Photo Essay: Dogs on Vacation

Since dogs have become family members and pawed their way into our hearts, it may be hard to think about leaving them at home when you head out on vacation. It certainly can be challenging to bring your dog along if you plan to fly across the world.

It is possible, though, to take a pet to many countries as long as you know the country’s immigration rules (a good site to check for this information is

Flying within your own country is easier; just be sure to leave enough time between your pet’s last feeding and embarking on the plane and bring along an a pee pad, just in case.

Driving to your destination makes taking your cutie with you a bit easier, since you can stop and go as you please. Make sure to add extra time to your trip so that breaks at rest stops don’t need to be rushed.

If you put a little bit of preparation into your vacation that includes Fido, it can make the getaway even more fulfilling. Why? Because most dogs love new exploring new places, running on beaches and napping on cobblestones.

Don’t believe us? Well, just check out the photos below and you’ll be convinced.

1) Gordon’s Bay, South Africa

Can’t wait to get there! Photo by mallix.

An snow white hound shows his fun-loving spirit as he and his owner head to the beach on the Western Cape in South Africa. Why don’t humans enjoy the wind as much as dogs do?

2) Zlarino, Croatia

Ah, heaven. Photo by Ivana Vasilj.

This vacation is a lazy one for Ares in Zlarino, Croatia. Sure is nice to be close to the beach!

3) Lake Bowen, South Carolina

Make sure you get my ears in the picture! Photo by teviep187.

Simone makes sure her ears are pointed due north during a lake trip in South Carolina. She’s the ultimate pet guide.

4) Paris, France

I can see what you are doing from my 3rd-story flat. Photo by Werner Kunz.

Only during a vacation in France would a dog be peeking out of an old office window and looking down fiercely at the people walking below. He just adds to the romantic French feeling.

5) Morro Bay, California

We’ve got American pride while keeping the sun out of our eyes. Photo by kindamagic289.

It’s the all-American vacation to California corgis Triscuit and Kipper, complete with beach, mountains, and sand. Don’t forget your American flag-covered hats.

6) East End Beach, Portland, Maine

Do I look okay? Too much hair in my eyes? Photo by Hav n Knit Lover.

On the other side of the country, we have a shaggy puppy enjoying the cool, rocky beaches of Maine, with plenty of time to go sniffing around later in the day.

7) Devon, UK

This is what I get for trying to be a good companion. Merry Christmas. Photo by Justin Beckley.

Christmas Eve in the UK necessitates this basset hound gets in the spirit, whether he likes it or not.

8) San Juan Islands

Being sailboat captain is the best! Photo by Jim Larson.

We know who the real canine in charge is here in San Juan Islands.

9) Tel Aviv, Israel

Dancing in the waves.

Jessie riding the waves in Tel Aviv, Israel where there’s even a dedicated dog beach.

10) Hanapepe, Hawaii

Yes, ma’am, I’m in charge here. Photo by pberry.

Who leads the way when you get to a new tropical place? Why Fido, of course. He is already enjoying the clean Hawaiian air.

11) St. Simons Island, Georgia

I’m officially ready for the beach. Photo by ralph and jenny.

Dogs like to be prepared when they are about to hit the water, too. This dog in St. Simons Island, GA, knows where his sunscreen is located at all times.

12) Santorini, Greece

These stones are so nice and cold. Photo by _hillary.

Is there a better place in the world for a dog to visit than the Greek islands? The pace of life is slow and there are so many good napping spots.

13) Osaka, Japan

Is it time to go home already? Photo by Andrew Wong MPLS.

After all the traveling fun, even the youngest member of the family is ready to head home.

14) Huntington Beach, California

Smiling for the camera. Photo by _tar0_.

Taro the Shiba relaxing in his vacation home backyard at Huntington Beach where he caught up with old pals at the annual shibapalooza meet-up.

15) Grundlsee, Austria

Just wading his feet. Photo by Quasimondo.

James enjoying the fresh water lakes of Grundleee, Austria with his eyes raised up to the mountains.

16) Olympic National Park, Washington

Jumpin’ for joy. Photo by halcyonsnow.

Overjoyed to be on vacation, this well-dressed doggie has a spring in his step!

Have you got photos of your dog on vacation? Got a blog? Post them up and tweet at #dogsonvacation.

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Main photo: Showing the American spirit by kindamagic289.

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  1. LOVE the photos and, yes, our four-legged friends are great traveling pals and global canines. Now, we just need to find some resources for cat lovers (like us). Thanks for sharing.

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