10 Volunteer Programs to Improve Your Leadership Skills

Vacation is nice, but have you considered volunteering abroad?

Volunteering can make you more employable, enhance your potential as a manager and give you an insight into a culture that a mere tourist wouldn’t get.

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Want to be a part of Obama’s inauguration? Go for free.

Obama Hope Poster, 2008 Presidential Campaign

Whether you’re a Republican or a Democrat, if you’re a patriot, any presidential inauguration is an exciting event. The inauguration of Barak Obama is a momentous occasion. The 2008 presidential campaign was one of the most polarizing and gripping campaigns that the country has witnessed. Obama is taking the reins during a very difficult—and very critical—time in both American and world history. Obama’s entrance into the oval office represents the ending of an era… and the beginning of a new one.

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Best Family Vacation Destinations in the U.S.

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