Best Value Travel Destinations 2008 in the United States for International Travelers

There has never been a better time to visit U.S. cities for international travelers. With the low dollar, it’s a great time to take advantage of affordable travel to the United States. These best value travel destinations in the U.S. are easy to reach from international airports because of the abundance of direct flights, which makes getting there less expensive and time-consuming. On top of that, these best value travel destinations have the widest range of accommodation options, affordable entertainment choices, package vacations, and great discounts for travelers on airfare, flights, hotels, and car rentals. These are Tripbase’s best value travel destinations in the U.S. for international tourists that live up to their iconic statuses as incredible, “must-see” urban landscapes. Best of all, they offer a great range of entertainment, nightlife, shopping, dining, urban parks, attractions and a plethora of choice when it comes to lodging.

Best Value Travel Destinations 2008 for International Travelers:

1. Los Angeles travel recommendations
With everything from white, sandy beaches where volleyball nets abound to urban spaces like the Griffith Park that overlooks the entire city and the Hollywood Walk of Fame to free art museums, LA has plenty of affordable entertainment, a wide range of accommodations, and plenty of flights to Los Angeles to choose from.

2. Las Vegas travel recommendations
All-inclusive packages usually include flights to Las Vegas and offer excellent deals on upscale resorts to entice gamblers, but you can also enjoy a wide range of street entertainment along ‘the strip’ without ever spending a dime.

3. Chicago travel recommendations
With music festivals, parks, museums and even beaches, Chicago offers visitors a wealth of inexpensive entertainment options as well as plenty of accommodation choices.

4. New York travel recommendations
With loads of flights to New York, Central Park, cathedrals, ferries and plenty of museums as well as a huge number of accommodations and inexpensive, ethnic dining make New York a great choice for value.

5. Miami travel recommendations
Sizzling with beautiful people on stunning beaches by day and in top-notch nightclubs by night, Miami is jam-packed with entertainment options, restaurants, and accommodations. Enjoy historic art-deco buildings and monuments as well as gorgeous beach parks.

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