My Winter Vacation Short-list

I’m narrowing down my options for an incredible winter vacation! Check out these four awesome places where I just might find myself next month!

Just last week I asked you guys for some help planning my perfect winter vacation.

To recap, this was My Winter Vacation Wish-List:

1.    Somewhere hot
2.    Somewhere not too expensive
3.    Somewhere with great food
4.    Somewhere with stuff to see
5.    Somewhere with friendly people

I firstly consulted the Tripbase Destination Finder with my preferences which sent me to….

1. Peru

Peru, Cusco

I like! I also received some great travel recommendations from some spectacular travel bloggers, here were my faves:

2. Malaysia

Perhentian Island, Malaysia

Recommendation from Cecil, The Travel Feeder

3. Arizona

Wickenburg Arizona

Recommendation from Nancy D. Brown, What a Trip

4. Belize


Recommendation from Alex, The Virtual Wayfarer

All four places look amazing and fit my criteria for the trip, thanks guys!

I’m looking for sun, good food and friendly people but travel is such a personal thing, everyone wants something different from a destination.

What do you look for when planning a trip? Is it weather, cost, activities, good food, culture, nightlife, family fun??

Post up your comments and let me know!

Photo Credits from Flickr: Peru, Peru travel photos © Matthew Barker, Peru For Less, Malaysia, yuliang11, Arizona, TurnDriverSide, Belize, jayhem

20 thoughts on “My Winter Vacation Short-list”

  1. Great to see you’re considering Belize and Arizona! As an Arizonan I’m partial to both – though my vote is still solidly behind Belize! Love that photo of the Eagle Ray btw! They’re incredible to swim with/watch in the wild.

  2. I highly recommend Honduras. The diversity of things to do is amazing (think Central America on a buffet table) and it is ridiculously cheap to get to and stay in the country. Happy travels!

  3. My quest is for a summer vacation place that has low humidity, golf, entertainment( (plays), good food, reasonable prices, etc. Any place but Florida.

  4. Come to Malaysia next month and you could experience another special scene here as we are celebrating Chinese New Year with all the red lanterns and dragon dancing, starting from 14th Feb until 28th Feb. Shopping malls are packed with festivities from now onwards!

    Btw, I would be much happier if my travel blog, Travel Feeder is linked instead of :)

  5. Having spent most of my life in Southern California and Southern Florida, I would have to recommend these for the winters as well. Perfect weather. I live in the French Alps now and I would definitely NOT recommend here for the winter unless you love winter sports. Cynthia in the French Alps

  6. Love Malaysia, especially Langkawi where i stayed at the very extravagant 4 Seasons hotel…beware of the time you visit especially on the east Coast. We found ourselves traveling on the East Coast in January and could not even go near the water as it was so dangerous with riptides and wild waves…

  7. Good pictures plus the good article certainly made this segment amazing.Keep it up! My quest is for a summer vacation place that has low humidity, golf, entertainment( (plays), good food, reasonable prices, etc. Any place but Florida.

  8. I was at Belize 2 years ago and I didn’t like it very much, especially people isn’t very gently; I’m sorry but it was my impression.

  9. ” Very insightful …Thanks for sharing these nice pictures. Malaysia has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The environment is clean, ambiance unbelievably serene and calm. Plus the food and the friendly people, communication both soft and hard is not an issue.

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