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Paper Airplane

I was hiking in a wadi in Petra and there came a moment that I realized I was completely and utterly alone.

OK, it was my fault. I’d violated one of those fundamental rules of hiking—the buddy system (and this applies even more so to women). But I’d entered the wadi not too far behind a couple of Spanish backpackers and I’d figured as long as I could hear them, they could probably hear me shouting “ayudame, ayudame, por favor!” if need be.

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Desperately Seeking to Recover Deleted Photos! (“Saving Private Photo”).

Mohamed al Amin mosque (Hariri mosque), Beirut, Lebanon

I recently took a two week trip to Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria.

No trip to Jordan is complete, of course, without a stop at Petra. One of the most interesting and beautiful sites in a region that is absolutely overflowing with historical sites, Petra is also one of the most picturesque. Shutterbug that I am, I got up extra early to head to Petra before the crowds did. I was in luck– the place was nearly empty and the lighting was beautiful.

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Road Trip Planner and Driving Trips

Looking for a road trip planner or ideas for your driving trip? By popular demand, Tripbase is pleased to announce the arrival of our brand new road trip planner that will help you find the best driving trips for your next vacation.
You can set your parameters either by driving mileage (how many miles you want to go) or by time in hours and then get driving trip ideas based on the things you like, where you want to go and your budget.

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Family Vacation Ideas and Family Vacation Travel Abroad

Family vacation travel can be a challenge to plan—especially if you’ve done Orlando and you’re tired of the local beach. Maybe you’re just looking for some exciting family vacation ideas for the upcoming family vacation and you want to travel far and away. We here at Tripbase decided to put together a list of the best family vacation travel destinations.

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Best Family Vacation Destinations in the U.S.

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Welcome to the blog

Welcome to the blog,

We’d like to thank all of our dedicated users for all the fantastic feedback we have received since our launch.  We are hard at work making improvements and changes to make sure this product gives you the user what you really want.

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