Photo Essay: Colors of Israel

The flag may be blue and white but there are many more colors to be found in the land of milk of honey. Take a journey through the vibrant shades of Israel.

1) Food Market, Hatikva Neighbourhood, Tel Aviv

Look at the color of those pickled beets! Photo by gkamim

2) The Dead Sea

Aquamarine and a pastel pink are the colors of the world’s saltiest lake and lowest point on earth. Photo by bachmont

3) Israeli Salad

Cucumbers, tomatoes, onion and coriander. So simple. Photo by amacedo

4) Netanya Sunset

Stunning reds in the sky above Netanya. Photo by dynamon2001

5) Jerusalem Clothes Market

Wild colors on the jangley sarongs at this Jerusalem street bazaar. Photo by Ari Hahn

6) Shakshuka

Originating from Tunisia, you’ll find
eggs, tomatoes, onions and spices in this popular breakfast dish. Photo by amacedo

7) Praying at the Wailing Wall, Old City, Jerusalem

Religious women cover their heads at the Wailing Wall or “Kotel”
: the last remains of the Second temple constructed around 19 BCE by Herod the great and one of the most sacred sites in Judaism. Photo by kudumomo

8) Coastal Sky

White clouds against cobalt blue at Netanya beach during Fall. Photo by merezha

9) Dan Hotel, Tel Aviv

Built in 1953, the Dan Tel Aviv was the city’s first luxury hotel. The building’s rainbow design makes it a prominent seafront landmark. Photo by bmk12000

10) Crocs

Love them or hate them, the Crocs craze has taken off in Israel, bigtime. If you can’t beat them… Photo by ariwriter

11)  Nachalat Binyamin Street Market, Tel Aviv

A beautiful arts and crafts market where local artists sell their wares. Photo by Alona Praslov

12) Box of Etrogs

Special citrus fruits used during the Jewish festival of Sukkot. Photo by yanec

13) Acre Beach

One of the oldest cities in the world, Acre was founded c. 1500 BCE. Photo by lapidim

14) Tel Aviv Sunrise

The sun rises over the urban metropolis of Tel Aviv. If you look closely you can spot the solar water heaters on the roofs. Photo by Exothermic

15) Poppy Field

A dog amongst the poppies at Hof HaSharon National Park. Photo by gkamin

16) Jaffa Bride

It can only be white for this bride snapped in the ancient port city of Jaffa. Photo by canonsnapper

17) The Red Sea, Eilat

Blue and green in the Red Sea, by the seaside town of Eilat. Photo by pazavi

18) Vintage Clothes Store, Tel Aviv

Citizens of Tel Aviv, or “Telavivis
” have their fingers on the pulse when it comes to fashion. Photo by Jerrold

19) Fresh Fruit Juice

Freshly squeezed juice and pomegranates in Tel Aviv’s Carmel Market. Citrus fruits are still a major agricultural export of Israel. Photo by YaelBeeri

20) Retro Beach Scene

Israeli beach scene shot in 2008, but it could easily be the 1950’s. Photo by ‘m x b c h r

21) Florentine Street Art

The southern Tel Aviv neighbourhood of Florentin has a hip atmosphere inviting comparisons with New York’s SoHo and Lower East Side. Photo by Simply Boaz

22) Box Tower

The photographer said “something about it wanted to be photographed”. That’s as good a reason as any! Photo by fivethree

23) Masada

A tiny moon in the dawn sky over Masada. Photo by tunnelarmr

What were your impressions of Israel? Let me know by posting up your comments below.

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Main image: Dome of the Rock, Old City, Jerusalem by irose_iroared

9 thoughts on “Photo Essay: Colors of Israel”

  1. Wow, so many bright and vivid colors – that shot of the Dead Sea looks almost just like a blended pastel piece of art with those colors!

  2. I love colorful people and things! Israel appears to be a place filled with both. Perhaps I will be lucky enough to make it there someday soon.

  3. I LOVE Israel. It was one of the first countries I visited, and it has such a special place in my heart. These photos are certainly colorful and show what depth the country has.

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