runner’s Blog
A Running Tale
A Search for Heartbreaking Beauty
A Slice of Cherry Pie
A Southern Fairytale
A Spicy Perspective
A Ten Year Old’s Travels
A Thinking Stomach
A Totally Impractical Guide to Living in Shanghai
A Traveler’s Library
A View of Madrid
A View to a Thrill
A Wandering Mind
A Wandering Sole
A Wandering Sole
a whole lot of life
A World of Inspiration
Aaron and Amanda in Colombia
Aaron Outward
Aaron’s Worldwide Adventures
Abandon the Cube
Abbie Mood
Abby Normally
Accelerated Stall
Accidental Alien
Accompanied Minors
According to Gus
Acountant by Day
Act of Traveling
Act of Traveling
Action JoJo
Action Jojo’s World
Active Eggplant
Active Explorer
Addictive and Consuming
Addy’s Dog Blog
Advanced Riskology
Advanced Style
Adventure Bimbling
Adventure Gill
Adventure Jo
Adventure Skope
Adventure Tykes
Adventures in Expat Land
Adventures in Integration
Adventures in the Czch Republic
Adventures of a GoodMan
Adventures with Ben
Adventures with Cloud People
Adventures with Dan
Adventures with Kelly
Adventurous Kate
Afford Anything
Africa by Bike
After Nine to Five
Aglio, Olio & Peperoncino
Ahmed Dirie
AK on the Go
Alaine Handa
Alastair Smith
Alessandra’s Blog
Alex Cook
Alexis Ashely’s Blog
Ali’s Adventures
Alicia Runs
Alicia Taggio
Ali’s Adventures
Alise … Write
Alison in Cambodia
All Day I Dream About Food
All Kinds of Hungry
All or Nothing
All Things Network
All Things Yummy
Alla corte dei cavalieri di rodi
Allan’s Journey
Almost Bohemian
Almost Fearless
Almost Over Now
Almost Veg Girlie
Along the Way
Alpaca Suitcase
Altucher Confidential
Always Well Within
Always Well Within
Amateur Traveler
Amber DeGrace
American Buddhist Perspective
Amid the Olive Trees
Amuse-bouche for Two
An Accidental Pilgrim
An Edible Mosaic
An Immovable Feast
Ana Travels
And Baby Cakes Three
And Now For Something Completely Delicious
And We’re Off Too
Andrew Evans
Andrew Hallam
Andrew of Spittoon Extra
Angela Fox Peterson
Angela Shelton
Angela’s Adventure in Wonderland
Angelica Emotions in cakes – cakes of Angelica
Angie Clifford
Angie’s Recipes
Angry Runner
Animal Law Coalition
Animal Shelter Volunteer Life
Animal Wisdom
Anj Writes About
Anna’s Cooking Adventure
Anne in Oxfordshire
Annie Bennett
Annie in Oxfordshire
Another Day Stronger.
Another Housewife
Another Irregular Road Trip
Any Trip
Anywhere But Home
Anywhere There’s An Airport
Apple Pie Love for Details
Archers of Okcular
Aroha Farm
Aroma Cucina
Aromas y Sabores
Around the World “L”!
Around the World L Living the Dream
Arrows Sent Forth
Art & Lemons
Art for travelers
Art It
Art of a Nomad
Art of Backpacking
Art Wolfe
Artful Nuance
Artist at Large
As a dough knead
As crisp as it gets
As We Travel
Ask Steve Santagati
At A Glacial Pace
At Downunder
At Home In The World
Atlanta Running Mom
Atlas Obscura
Attimi di Letizia
Aussie on the Road
Aussie Pete
Australian Expat Family
Australiss in Erlangen
Autistic Globetrotting
AV Writer’s Blog
Average Traveller
Away She Goes
Awesome in Manila
Awesome Thai Food
Azahar’s Seville Blog
Azelia’s Kitchen
B.Rae + the Beetuhs
Baby on the Brehm
Baby ‘Tems
Back Alley Soapbox
Back Home
Back’n Groove Mom
Backpack to Buggy
Backpack with Brock
Backpacker Banter
Backpacking Matt
Backpacks and Bunkbeds
Backyard Provence
Bacon is Magic
Bad Communication Podcast
Bader’s 101 Blog
Bag Lady
Bagels, la vera ricetta ebraica americana
Bagni di Lucca and Beyond
Bailey be Good!
Bake a Little
Bake Your Day
Baked Bree
Baklang Cockroach
Balance Junkie
Balanced work life
Bamboo Butterfly
Bangkok Reality Smackdown
Barbara Friedberg
Barbara Muir Paints
Barcelona Photoblog
Barefoot Daydreams
Barefoot On Sacred Ground
Bart Cat Travel
battered suitcases
BB’s Days in Japan
Be Free!
Be More with Less
Be The Smart Wife
Be Yourself…Everyone Else is Taken
Beach Vintage
Beating Limitations
Beating the Index
Beautiful Liguria
Because I Love Random Things
Because I Said So!
Becoming Rooks
Becoming the Odd Duck
Becoming Vanderburg
bec’s expat life
Beers and Beans
Before and After
Before I Am 35
Behind the Noodle Curtain
Being Koy
Being Ruby
Bell’ Avventura
Belleau Kitchen
Beloved Green
Ben and Alonna
Bengali Girls Don’t
Bessie Mac
Best Travel Blogs
Beth Michelle
Betta Scrap
Between Parents
Between Thoughts and Recipes
Bev Cooks
Beyond China’s Single Story
Beyond the Mango Juice
Bible Money Matters
Bibliophiled Away
Big Little Wolf’s Daily Plate of Crazy
Bike with Jackie
Birdrock Fabrications
Bite Sized
Bites and Bliss
Bite-Sized Thoughts
Bitten by Spain
Bitten by the Travel Bug
Bitter Sweet
Black and (A)broad
Black Chick on Tour
Black Girl in Prague
Blagetty, Blogetyy Bragitee
Bleeding Espresso
Blessed flavors of Fashion
Blog in France
Blog ni Ako
Blog of Impossible Things
Bloggin’ America
Blogging Gelle
Blonde and Balanced
Blonde on a Mission
Blue Collar Space
Blue Eyed Runner
Blue Sky Dreaming
Bluenose Girl
Bobbi +Mike
Boldly Going Solo
Bons Baisers de France
Books and Quills
Books, Photographs and Artwork
Boomer and Echo
Boot Snall
Boston Sports Woman
Brad’s Blog
Brave New Traveler
Break out of Bushwick
Breakaway Backpacker
Breath of Sunshine
Breathe Dream Go
Breathe Hijab
Brendans Adventures
Briefcase to Backpack
Bright Eyes and Bushy Tales
Brittani Gonzalez Photography
Brittany Hite
Brix Chicks
Broadside Blog
Broke Professionals
Broken Daughters
Bron Marshall
Brooke vs. the World
Brooklyn Girl on the Go
Brooks on Break
Bruce Peck Adventures
Buck Inspire
Budget Travel Adventures
Budget Travelers Sandbox
Budget Trouble
Budgeting In The Fun Stuff
Burp and Slurp
Busy Corner
Butter and Honey
By Lander Sea
byaheng barok
Byrds For a Cure
Byron & His Backpacks
C’est Christine
Café Gurl Chronicles
Cait’s Plate
Cake Duchess
Cake, Crumbs and Cooking
Calabriasella Mia
Calliope Speaks
Cambodian Beginnings
Camels and Chocolate
Camille’s Samui Weather Blog
Camp Roadless
Camping in Heels
Can You Stay for Dinner
Canadian Capitalist
Canadian Capitalist
Canadian Finance Blog
Canajun Finances
Candice Does the World
Canidae: Responsible Pet Ownership
Canvas of Light
Captain and Clark
Car Negotiation Coach
Car Negotiation Coach
Car Negotiation Coach
Cara’s Cravings
Career Break Secrets
Care’s Kitchen
Carly Klock
Caroline in the City
Cascadia Kids
Cash Flow Mantra
CatChat with Caren and Cody
Cemetary Travel
Cemetery Traveler
Central Canada meets western Canada
CF Images
CGTravels Blog
Champion of My Heart
Chapter Three
Chasing Delicious
Chasing Heartbeats
Chasing the Kenyans
Chasing the Unexpected
Chasing the Yeti
Chat a few
Chats selfish
Cheap Like Me Blog
Cheese and Biscuits
Chef Bennett
Chef Hermes
Chengdu Living
Chengdu Living
Cherie Runs This
cherri pop fiction
Cheryl Howard
Chez Danisse
Chez Denci
Chez Lou Lou
Chiara di La voglia matta
Chick Gets Fit
Chicky Loves
Child Mode
Childhood, Interrupted
Chilean Adventures
China Law Blog
Chip Chip Hooray
Chris Around the World
Christian Personal Finance
Christine Boyka Kluge
Christine In Spain
Chronicles of an Italiopian
Chuzai Living
Ciao Amalfi
Ciao Bambino
Ciao Cow
Classy and Fabulous
Claudia’s Kitchen Creations
Cleared For Take-Off
Clicks and Cuts
Cloggie Central
Clogs and Tulips
Closing Pandora’s Box
Club Creative Art
Clue into Cleveland
Coast 2 Coast Mom
Cocoa & Lavender
Cocoa & Lavender
Coffee and pie
Coffee Helps
Coffee, Calculations and Colombia
Colby Brown Photography
Collazo Projects
Colleen Brynn Travels
Colorful Footsteps
Colouring A Corner
Common Ground Byron Bay
Company Keepers: Dance Ministry Talk
Composing Now
Conde Nast Traveler Tumblr
Confections of a Foodie Bride
Confessions of a bad cook
Confessions of a Badboy in Japan
Confessions of a Single Mum
Confronting Love
Confronting Love
Connect the Dots Crafts
Connecting Coordinates
Consumerism Commentary
Contemporary Nomad
Conversation Agent
Cook Eat Live Vegetarian
Cook is good
Cook Train Eat Race
Cookbooks Galore
Cooked By Sara Mae
Cookin’ Canuck
Cooking Elena
Cooking Healthy For Me
Cooking in Tongues
Cooking on the Weekends
Cooking Planner
Cooking with Kate
Cool & Chic Syle Confidential
Copy Cat Blog
Corners of the World
Correr Es Mi Destino
Corsage from A dollop of Me
Costa Rican Vacation
Cotter Crunch
Count Only Sunny Hours
Country Skipper
Couple Money
Couple Things Blog
Covered in Cat Hair
Crackers Ritz fatti in casa
Crafty Claudes
Cranberry Jam
Crash Adventures
Crash Test Vegetarian
Crave DFW
Cravings of a Lunatic
Crazy Running Legs
Crazy Shenanigans
Create with Mom
Created By Diane
Creating Little Monsters
Creative Culinary
Creative Soul In Motion
Creazioni di Mary
Crostini and Chianti
Crumb Blog
Crunchy VT Mommy
Crystal and Bryan in Singapore
Crystal Goes to Europe
Cuccess Just Clicks
Cucina di Barbara
Cucinando con mia sorella
Cucinare con me
Cumi & Ciki
Cuori in padella
Cuppa Nutrition
Curry and Comfort
Daddy, Daddy, Come Back!
Daddy’s in Charge?
Daily Money Shot
Daisy the Curly Cat
Dakota D Journal
Dallas Wine Chick
Dan and Ploy’s Website
Dan Martin Extreme Athlete
Dancing Dog Blog
Danielle Abroad
Danny Brown
Daphne Ling
Dark Chef
Darlene Zschech
Darley’s Travel Blog
Darwin’s Money
Darwin’s Money
Dave Ursillo: Lead without Followers, Live from Within
Daydreams in Lace
De la pura vida
De La Pura Vida Costa Rica
Dead Write
Dear England, Love Canada
Death by Dolmus
Debt Free Adventures
Debt free by 30
Deelicious Sweets
Defining Tabitha
Delicious Baby
Delicious Chaos
Delish World
Der Cheeseblarg!
Derek’s Vandal Blog
Describe the Clouds
Design Fits
Desole Boy
Determined to Be
Devour the World
Di pasta impasta
Didn’t I Tell You That?
Diet, Desset and Dogs
Dietician on the Run
Digging Out of Our Mess
Digi Drift
Dilbert Blog
Dim Sum, Bagels, and Crawfish
Dining with a Stud
Dinners, Dishes, and Desserts
Discover Washington State
Discover. Share. Inspire.
Dispatches from the Red Centre
Dividend Mantra
Dividend Pig
Divya Kudua of Easycooking
DIY Investor
Do Something Cool
Dog Life Training
Dog Spelled Forward
Dog Tipper
Doggie Stylish
Doggy Dessert Chef
Dogs and Tails
Doing it all for Aleyna
Dolce e non solo
Dollar Versity
Domestic Executive
Don’t Ever Look Back
Don’t Speak Whinese
Doodling Dogs
Dopey’s Happy Home
Dori’s Shiny Blog
Dorthybitestoto’s Blog
Double the Adventure
Douglas Blyde
Douglas Blyde
Douglas Paton
dove mi porta il cuore
Down the Avenue
Downtown Traveler
Dr Patrick Mahaney’s Blog
Dream a little Dream
Dream a Little Dream
Dream Studies
Dreaming of open seas
Dreams are a Form of Reality
Drew Gilbert
Drie Culturen
Drifting Focus
Driving and Dining
Driving Like a Maniac
Drop Out Diaries
Drs Myhre
Duck and Wheel with String
Dusty Earth Mother
Dutch Being Me
Dutch Girl Cooking
Dwelling here now

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