Photo Essay: 14 Incredible Airplane Meals from Around the World

by katie Sorene

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Do you hate airplane food? You might be in for a surprise. Check out these delicious airplane meals from across the globe and pray for an upgrade!

Do you dread airplane food?

Ever felt as disgusted as the author of the (now famous) Virgin complaint letter.

Ever wondered what’s being served up front?

Check out these 14 airplane meals from around the globe and pray there’s an upgrade coming your way!


1) Hong Kong Eggs

Cathay Pacific Taiwan to Hong Kong
Luke Lai

2) Miso in the Morning

Eva Airways Taiwan to Fukuoka
Luke Lai

3) Swiss Omlette

Leek omlette on Swiss Air


4) Japanese Lobster

Eva Airways Osaka to Taiwan
Luke Lai

5) First Class Mezze

Emirates Air Dubai to the Male, Maldives

6) Some Dim Sum

ANA Narita to London

7) Seafood Spaghetti

Eva Airways Sapporo to Taiwan
Luke Lai


8) Love Butter, Love the French

A selection of cheeses and a buttery meal. Air France Saigon to Paris.

9) Vitello Tonnato

Vitello tonnato, capers, dried dill, salmon tartar, smoked salmon, buttermilk mousse with kiwi sauce and fresh blackberry.
Lufthansa, Frankfurt to Manchester.

10) Mutton Korma

Mutton in a creamy cashew sauce, rice and cottage cheese curry. Emirates Air, Karachi to Dubai.

11) Portly Beef

Beef filet with herb crust, port, new potatoes, beans, shimeji mushroom and bell pepper.

Lufthansa, Narita to Frankfurt.



12) Raspberry Fool

One pretty cake: Eva Airways Osaka to Taiwan
Luke Lai

13) Molten Lava

Cheddar, Camembert, St Pauliln, chocolate lava cake, ice cream and fruits. Air Canada UK to US.

14) Cool Sorbet

Pear sorbet and caramel ice-cream duo. ANA, Narita to New York
Jun Seita.

What’s the best airplane meal you’ve ever had? Which airline serves the best food? Let us know!

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Note: All meals served in Business or First Class.

Main image: Hello Kitty takes to the skies by Luke Lai.

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10 comments… read them below or Add a Comment

Charles McCool

Beautiful meals. Just before lunch time for me. Now I am hungry–and want to take a trip.


Man, these meals look like restaurant meals! Thanks for sharing.

Vera Marie Badertscher

The most fantastic eating and drinking experience–more than just one meal– was on Taiwan’s China Airlines from LA to Taipei. Even better, I was not paying for the ticket in the nose of the plane. Champagne just kept coming, and food, food and more food. That was many years ago, though, so I can’t swear the experience is still the same.

Turkey's For Life

The Emirates Air Dubai photo wins for us. The mezes look gorgeous. Flights for us these days tend to be no frills – and no food! Looks like things have been improving of late. :)


Man, I think I fly the wrong routes or the wrong airlines :)

Mark H

I’d have thought asking about your favourite airline meal would be a bit like asking your favourite moment in the dentist’s chair. Saying that, some of these meals look pretty damn good.

Lindy H

Can I make a guess that these meals aren’t what you get in Economy (Coach) class?

Donna Hull

I became ill from the food one time on a Cathay Pacific flight. Maybe if I’d been in business rather than coach, it would not have happened. It’s been a while since I’ve had really good food on a business air flight. Even the service has declined from my first business flight ten years ago. Looks like I should be flying on Asian carriers or Emirates for the best meals.

Stephanie Sadler

Wow, a lot of it does look like restaurant food! I guess the best I’ve had on an airline is through Virgin Atlantic. Otherwise, nothing to write home about!


I’ve never seen anything remotely as decent served on an Air Canada flight ever. Usually their food is a processed lego set with your choice of ketchup or nothing.

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