Nominated Blogs L – S

La Belle in France
La casa di Artù
La Cucina Di Federica
La cucina di Irina
La cucina di Molly
la cucina di pippicalzina
La Cuisine d’Hélène
La cuoca dentro
La cuoca eclettica   
La Domestique
La fleur kitchen
La Gatta Sul Tetto
La Jolla Mom
La mia cucina
La Patata in Giacchetta
La Tavola Marche
La Tortuga Viajera
la vida espanola
La zucca Cappricciosa
La zucca capricciosa
la zucca capricciosa
Lady J’s Musings
Laissez Faire
Lakwatsera de Primera
L’albero della carambola
L’albero di Amberle
Landing Standing
Lash World Tour
laugh with God today
Laura Mannering’s World Out There
Lauren’s Road Less Traveled
Laurie Hurley Online
Lavender and Lime
Lazaro Cooks
Le creazioni di Margiù
Le delizie di casa mia
Le Fabuleux Destin de Brenna
Le Monde
Le padelle Fan Fracasso
Le Petit France Blog
Le ricette di Tina
Le ricette in cucina di Patatina
Leap Little Frog
Learn Grow and prosper
Learn To Blog with Mandy Allen
Legal Nomads
Legally Blissful
lemon flavor
Lemons and Anchovies
Lemons and Beans
Len Penzo
Leney from About Miss Leney
Leon Fontaine
Lesley Lifting Life
Less Britt More Life
Let the Good Times Roll
Let Your Life Bloom
Letters From A Small State
Letters from Frau Dietz
Lettuce Eat Kale
Levivot di mele
LGEO Research
Libby Stephens
Liberty Moves
Liccle Princess
Life + Dog Blog
Life After Eating Disorder
Life and My Finances
Life As A Bonvivant
Life As We Know It
Life by Experimentation
Life Candy
Life in Catalonia
Life is Better with Sheltie Hair
Life is Fare
Life of a Lounge Lizard
Life of a Modern Housewife
Life on Nanchang Lu
life out of a suitcase
Life Remotely
Life Tastes Like Food
Life with Arie
Life, for instance
Life’s great adventures
Life’s Little Pieces
Lighthearted Travel
Lily’s Locutions
Lines From The Wire
Lioness in Japan
Liquid Mind, Sanguine Soul.
Lisa Goldapple
Lisa’s Foods
Lisa’s Yarns
Little Colombia Observationist
Little Dogs on Long Leashes
Little Green Notebook
Little House in the Valley
Little House on the Southern Prarie
Little Miss Medic
Live Bold and Bloom
Live Share Travel
Livin on the Road
Livin’ to Drive
Living a Quotable Life
Living and Loving in L.A.
Living Holistically With Humor
Living Large in Our Little House
Living the Dream
Living the Greyt Life
Liz Runs DC
Lizzy’s Lively Living
Lndsy with an A
Location 180
Loco in Yokohama
Lodgey and life on the road
London Bakes
London Cosmopolitan
London Eater
LoneLee Planet
Lonely Girl Travels
Long Legs on the Loose
Looking To Business
Lori Dyan
Lori Lenz’s Blog
Lory B. Bistrot
Lost Girls World
Lost in Cheeseland
Lost Laowai
Love & Marriage {and a baby carriage}
Love & Paella
Love and a Six Foot Leash
Love in the City of Lights
Love Over Fear
Love That Max
Love Veggies and Yoga
Love, Leluu
LoveBaby LoveTravel
Loving the little things
Lucille in the Sky
Luck Pony
Luck Pony
Lucky Zucca
Lucullian Delights
Lunges & Lunch
Lynne Hoppe
Lyric Fire
M4B Marketing
Maastricht Minutiae
MacBethPhoto Blog
Madness Mom and Me
Magic of Mine
Maid in Australia
Mainly Baking
Make Girlfriends
Making food and other stuff
Malaysia Asia
Maldeetuh Ramblings
Mallory on Travel
Mama Cheaps
Mama Marchand’s Musings
Mama of All Trades
Mama Wants This
Mama’s Monologues
Maman des Filles
Mama’s Weeds
Mambo Magazine
Mamma che cucina
Mamma Papera’s Blog
Man on the Lam
Man Vs Clock
Man vs. Debt
Mango on an Apple
Manhattan Beach Momma
Manifest Positivity
Maria of Organically Cooked
Marie of 66 Square Feet
Mark on the Move
Mark Stratton
Mark’s China Blog
Marriage Life
Married My Sugar Daddy
Married With Luggage
Mary Tyler Mom
Mathilde’s Cuisine
Matrioska’s Adventures   
Matron Down Under
Max’s Blog
Me Likes Art
Meals & Moves
Meals and Miles
Meals and Moves
Meals for Miles
Meant to be Happy
Meanwhile Back at the Gusty Ridge Ranch
Medellin Living
Medieval Maiden
Meemalee’s Kitchen
Meemalee’s Kitchen
Meg Musings
Melaine (en Espanol)
Melissa Crytzer Fry
Melodramatic Me
Memoirs of a Travel and Food Addict
Meredith in Brasilia
Meredith’s Bound for Brasil
Miami Dish
Miami’s Restaurant Power Rankings
Michael Runner
Michelle Meister
Mid-Life Cruising
Midwest Guest
Mighty Bargain Hunter
Mike Barish
Mike Young Financial Coach Blog
Mike’s Bogota Blog
Mike’s Road Trip
Mile 26 and More
Mile 26 or More
Million Dollar Journey
Million Dollar Journey
Milo and Alfie Marshall
Mini Globe Trotters
Minimalist at Home
Minimalist Freak
Minimalist Mom
Minnesota Mom
Mira Terra Images
Miracle Sisters
Miranda di Semi di girasole
Mirth and Motivation
Mis Pensamientos
Miss Ene from Miss Ene & The Boy
Miss Expatria
Missed Periods and Other Grammar Scares
Mister Bonfi
Mo Travels
Mo Travels
Mochachocolata Rita
Moidlife Matters
Molly On Money
Molly’s cooking
Molly’s kitchen
Mom Most Traveled
Mom Vesting
Mom Zombie
Mommy Shorts
Mommy Travels
Mom’s Plans
Money Beagle
Money Help for Christians
Money Reasons
Money Reasons
Money Reasons
Money Reasons
Money Saving Mom
Money Smarts
Money Smarts Blog
Monica Cesaro
Monkey Brewster
Monkeys on the Roof
Moody Mudi
More Than Just a Mother
Mother duck’s blog
Mother Moments
Mother of all trips
Motherese Blog
Mother’s Hideaway
Mountain Mama Cooks
Moves and Munchies
Mr. & Mrs. Globetrot
Mr. London Street
Mrs Homely Mrs Homely
Ms. Adventures in Italy
Ms. Traveling Pants
Much to My Delight
Mud Pie Homer
Muffin ai mirtilli
Muktuk Kennels – Where Dogs Rule
Mum of thoughts and trouble of a mother in the kitchen
Music Road
Mutant Supermodel
Muza-chan’s Gate to Japan
My 4 Hour Workweek
My Beautiful Adventures
My Bella Vita
My Bizzy Kitchen
My Bohemian Life
My Brown Newfies
My cakes and not only
My Dollar Plan
My Dollar Plan
My Fascinating Life
My Favorite Everything
My Feet in Motion
My First
My Funny Little Life
My Grave Addiction
My Half Dozen Daily
My Inner Chic
My Itchy Travel Feet
My Journey to Millions
My Kafkaesque Life
My Kids Eat Squid
My Kitchen
My Life
My Life in Limbo
My Life in Mono
My Life With Flyball Dogs
My Little Dog
My Little Expat Kitchen
My Little Happy Place
My Little Nomads
My Melange
My Memoirs
My Mother is a Fish
My Peace of Heaven
My Posh Jeans
My postcard From
My Pretty Pennies
my ricettarium
My Several Worlds
My So Cal.led Run
My Sweet Prairie
My Time as Mom
My Time to Travel
My University Money
My View From the Middle Seat
My Walk bout 40
My Writer’s Block
My Year of Spending Less and Living More
Mystic Meandering
Nancy Mueller
Nancy Under The Stars
Nanny Goats in Panties
Napoli Unplugged
Natalia & Jose Luis Travel Blog
Naturally Nina
Neil Wade’s Photography Blog
Nella cucina di Laura
nella cucina di laura
Nerds Eye View
Nerdy Nomad
Nero’s Post and Patch
Network Osaka
Neurotic City
Never Niche
Never-Ending Footsteps
NeverEnding Voyage
New Adventures In Backpacking
New Found Europe
News from Italy
Nicole Gelinas
Nicole is Better
No Beaten Path
No Day is So Bad…
No Debt MBA
No Dog About It
No Onions Extra Pickles
No place like Oz
No Place To Be
No Vacation Required
Nomad Law
Nomad Niv
Nomadic Chick
Nomadic Foodie
Nomadic Matt
Nomadic Notes
Nomadic Samuel
Nominated Blogs
Nordic Nibbler
North South Food
Northern Snippet
Northwest Cheapsleeps
Not a Ballerina
Not Quite Nigella
Not work related
Note from Lapland
Notes From Africa
Notes from the Funny Farm
Notes from Xian
Nourish Me
Nourishing Flourishing
Nunzia Honey Lavender
Nurse with a Purse
Nuvole di farina
Nuvole di farina  
NW Dog Blog
NYCity Mama
NZ EcoChick
Oblivious Investor
Odysseus Drifts
Of Cookies & Carrots
Of Cows’ Tails and Chew Tpys
Of Revolt
Off the Path
Oh Corbin
Oh Healthy Day
Oh My Dog Blog
Oh My Dog! Blog
Oh She Glows
Old Fool’s Blog
Old Sweet Song
Old World Wandering
Olio e Aceto
olio e aceto
On My Feet or In My Mind
On My Way RTW
On Our Own Path
On the Road Again
On Ur Way Travel
Once A Traveler
Once upo nat ime
Once Was Blind [Now I Can See]
One Brown Girl
One Cent at a Time
One Editorial
One Flesh Marriage
One Giant Step
One Lovely Life
One Man Bandwith
One Money Deisgn
One Perfect Bite
One Step 4ward
One Stop Blog
Oneika the Traveller
Operation Jack
Options for a Better World
Orange Foamfinger
Orange Swing
Orange Swing
Order in the Kitchen
Ordinary Traveler
Organically Cooked
Oskar’s Blog
Oui Chef
Our Beautiful Mess
Our Hiking Blog
Our Journey to Zero
Our Life in Singapore
Our Life on Wheels
Our Little Seal
Our Little Urban Life
Our New Life in the Country
Our Odyssey
Our Swiss Life
Our Take on Freedom – Escaping the 9-to-5 before 25
Our Tasty Travels
Our Travel Lifestyle
Our Wee Farm
Out of Your Rut
Outside Our Bubble
Over Yonderlust
Pacing the Panic Room
Packed Suitcase
Page not found
Paige Worthy
Painted Stork
Pamela and Her Road to Joy
Pam’s Dog Academy
Pancakes and Postcards
Pane, burro e alici
Paneh Praise Dance & Mime Ministry
Panini Girl
Panza e Presenza
Paola di Voglia di cucina…voglia di sognare
Paperplates and China
Paraben Free Princess
Partly Sunny, Chance of Rain
Pascal Campion
Passenger Corners
Passenger Diaries
Passion into Action
Passport Delicious
Passport to Design
Patricia Scarborough
Patti Murphy
Patty Andante with taste
Paula Parker
Pauline Frommer
Pause the Moment
Paw Print City Times
PB Fingers
Peace, Love & Bagels
Peanut Butter and Jenny
Peanut Butter Runner
Peas and Crayons
Peas in a Blog
Pease Pudding
Pease pudding
Pecorelle di Marzapane
Pedal Powered Family
Peggy Frezon’s Blog
Pejorative Jinx
Pencil & Spoon
Peppercorns In My Pocket
Peppercorns In My Pocket
Perdida en Más Calles
Perking the Pansies
Perry Noble
Personal Finance By The Book
Personal Finance Firewall
Perth Daily Photo
Pet Blogs United
Pet Healthcare Gazette
Pet News and Views
Peter of Kalofagas
Peter of Souvlaki For The Soul
Peter’s Paris
PhD Strides
Phil in the Blank
Philippine Travelogue
Pierced Hearts and True Love
Pies and kitchen
Piglet in France
Pigtails Flying
Pilgrims Moon
Pilotage Cambodia
Piloting Life
Pinay On The Move
Pinay Travel Junkie
Pinellas Pinellas-Cakes
Pink Runner
Pit Stops for Kids
Pitchfork Diaries
Pixelated Image
pixels and palabras
Pixie Mama
Plaid Sheep
Planet Nomad
Plodding in Paradise
Ploho on the Road
Plus Size Momma
Plus Ultra
Pocket Village
Poires au Chocolat
Poise in Parma
Polvere di Peperoncino
Positive Provocations
Positive World Travel
Positively Positive
Postcard Valet
Posted by Galen Pearl
Powers Percussion
Prairie Eco Thrifter
Prairie Eco Thrifter
Presley’s Pantry
Pret A Voyager
Privilege of Parenting
Professional Adult
Project Me
Project Monte
Prolific Living
Punch Debt in the Face
Punch Debt in the Face
Pure 2 Raw
Q’s Eats
Quarter Year
Quarterlife Quandary
Queen of Arts
Quirky Travel Guy
Quirky Traveler
Quno Spotter
R from the Pleasure Monger
Raam Dev
Rabbit Food Rocks
Rachel Eats
Rachel Wilkerson’s Blog
Rainbow Lens
Raising Cubs in a Campground
Raising Miro
Raising Peanut
Rambling Tart
Rambling Tart
ramblings of the bearded one
Random Amber
Random Tales and Nonsense
Rands in Repose
Rare Travels
Ravings of a Mad Housewife
Real Man Money
Recipes for Beginners
Recipes of Culture
Reclaiming My Future
Recommended Daily Dose
Red Hunt Travel
Redeeming Riches
Redhead Ranting
Red’s Australian Round-Up
Reel Life with Jane
Reflections from a Red Head
Rehead Writing
re-inventing the event horizon
Remarkably Domestic
Renaissance Girl
Rescue Me: Tails of Pet Rescue
Rescued Insanity
Rescued Insanity
Researching Paris
Restless Ruminations
Restless to Roam
Retire By 40
Retire Happy Blog
Retired in Thailand and Loving It
Retrospective Traveller
Ricatte barbare
Rice & Wheat
Ricette col melograno per Rosh Hashanah
Ricette per Halloween!
Ricevere Con Stile
Richard Tulloch’s Life on the Road
Ricky Yates
Rider by My Side
Rio Outside In
Rita’s Rituals
Road King UK
Road Trips for Beer
Road Trips for Families
Roam The Plant
Roaming Tales
Robe di Robi
Robert Reid
Rocket and Squash
Rocket Shoes
Rocky Travel
Roets Uprooted
Romy Raves
Ron Mart Blog
Rools and Grubs
Roots & Platters
Rori Travel
Rosa’s Yummy Yums
Ross Roams
Round the World Traveler
Royal Coconut
Run Around My Blog
Run Bake Race
Run for Your Life Blog
Run Luau Run
Run the Long Road
Run This Amazing Day
Runaway Brit
Runaway Jane
Runaway Juno
Runner’s Fuel
Runner’s Kitchen
Runner’s Rambles
Runnin’ From the Law
Running 4 Cupcakes
Running for the Kitchen
Running Jewess
Running off the Reese’s
Running on Words
Running Peanut
Running Renegade
Running Through Life
Running Toward the Prize
Running with Sass
Running with Spoons
Rust Belt Runner
Ruth in Asia
Ryan Bakes
Ryan Goes Abroad
Ryan Mattis
s/v Kaleo
Sabrina’s Passions
Sailing Wondertime
Sally of My Custard Pie
Salt Shaker
Sam Davidson
San Diego Momma
Santa Fe Travelers
Sara Loves ogs
Sarah Elizabeth
Sarah Elizabeth
Sarah in Le Petite Village
Sarah Learns
Sarah Morgan
Sarah Snacks
Sarah Wu
Sarah’s Scrumptious Samplings
Satisfying Retirement
Saucy Kodz Blog
Saucy Writer
Savvy College Girl
Savvy Sassy Moms
Scene by Laurie
Sciroppo di mirtilli e piccoli equilibri
Scrambled Megs
Scratch My Butt
Screaming Mimi Blog
Sdaily Downward Dog
Sean’s Dirty Laundry
Seashells and Sunflowers
Seattle’s Travels
Second City Randomness
Secret Water
Secrets to a San Antonio Dynasty
See Becca Try to Tri
See Colombia
See Jen Cook
Seeing Red in China
Selfish Mom
Selma in the City
Selma in the City
Semi-True Tales of Our Lives on the Road
Senegal Daily
Senior Dogs Abroad
Sense and (Non) Sensibility
SEO Runner
Sexymama Bong
Shanghai Novice
Shanna Quinn
Shanna, Like Banana
Shannon Hurst Lane
Sharing Travel Experiences
Sharkbytes and Tales
She Wears a Red Sox Cap
Shef’s Kitchen
Sheila Bocchine
She’s Shopping Now
Shibuya Daze
Shoot Tokyo
Shoplifting in a Ghost Town
Short Fat Dictator
SHU box
Shutter Feet
Sicily Scene
Siebs in Spain
Sights of the World
Silly America
Silvia di Acqua e farina
Simon Oliver/Tales from a rural Expat
Simple Girl, Simple Pleasures
Simple Green Frugal Co-op
Simply Cooked
Simply Megan
Simply Solo
Singer food
Single Gal in the City
Single Mom Rich Mom
Single Occupancy Blog
Singles in the kitchen
Sins of gluttony
Sisters of the kitchen on their sleeves
Sit Down Disco
Sixteen Beans
Skinny Backpacker
Skip to Malou
Sleeping Gardens
Slippity Sup
Slow Family Online
Slow Travel Berlin
Small Notebook
Smash and Sniff
Smile, It Helps
Snaps & Blabs
Snippets Of Thyme
Snoopy’s Dog Blog
So Many Places Travel Blog
So Much More Life
So Not Lost!
Sober Paddy
sognatori di cucina e nuvole
Soi Va Calle
Solo Female Traveler
Solo Friendly
Solo Road Trip
Solo Travel Girl
Solo Traveler
Some Birds are Like That
Some Sojourns
Someday you will not be able to do this, Today is not that Day!
Something Wagging This Way Comes
Somewhere Only We Know
Somewhere There is Jeannie
Sonia and Simon of The Tree of carambola
Sonja Swiss Life
Sono Pazzo
Sophies World
Soul Travelers 3
South Florida Guy
SouthEast Asia Backpacker
Southern Cone Travel
Southern Fried Children
Southern Fried French
Southern Spirit Guide
Souvlaki for the Soul
Spaghetti Westerner
Spanish Pinay
Spicy spicy
Spinach and Skittles
Spotted by Locals
Sprinkled with Love
Spunky Girl Monologues
Squirrel Snackin
Stacey Snacks
Stacking Pennies
Stamp in progress
Starry-Eyed Travels
Start the Evolution Without Me
Starting Now it All Changes
Staying Sane in Spain
Steph and Stephen Take Chile
Steph’s Bite by Bite
Sternly Blunt
Steve McCurry
Stitch Craft
Stock Market Basics and Investings for Beginners
Stopping For Daisies
Stories and Scribbles
Stories of Conflict and Love
Stories of Conflict and Love
Stories Wagashi
Straight from the Curls
Straight Up With Olives
Stuck at the Airport
Stuck In Customs
Stuff From Ellen’s Head
Suburban Matron
Success Works
Successful Blog
Sugar & Spice
Sugar Buzz
Sugar Coated Sisters
Suitcase Entrepreneur
Sun[shine] and Stilettos
Sundodger Travels
Sunee sees the world
Sunshine & Siestas
Sunshine & Smile
Super Frugalette
Super Frugalette
Super Happy Awesome Fun Time with Sean and Alice
Surrounded by the Sound
Surviving in Japan
Susie Blackmom
Sustainable Personal Finance
Suzy Guese
SV Estrellita 5.10b
SW Graphic
Sweet & Savoury
Sweet and Sour Candi
Sweet aroma
Sweet Caroline’s Cooking
Sweet Little Sasquatch
Sweet Tater Blog
Sweet Tooth Runner

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