Don’t Make These 7 Mistakes Traveling in Dangerous Areas

“You’re going where?! Wow, that’s brave.”

How many times have you gotten this response after mentioning an upcoming trip? For some people, any trip abroad sounds scary, but certain places might be labeled “extreme travel,” even by the people who choose to go there.

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Photo Essay: The History of Air Travel

From the first drawings of Leonardo da Vinci to the concept of modern-day space flights, air travel has come a long way.

Modern air travel’s safety and accessibility are greatly indebted to aviation’s long history of experiments, failures, accidents and deaths.

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35 Things You Never Knew About Afghanistan

Afghanistan has been in the news for years but how much do you really know about this country?

It’s a beautiful land with a diverse population that we know so little about. Here are 35 facts to give you a glimpse into the Afghanistan beyond the War on Terror.

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My Favorite 80’s Superheroes and the Fictional Places I wish I Could Visit

Superheroes in the 80s not only made us want to fight crime, but also inspired us to want to travel to different planets and other galaxies. Here are some of our favorite superheroes and places from that magical decade.

With The Smurfs film recently opening at the box office, memories of magical lands and intriguing destinations from the ’80s have flooded back to us.

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Most Mathematically Interesting Buildings in the World (7 More)

If you’re into Math and you’re into Architecture then this is the post for you. See which buildings made the hit-list for the most mathematically interesting places across the world, take a trip and go see them for yourself.

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8 Books to Teach Your Kids About the World

Want to get your kids as excited about travel as you are? Here are 8 books that will teach them about far-off cultures and lands and make them feel like they are right next door.

It doesn’t take much to get you excited about the big wide world, but what about your kids?

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Photo Essay: 14 Incredible Airplane Meals from Around the World

Do you hate airplane food? You might be in for a surprise. Check out these delicious airplane meals from across the globe and pray for an upgrade!

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8 Edible Flowers from around the World

If you’re longing to travel but haven’t got the time or money, try incorporating these edible flowers into your next meal. You’ll get to experience the scent, taste and beauty of somewhere else without leaving your dinner table!

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What’s Best for our Kids? 11 School Lunches from around the World

Ever wonder what children are eating for lunch across the world? Take a look at these 11 very different school lunches and learn some fascinating insights into kids’ school lives across the globe.

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