Top 10 Children’s Tales Set in Magical Lands

From rabbit holes to magical trains, here’s a list of 10 children’s stories that will inspire your children to take intrepid journeys of their own.

Battles, adventure, fantastic lands and magical creatures await you and your children when you read any one of these classic tales. The heroes and heroines of these amazing stories travel by wardrobe, rabbit hole, flying bed, train, and tornado, and the places they go are even more impressive.

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My Favorite 80’s Superheroes and the Fictional Places I wish I Could Visit

Superheroes in the 80s not only made us want to fight crime, but also inspired us to want to travel to different planets and other galaxies. Here are some of our favorite superheroes and places from that magical decade.

With The Smurfs film recently opening at the box office, memories of magical lands and intriguing destinations from the ’80s have flooded back to us.

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