Best International Travel Destinations for Value 2008

i.e., where to get the most for your money abroad this year

From exotic islands with pristine beaches and coconut palms to bustling cultural capitals, these international travel destinations top Tripbase’s list of recommended best international travel destinations in 2008 for value. So whether you want romantic escapes on idyllic beaches in a tranquil environment or places with great natural landscapes, culture, shopping, nightlife and dining, these are the places that will give you the most for your money—from Africa to Asia and South America to Europe.

We looked at many parameters for each of our thousands of locations in order to come up with our best international travel destinations for value in 2008, including accommodation options, affordable entertainment choices, what kind of discounts are offered to travelers, and average costs to travel (per day averages include hotel costs) in these destinations—to name just a few.

To read more about each location in our list of the top best international travel destinations for value in 2008 and find useful information, including flight, hotel and car rentals as well as personalized travel recommendations tailored to you, such as where to stay and where to eat and what to see and do while you’re there, visit the Tripbase location page by clicking on the link.

Best Beach Destinations 2008 for Value
1. Kingston travel recommendations (Jamaica)
2. Bali travel recommendations (Indonesia)
3. Cape Town travel recommendations (South Africa)

Best Asia Destinations 2008 for Value

3. Bangkok travel recommendations (Thailand)
4. Kuala Lumpur travel recommendations (Malaysia)
5. Beijing travel recommendations (China)

Best Africa Destinations 2008 for Value

1. Cairo travel recommendations (Egypt)
2. Essaouira travel recommendations (Morocco)
3. Tunis travel recommendations (Tunisia)

Best Central and South America Destinations 2008 for Value

1. Buenos Aires travel recommendations (Argentina)
2. Mexico City travel recommendations (Mexico)
3. Rio de Janeiro travel recommendations (Brazil)

Best Eastern Europe Destinations 2008 for Value

1. Warsaw travel recommendations (Poland)
2. Budapest travel recommendations (Hungary)
3. Dubrovnik travel recommendations (Croatia)

Best Middle East Destinations 2008 for Value

1. Istanbul travel recommendations (Turkey)
2. Amman travel recommendations (Jordan)
3. Nicosia travel recommendations (Cyprus)

In our next blog, we’ll share with you the Tripbase team’s recommendations for green vacations and eco friendly travel, i.e., where to go for the best green vacations in 2008.

Tripbase is still in development, but we’re working on improving our algorithms every day, so if you have comments and criticisms for us, we’d love to hear from you.

3 thoughts on “Best International Travel Destinations for Value 2008”

  1. I went through each one of these links in your site and truly they are worth trying for any international travelers. The information is accurate and no doubt very helpful for people traveling abroad from kuala lumpur in malaysia or any other parts of the world for that matter.

    I would love to see Kenya included as a tourist destination, I come from there and truly its magnificent. Imagine feeding a giraffe a banana from the balcony of your window…..

    Any way you need help or information am more than willing to contribute.

    i will be keeping an eye on where this thread Best International Travel Destinations for Value 2008 goes because it sounds very interesting

    Clement’s Kuala Lumpur Malaysia – The Only Food Haven City in the Asia Pacific

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