Most Magnificent Lakes in the World – a Few More!

Responding to popular demand, some more incredible lakes whose sheer beauty and grandeur earn them a place in our list of the Most Magnificent Lakes in the World!

Crater Lake, Oregon



Lake Tahoe, Nevada / California



Check out the original article for stunning pics of the 12 Most Magnificent Lakes in the World.

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Photo credits: Crater Lake – JJ Jersey, Mr. Thomas. Lake Tahoe – Tracy VierraVijayan.

17 thoughts on “Most Magnificent Lakes in the World – a Few More!”

  1. Just discovered your blog and being an avid and (rather adventurous) traveller loved it. I just came back from hiking in Iceland and trekked around some spectacular crater lakes. Loved the images and cannot wait to visit the New Zealand lake.Will keep following your blog.

  2. lake pukaki is the most beatiful among them. but why it did,t include lake saif-ul-malook and doodipatsar lake of pakistan?

  3. What about Chandertal lake in Himachal Pradesh, India! It is one of the best lakes in India, and probably the world.

  4. And what about Lake Attitlan, Guatemala? Except for the discarded back packers’ water bottles, it is pristine, and somewhat turbulent. Surrounded by wonderful villages, too.

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