Photo Essay: The History of Air Travel

From the first drawings of Leonardo da Vinci to the concept of modern-day space flights, air travel has come a long way.

Modern air travel’s safety and accessibility are greatly indebted to aviation’s long history of experiments, failures, accidents and deaths.

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Will the Recession Cause More Airline Disasters?

Last month, Capt. Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger (a fine graduate of my alma mater, the USAF Academy) took a very courageous stand in his testimony before Congress following the “Miracle on the Hudson.”  Sully told of the worsening conditions in the airline industry in regard to compensation and retention. One of the most cogent comments he made was “I do not know a single pilot who would counsel their children to choose a profession in the airline industry.”  Let me relay my own story and relate it to the tapestry Sully weaves.

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