Boost Your Site with Free Travel Widgets

We’re pleased to introduce Tripbase’s brand new travel widgets.

These widgets aren’t just cute, they’re really useful and completely FREE.

You get a cool widget for your site and we get to spread the word about Tripbase.

Choose from three great widgets enabling users to: calculate daily travel costs and weather conditions and receive a stunning travel picture every day.

Check out the screen-shots below and get the widget codes here.

Tripbase Travel Widgets

Why should you use our widgets? Here are four good reasons:

· They add value by providing users with a handy travel tool

· They attract visitors

· They enrich your website content

· They’re easy to add and 100% FREE

Simply embed the code provided in the link above and your Tripbase travel widgets are good to go!

These are Tripbase’s first travel widgets so if you have ideas for others, please let us know. We’re always happy to receive feedback from our users.

Want our widgets on your site? Get the the codes here.

Happy Travels!

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