How to Get Stuff for Free Wherever You Go!

Let’s face it, everyone loves a freebie! Check out these 11 top tips for getting something for nothing and freeload your way around the world!

It seems that everyone’s after a bargain at the moment. Most of us don’t have wads of spare cash to splash out on expensive vacations.

So once you’ve managed to get away, why not score some extras as you go along??


C.P. Storm

Getting stuff for free is a lot easier than you might think. It’s also kinda fun!

Check out these 11 handy tips and watch your shame fly out the window!

1. Ask

Seems obvious doesn’t it? But you’d be surprised what you can get when you swallow your pride and just ask!

More often than not, people will be more obliging than you might think.

2. Smile

A smile can go a long way. A toothy grin and the recognition that you’re being a bit cheeky can make the world of difference.

3. Strike a Multi-deal

Whether you’re staying in a hotel for a good few nights or buying up the souvenir shop, recognize the value of your custom and propose a good-will freebie.

4. Make Friends

People do business with people they like. The same principle applies to getting stuff for free.

Have a laugh and a joke with the staff on reception and you might just find an exotic fruit basket in your room!

5. Complain

Just had the worst meal of your life? Don’t sit and fume about it. Make a polite complaint and the chances are they’ll be champagne and tiramisu coming your way.

6. Don’t Push it

No one likes being pressurized, so be cool and know when to back off. A laid-back strategy is guaranteed to get you further in the long-term.

7. Dangle a Carrot

Provide an incentive. You’ll find people much more accommodating after you’ve mentioned that big corporate booking or wedding reception that you’re planning.

8. Name Drop

Use your contacts. Remember that friend who works at Conde Nast or Lonely Planet? Well now’s the time to slip their name into the conversation!

9. Flirt

A shameless tactic but a fun one. Whether you’re trying to bag a flight upgrade or a free cocktail, 9 times out of 10 you’ll do better addressing a member of the opposite sex.

10. Try Stuff

Ah the beauty of the trial. After-shave, cosmetics or Italian ice-cream – whatever you’ve got your eye on, explain you’d like to try before you bye and lo behold that cute mini something is all yours…. absolutely free!

11. Exploit your Skills

Got a special skill or talent? Exploit it! Offer some free music/dance/comedy/magic in exchange for what you want. Genius!

Got more freebie tactics or funny stories?? Post up your comments below, we want to hear from you!

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8 thoughts on “How to Get Stuff for Free Wherever You Go!”

  1. We once managed to slip into a VIP reception in Cannes. Free food and champagne all night long… amazing!

  2. Great tips. My husband has mastered all of them and I’m always surprised at the things he is able to wangle out of people.

  3. Just come back from travelling around South East Asia.

    By becoming friends with people I got so much free stuff (entrance fairs, meals,transport). I’d have quite happily paid for it all but hey, I appreciate it.

    Some good advice here, if you dont ask you dont get!

  4. Unfortunately this list does require you to be an extrovert. That being said great list, I am always surprised that it is possible to haggle with people, in this day and age. One technique that worked well for me is silence, believe it or not. Whenever there is a pregnant pause people will naturally want to fill the void and sometime in your favour!

  5. We got a wonderful ‘upgrade’ in India when we complained about rats running across the pelmet above the door in the dining room. This upgrade took us from a rather out-of-season hotel on a stud farm to a wonderful palace hotel by a lakeside (not the ‘floating’ hotel seen on many calendars, but over-looking it).

    Moral: Always travel with one or more live rats (perhaps discreetly hidden in your hand luggage), you never know when you might need their ‘services’.

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    If I get something it is a bonus

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