Hotels Specializing in Nap-time

You know the feeling – you’ve been traveling for an eternity, you’re completely whacked, all you want is to drift off into a blissful snooze before catching your next flight.

But those airport chairs are hard, so very hard and the arm-rest keeps digging into your head.

The latest trend of “pod” or “capsule” hotels might be just the solution to this perennial traveling dilemma.

Take, for example, Yotel’s London and Amsterdam hotels. Situated in airport terminals they offer futuristic pod rooms for stays as short as four hours – perfect for “nappers in transit”.

Yotel Hotel

Capsule living
With cabin-like rooms measuring just seven square meters, it won’t take you long to grasp the space-saving capsule concept.

But Yotel promises that there’s as much in this tiny space as you’ll find in most four star hotels. And with talk of organic cotton sheets, flat screen TVs and 24 hour cabin service, they might just be right.

The micro hotel trend certainly seems to be catching on. Originating in Japan, catering for inebriated businessmen too scared to face their wives, teeny tiny hotels have now spread throughout Europe and the US.

Broom cupboard benefits
Cost and convenience are the main reasons why travelers are opting to risk a bout of claustrophobia to stay in these ultra-modern hotel joints, as well as the draw of something genuinely fresh and different.

And with many of the hotels located in pricey city and airport destinations, their rates are certainly in tune with today’s economic climate.

Capsule Inn

Where to find your pod
If you’re thinking of joining the capsule revolution, check out Yotel’s airport chain, The Pod or The Jane (New York), citizenM (Amsterdam) or (Kuala Lumpur). For an authentic Japanese pod experience, check out the deals on flights to Tokyo, and head to the Capsule Inn Akihabara.

Travel fad or fresh innovation, it looks like capsule hotels are here to stay, for the time being at least. So take a break from arm-rest-itis and give them a whirl, just be sure to leave your cat at home.

Photos from Flickr. Photo credits (in order of placement): Yotel by donutshead, Tokyo Caspule Hotel by Matteo Mazzoni.

7 thoughts on “Hotels Specializing in Nap-time”

  1. I remember I read about Yotel in a Swedish travel magazine a while ago. Wonder who first came up with the idea of building these pod hotels.

  2. Fantastic idea. Have seen them in Tokyo and London and always wanted to stay in one but never have. Curiousity is no getting the better of me and I’ll now try to stay in one soon! Saw one in Narita but cheaped out. Should have stayed!

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