My Winter Vacation Wish List

I’m itching to get away for some winter sun but finding the ideal destination is proving tricky. How about I post up my wish-list and you guys tell me where to go??

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It’s about this time of year that everything starts getting a bit dull and dismal.

Just last week I decided to start planning a winter vacation.

But finding the perfect winter travel destination is not as easy as it sounds.

Fancy helping me out??

I’m going to post up my vacation wish list and I’m counting on you guys to tell me where to go!!

Shouldn’t be too hard bearing in mind you’ve all been just about everywhere!


Sound good? Perfect, here we go:

1.    Somewhere hot

2.    Somewhere not too expensive

3.    Somewhere with great food

4.    Somewhere with stuff to see

5.    Somewhere with friendly people

Not asking too much am I?

I look forward to your suggestions and remember, the best ones will be published right here on this blog!

Get posting travel people, my winter sun depends on it!

15 thoughts on “My Winter Vacation Wish List”

  1. Not sure how *hot* it is these days — FL is experiencing a cold snap just like the rest of us — but Miami sounds like it would fit the bill. The South Beach Food & Wine Festival ( is at the end of Feb, and I’ve always wanted to go to that! There’s also a big music festival sometime in March.

  2. How’s the old saying go? Don’t suggest anything you wouldn’t do yourself? Well – I just got back from a fantastic winter trip which I’d say matches a lot of what you’re looking for.

    Consider checking out Belize with a side trip to Flores, Guatemala (and perhaps Tikal).

    The food was good – if not terribly exotic. The weather was fantastic. The water was warm. The price was affordable. The history were there. The jungle was delightful and the people were typically extremely friendly.

    Depending on the length of the trip – I’d suggest something along the lines of:
    -Find a cheep flight into either Belize or one of the surrounding regions. I got a cheap fligh into Cancun – stopped to snorkel in a Cenote and explore the ruins of Tulum/Chichen Itza before catching a Bus, then water taxi out to San Pedro (worth visiting for a day or two).
    -Caye Caulker (with a snorkeling or diving trip to the Hol Chan Marine reserve) is truly the gem in Belize’s crown. A small sleepy village the price was right (20-25 Belizean dollars or $10-13 USD) for fresh Snapper or Lobster. Great snorkeling trips. Fun, relaxed feeling.
    -From Caye Caulker consider the 3 day 2 night all inclusive Raggamuffin Sailing tour for fishing, fresh seafood, fun camping, sunbathing, fishing and incredible snorkeling along the barrier reef.
    -Jump ship at Placencia but don’t stay too long. Strike out by bus either towards San Ignacio for the rugged and exciting ATM (Actun Tunichil Muknal) tour or south towards Antigua.
    -From either head up to Flores and from there check out Tikal!

    Have more time? I’d suggest exploring Guatemala and perhaps Honduras in greater depth! I’m just starting to upload a series of blogs with photos and video from most of the destinations I mentioned above to – feel free to shoot me an e-mail if you have any questions.

  3. I’ll have to recommend Hawaii. Let’s say Maui, in particular: The air fare will take a giant bite out of your travel budget, but once you’re there, the hotel deals are amazing right now (especially since this is post-Christmas travel). The temperature’s warm all year ’round, and the people are wonderfully warm and generous with their time and knowledge. Plenty of activities as well, from some of the world’s best snorkeling, to hiking up an extinct volcano, to rain forest explorations and zipline fun.

  4. Hi Katie,
    I’m back from horseback riding at the Kay El Bar Guest Ranch in Wickenburg, Arizona. My first time riding in AZ, the ranch is easily accessible by flying into Phoenix and has great things to see!

    The folks are friendly, the food is fantastic, winter rates are affordable and it was sunny and warm! The ranch can accomodate first-time riders to experts.

    You didn’t mention if you were traveling solo?

    I interviewed a woman from England traveling solo and she had a great time, (video attached.)

    Here are some links you might enjoy if this location appeals to you. Good luck!

  5. Well, it really does depend on your budget but three places that come to mind immediately for me are:
    – Sydney, Australia. Partly because I was just there but also because I think Qantas is running another flight sale which means flights are cheaper now than they have been in years. Plenty to see and do and Sydney is a foodie paradise.
    – Riveria Maya, Mexico. More affordable than Hawaii. If you scuba dive, the diving off Cozumel is tremendous. Akumal is great for affordable, non-resort accommodation and there’s plenty of Mayan sites to visit.
    – Pacific Coast of Ecuador. Montanita if you’re in to surfing. You can do yoga, learn to surf or learn spanish. You’ll pay more to get there than you would to get to the Yucatan, but the accommodation in Ecuador is cheaper.
    Happy researching!

  6. I was also going to say southern Florida – the Keys, to be specific. I’m currently down here, gathering research for a travel guide, and I’m finding that four out of five of your requirements are at least true – inexpensive food and accommodations can be found, the cuisine (conch chowder, key lime pie, fish tacos, and other yummy treats) has been excellent, there are lots of beaches and hammocks and mangroves and museums and marine animal parks to see, and the people have been super-friendly. The only snag is the weather – it’s been chilly lately, but it’ll be warm again by next week. So, come on down!

  7. Well, I’ve just been to Cayman & Grenada and both would fit your requirements except for the cost factor. Getting to either of them is not cheap. So, if you’re on a budget I would recommend Costa Rica or Key West. Both cheered me up last year!

  8. If you can afford it, I’d try the Big Island of Hawaii. The residents are friendly. The weather’s warm. And oh those active excursions – snorkel, hike, explore to your heart’s conetnet then rest on a beach with a cool tropical drink.

  9. Winter? I’d head down to the Gold Coast, Australia for some real heat or hike and swim through New Zealand’s summer. Winter? No thanks.

  10. For all your criteria and preference, I think I could think of 1 travel destination only, there’s Malaysia!

    1) It’s hot 365 days a year with average temp of >26c
    2) It’s cheap to fly here, stay here and have free sunshine and beaches here all year round.
    3) Malaysian Food? Need we say more? From hot to cold, sweet to bitter, we have all tastes to suit whatever appetite, and there are cheap!
    4) What you could see in Malaysia? From Heritage architecture, natural forests and mountains, beaches and corals, Twin tower and KL Tower, and
    5) Malaysian people are all (or at least most of us) friendly (or at least to tourists) :)

    You can read some of them from my travel blog too. Hope this would help. Cheers!

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