How to Say “I’m Allergic to Peanuts” in 45 Languages

Don’t let your peanut allergy come between you and your dreams of world travel. Learn how to translate that crucial phrase, “I’m allergic to peanuts” and ensure a happy and healthy trip.

Peanut allergies are one of the most common food allergies — around 1% of the world’s population is affected.

Reactions range from itchy hives and digestive problems to more serious side-effects like difficulty breathing and even death.

The best defense is to avoid peanuts and foods cooked with peanut oil altogether.

Since peanuts feature in many different world cuisines, including African, Chinese, Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese and Mexican—an allergy can put a serious cramp in the style of peanut-sensitive travel-lovers.

But as long as you’re vigilant about what you’re eating and notify locals of your allergy, peanut sensitivity doesn’t have to mean staying home.

Check out this list of 45 ways to say “I’m allergic to peanuts” and start planning your peanut-free trip.

1) Afrikaans
Ek is allergies vir grondboontjies.

2) Albanian
Unë jam alergjik ndaj kikirikë.

3) Arabic
لدي حساسية تجاه الفول السوداني (L’daya hasesseeya tuje haful hasu deni).

4) Armenian
Ես ալերգիկ եմ արախիս (Yes alergik yem arakhis).

5) Azerbaijani
I yer fındığı alerjim var.

6) Basque
Ni naz da kakahueteak alergikoak.

7) Belarussian
У мяне алергія на арахіc (U mianie alierhija na arachis).

8) Bulgarian
Аз съм алергичен къмфъстъци (Az sum alergichen kum fustutsi).

9) Catalan
Sóc lèrgic als cacauets.

10) Chinese
我对花生过敏 (Wǒ duì huāshēng guòmǐn).

11) Croatian
Ja sam alergičan na kikiriki.

12) Czech
Jsem alergický na arašídy.

13) Danish
Jeg er allergisk overfor jordnødder.

14) Dutch
Ik ben allergisch voor pindas.

15) Estonian
Olen allergiline pähklitele.

16) Finnish
Olen allerginen maapähkinöiden.

17) French
Je suis allergique aux arachides.

18) German
Ich bin allergisch gegen erdnüsse.

19) Greek
Έχω αλλεργία στα φιστίκια (Écho allergía sta fistíkia).

20) Haitian Creole
Mwen fè alèji ak pistach.

21) Hebrew
אני אלרגי לבוטנים (Ani alergi l’botnim).

22) Hindi
मैं मूँगफली से एलर्जी है (Maiṁ mūm gaphalī sē ēlarjī hai).

23) Hungarian
Én allergiás vagyok aföldimogyoró.

24) Icelandic
Eg er með ofnæmi fyrir hnetum.

25) Indonesian
Saya alergi terhadap kacang.

26) Italian
Sono allergico alle arachidi.

27) Japanese
私はピーナッツアレルギーです(Watashi wa pīnattsuarerugīdesu).

28) Korean
제가 땅콩 알러지가있어 (Jega ttangkong alleojiga iss-eo).

29) Latvian
Man ir alerģija pret zemesriekstiem.

30) Lithuanian
Aš esu alergiškas žemės riešutams.

31) Macedonian
Jас сум алергична на кикирики (Jas sum alergična na kikiriki).

32) Norwegian
Jeg er allergisk mot peanøtter.

33) Polish
Jestem uczulony na orzeszki ziemne.

34) Portuguese
Eu sou alérgica a amendoim.

35) Romanian
Eu sunt alergic la arahide.

36) Russian
У меня аллергия на арахис (U menya allergiya na arahis).

37) Serbian
Ја сам алергичан на кикирики (Ja sam alergičan na kikiriki).

38) Slovak
Som alergický na arašidy.

39) Spanish
Soy alérgico a los cacahuetes.

40) Swedish
Jag är allergisk mot jordnötter.

41) Thai
ฉันแพ้ถั่วลิสง (Chạn phæ thạ̀w lisng).

42) Turkish
I fıstık alerjim var.

43) Ukrainian
У мене алергія на арахіс (U mene alerhiya na arakhis).

44) Vietnamese
Em dị ứng với đậu phộng.

45) Welsh
Rydw i’n alergedd i gnau daear.

Beware of street vendors selling Pad Thai – delicious but peanut-y.
Tell them, “
Chạn phæ thạ̀w lisng”!


If you know where you’re heading next, allergy translation cards can literally be a life-saver.

You specify the language and the allergy and receive a printed card to show at restaurants.

Do you know how to say “I’m allergic to peanuts” in more languages? What are your tips for traveling with food allergies? Let me know!

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Main image: Peanuts in Crete by ArkanGL. Thai street vendor image by sflisler.

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  1. Very useful to know, just substitute with whatever you are allergic to. I can confirm Rus, Ukr and Czech is spot on.

  2. I can confirm about Serbian and Croatian, also would add that it’s same in Bosnian&Herzegovian, Macedonian, Montenegrian. Those countries are speaking almost the same language with miserable differences, for those who ever thought to travel to Balkan countries.

  3. My deepest obeisance to the writers of this blog post, I am damn allergic, thanks God not to peanuts, but to thousand different things! I want a better body :)
    All the best guys, continue with great work.

  4. Does anybody know which languages i should translate ‘peanut allergy’ to when travelling to Singapore and the Philippines? Thanks :)

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