How to Deal with Long-Distance Love

Finding your long-distance relationship tough to handle? Have a read of these wise words and help the course of true love run a little smoother!


Met someone fantastic on your travels but finding the distance difficult to deal with?

Take stock of your relationship this Valentine’s Day and follow this sound advice for dealing with the difficulties of long-distance love!

1. Pick up the Phone

Communication is key to sustaining love across borders.

Email sucks. Stay in regular contact over the phone (Skype with web cam is even better) and you’ll be better placed to overcome the obstacles posed by the distance between you.

2. Get on a Plane

Nothing beats quality time in real-time, real life!

Throw money at the problem, get on a plane and go visit your significant other whenever you can. Otherwise the passion will fade. A relationship can’t survive on memories alone.

3. Be Realistic

If there’s absolutely no chance of you being in the same country for any length of time at any point in the foreseeable future then there’s little point keeping the love affair going.

Face facts, be practical and cut the chord sooner rather than later.

4. Set a Deadline

Set a date when one of you is going to make a move. It’ll give you both a tangible landmark to look forward to and keep the relationship moving forward.

5. Test out the Waters

Don’t jump into the deep end. Take things slowly. Try out a 3-6 month period of togetherness before making any big commitments.

A gradual approach will help ensure success in the long-term.

6. Maintain Perspective

You may feel like you’ve been together a long time but bear in mind the actual time together in the same place.

Your relationship is most probably still in its very early stages so don’t get carried away.

7. Admit Defeat

All sorts of difficulties may emerge even after one of you makes a move: cultural clashes, missing friends and family, feelings of loneliness in an alien country.

These obstacles could be too difficult to overcome so it may be better for everyone to cut your losses and call it a day.

But – if you believe that love conquers all then don’t give up too quickly, it just might work!!

Had a disastrous long-distance relationship or one that ended happily ever after?! Let us know, we want to hear from you!

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5 thoughts on “How to Deal with Long-Distance Love”

  1. Definitely agree with #2, and then figure out when to move to the same city at least ASAP. Long distance is a drag, especially in new relationships. After having been together for a number of years, a few months doing the long distance thing can be bearable.

  2. My husband and I dated six years long-distance before I moved to southern Italy in 2006 (we got married in TX in 2007). Communication, trust and mutual respect, as well as putting yourself in other person’s shoes, go a long way!

  3. I spent 7 years in two long distance relationships – one that did not work out, and one that totally did! We now live in the same city after 3 years living 6 hours apart. Keep things fun, keep communicating, and assume your partner is just as into it as you are :) There are lots of fun ideas here for couples to do

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