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Welcome to the Tripbase Travel Blog!

This blog is for passionate travelers across the globe – whether you’re an eternal nomad or a flash-packer – if you love to travel then this blog is for you.

You’ll find tons of destination ideas, stunning photography and even learn some things about yourself.

From Magical Places to Mathematical Buildings, Travel Addiction and Ways to be Happy: this blog takes travel from every angle.

Our Travel Writers: Mara, Christine, Ayngelina and Josie have been just about everywhere and will take you on a cyber journey around the world.

And I’ll even let you in on my 3 best kept travel secrets.

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Katie (Tripbase Community Manager)

by Katie Sorene

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Red Nomad OZ

Hi! And thanx for setting up such a great site! I was nominated for the 7 posts thing – and I’ll certainly be participating in that! It’s such a great idea. I’ve subscribed as well, and am following you on Twitter. Look forward to seeing more great travel posts!!

Gutsy Living

I’ve been asked to participate in the 7 links project and came over to check out your blog. I think I’ve found my kind of place and people here. Will post very soon. Sonia.

Cole @ FourJandals

Hopefully can join in to the Travel Community you are setting up here! Look forward to reading more shortly :)


Such a cool project hope I get to be a part of it!

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