Hippies, Hashish and Banana Pancakes: The History of Backpacking

Over the years, backpacking has become a popular rite of passage for many young adults. But some claim that backpacking has fallen the way of other heavily marketed travel niches and become too packaged and formulized.

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35 Things You Never Knew About Afghanistan

Afghanistan has been in the news for years but how much do you really know about this country?

It’s a beautiful land with a diverse population that we know so little about. Here are 35 facts to give you a glimpse into the Afghanistan beyond the War on Terror.

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What’s Best for our Kids? 11 School Lunches from around the World

Ever wonder what children are eating for lunch across the world? Take a look at these 11 very different school lunches and learn some fascinating insights into kids’ school lives across the globe.

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