Did the recession rob you of a job?

Three monks, Ellora Buddhist caves, India

Getting fired is never fun, especially in these uncertain economic times. But if you have been saving up for a rainy day, and you have a cottony cushion sitting in the bank, there might be a silver lining to recession-related job cuts.

Let’s be honest with ourselves… how many times have you sat at your desk fantasizing wistfully that you would be “let go” so you could have the time to do the things, like traveling, that seem to keep getting pushed aside for the sake of slaving away at a 9 to 5?

You haven’t?

It’s just me?

I hope my boss isn’t reading this.

Ahem. In any case, if you’ve got some cash stashed away, you can use this unexpected break in work to your advantage… instead of rushing headlong back into the shaky job market, you might consider picking a low-cost travel destination. Stretch your time and money out. Clear your head and reassess. Go backpacking in India or take a long trek through South America. Retreat to an ashram on the subcontinent or go spend a few months being a beach bum in Thailand. Have you always wanted to volunteer abroad? Now might be the time to do it.

You will return rich with experience and gifted with a new perspective on the life– and work– you left behind.

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4 thoughts on “Did the recession rob you of a job?”

  1. I think the problem tends to be, that people cant afford to go on vacation.. How many people do you know that are highly profitable in this recession? Very few I’m sure..and if they ARE profitable, maybe we all need to do as they’re doing..

  2. very true, sinn… perhaps i should have been more clear… my suggestion is that if people have enough of a cushion in savings, they take some time out to go travel… clear their heads, reassess. you know what i mean?

    thanks for reading and thanks for commenting. i enjoyed your comment.

  3. I have the same idea as you too. Though i willingly let go my job. (crazy isnt it?) 2mnth trip to china and then volunteer for a local ngo in cambodia for half a year. I hope it would be as you say…’rich with experience and gifted with a new perspective on the life– and work– you left behind’

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