My 3 Top Travel Experiences

Which travel memories never fail to cheer you up?  Put a smile on your face remembering some of the good times you’ve had out there.

Because I’m a new blogger here at Tripbase (Hi Everyone! My name is Ricki) I thought I would introduce myself by sharing three of my favorite travel experiences.

1)    Working in White Sulphur Springs, Montana

Montana (450 x 270)

Trey Ratcliff

I took a job on a guest ranch in Montana one summer. Even though I didn’t leave the country for this trip, when I arrived in White Sulphur Springs from New York I found myself in an entirely different world. Instead of cabs I found cows, and instead of sky scrapers there was… sky.

I myself was somewhat of an oddity, having never driven a pick up truck (or actually, any vehicle – I’m a true New Yorker like that) or gone hunting (I was told killing cockroaches don’t count, but I still beg to differ).

In any case, I got to see some of the most breath taking scenery I have found to this day, and I came to understand a little bit more of the incredible scope of the people, landscapes, and lifestyles that makes up the United States.

2)    Biking through Switzerland

Switzerland (440 x 292) (440 x 292)

Tambako the Jaguar

This summer my mom, sister, and I joined a group biking through Switzerland. The weather was perfect – warm but not overwhelmingly hot, with occasional showers to cool us down (ok, maybe the showers were less than perfect).

This was my first encounter with wide bike lanes and courteous – no, downright friendly – drivers in cities and towns. Switzerland also has mile upon mile of idyllic country side that had me thinking I’d stepped into a drawing Mary Poppins style. The best part was that all the biking freed me up to eat as much chocolate and cheese as I could. I mean, the best part was all that family bonding time.

3)    Cooking in Jaipur, India



To make sure I would always be able to re-experience the bold tastes I encountered in India, I took a cooking class. There I realized that often what struck my American sensibilities as odd – you’re adding coconut to that?? – was in fact delicious. I repeated that lesson over and over again outside the kitchen as well.

What have been some of your favorite experiences on the road? I’m looking forward to sharing and learning more in the coming months!

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9 thoughts on “My 3 Top Travel Experiences”

  1. hi rick! welcome! :) love your three great memories. sometimes stepping out of our zones and into the new becomes not only part of the story of our lives (of course), but the BEST parts of the story of our lives.

  2. Hi Ricki,

    Thanks for sharing your stories. All three sound wonderful!

    Congratulations on your job with Tripbase. I’m looking forward to your updates.

    PS: The stumbleupon link on your profile page doesn’t work. :(

  3. Thanks so much everyone!

    Carrie – thank you for the heads up – the link should be working now.

  4. Every one, no matter he/she traveler or not like some location which make their smiley when they think about that.
    My memory on road was from Kochi. A peaceful city with full of greenery.

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