5 Disappointing Historical Sites around the World

You’ve traveled miles to stand before a historical site but now that it’s before you, all you can muster is a sinking feeling of disappointment. Sadly, some sites do not live up to our expectations, whether our hopes are too high or the surroundings dim the amazement.

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14 Lost Travel Traditions I Wish They’d Bring Back

A number of travel traditions have been forgotten or discarded over the years, and while we won’t be wishing for a return to the days of covered wagons or smoking sections on airplanes, there are a handful of lost travel traditions I’d love to see rescued from obscurity.

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Don’t Make These 6 Mistakes in Rome

Rome is one of the most remarkable cities in the world. From the ancient Colosseum to the Vatican, Rome deserves the millions of visitors that flock to her decadently marbled streets each year.

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Photo Essay: The History of Air Travel

From the first drawings of Leonardo da Vinci to the concept of modern-day space flights, air travel has come a long way.

Modern air travel’s safety and accessibility are greatly indebted to aviation’s long history of experiments, failures, accidents and deaths.

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35 Things You Never Knew About Afghanistan

Afghanistan has been in the news for years but how much do you really know about this country?

It’s a beautiful land with a diverse population that we know so little about. Here are 35 facts to give you a glimpse into the Afghanistan beyond the War on Terror.

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8 Most Inspiring American Speeches of All Time (and Where They Took Place)

Famous speeches can elevate a mere tourist destination into a place of historical significance. Take a trip to see where these iconic words were first uttered and relive some of the most inspirational moments in American history.

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