Road Trip Planner and Driving Trips

Looking for a road trip planner or ideas for your driving trip? By popular demand, Tripbase is pleased to announce the arrival of our brand new road trip planner that will help you find the best driving trips for your next vacation.
You can set your parameters either by driving mileage (how many miles you want to go) or by time in hours and then get driving trip ideas based on the things you like, where you want to go and your budget.

So why take a road trip?
We’ll give you 3 good reasons.

1. Road trips are better for the environment than flying

Road trip vacation planning, thanks to greater environmental awareness, is becoming more and more popular. People are choosing to go on greener vacations by staying closer to home and taking road trips instead of flying. According to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, even a road trip from coast to coast (around 3,000 miles) releases fewer greenhouse gases than flying. This is because the greenhouse gases released by airplanes do more damage than those released by vehicles lower to the ground and contain additional harmful gases, like methane and nitrous oxide.

Let’s take a look at one example. If a family of four drove from Atlanta to Los Angeles, the emissions would be about 300 grams per mile, around 900 kilograms for the round-trip road trip.
This translates into about 225 kg of carbon emissions per person. For a long-haul flight, the emissions released are calculated at about 180 grams per mile per passenger.

So if you took a round-trip flight across the country (about 2,700 miles), your emissions would be close to one ton per person! That’s almost four times as much as driving provided you are sharing the car. Shorter flights are even less efficient so you release even more carbon emissions on flights with lower mileage. Planning to visit family in Ohio? Don’t pollute the environment with flights to Cleveland, take a road trip!

2. Road trips are cheaper than flying

Beyond being better for the environment, road trips are often cheaper than flying — especially
if you’re in a group. Even with gas at all-time highs, road trips for more than one person are
still more economical than flying because higher fuel costs have also affected airline ticket prices.

For a round-trip road trip across the country, you will spend about $850 (gas is calculated at $4 a gallon).
Now, if it’s just one person, it’s cheaper to fly since you can buy round-trip airline tickets for
about $450. But if at least two people are on the road trip, it’s cheaper to drive. If you’re driving somewhere within a short flight from home, it’s almost always cheaper to drive.
For families and those traveling in groups, the savings are even greater.

3. Road Trips and driving trips are fun

This may be the best reason of all. If you’ve never been on a road trip or a driving trip, you’ve missed out. All those hours in the car along the open road give you a chance to stop in stunning national parks and cool cities across the country. Or, if you’re going somewhere close to home, it’s a chance to discover a new place in a completely different way than just flying in and out. Just imagine all the streets and highways waiting to be discovered!

A road trip is also a great way to spend quality time with the whole family or go on a romantic adventure with your partner. And with so many different driving trip possibilities, the options are practically endless. As an added bonus, you won’t have to wait in long lines at the airport, deal with extra charges for every ounce of luggage or get frustrated by hours going through security.

So for your next vacation, why not consider taking your time and driving to your destination?
Visit Tripbase’s road trip planner to find driving trip ideas that cater to you.

In our upcoming blogs, we’re going to be writing about specific driving trip ideas — including
the best California road trips and cross country road trips as well as great motorcycle and rv driving trips.

To read a detailed scientific study commissioned by the climate care organization that
provides a great explanation about how aviation greenhouse gas emissions are calculated visit:

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