10 Volunteer Programs to Improve Your Leadership Skills

Vacation is nice, but have you considered volunteering abroad?

Volunteering can make you more employable, enhance your potential as a manager and give you an insight into a culture that a mere tourist wouldn’t get.

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7 Paris Myths Debunked

Ahh the city of love, the city for lovers…the smelly city?

When I was 16 I went to France for the summer to learn French and had some reservations when we spent the final week in Paris. But I quickly learned that a lot of the cultural stereotypes I had heard simply weren’t true.

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Hotels Specializing in Nap-time

You know the feeling – you’ve been traveling for an eternity, you’re completely whacked, all you want is to drift off into a blissful snooze before catching your next flight.

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10 surefire ways to piss off the locals

Reclining Budhha Bangkok Thailand

It seems innocent enough—you found a fantastic green hat at the market and want to give it to a Chinese friend or host as way of expressing gratitude for his boundless hospitality. Don’t do it! Giving a green hat to a Chinese man is the equivalent of calling him a cuckold… not only does this insult him, it also insults his wife.

Argentina and Chile
The simple act of pouring a glass of wine is fraught with nuances that are unknown to the uninitiated. No matter how much you want to refill the glass of the gorgeous woman or man next to you, this is a task that is best left to the host… otherwise you could make a major faux pas (and ruin your chances with the subject of admiration for good).

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6 reasons to never, ever travel

Feeding Area Thailand

We talk about traveling a lot—with each other, with our friends, with our families. Some of us have had some serious adventures (see my posts on Syria) and face questions when we return home: how could you have done that? How could you have gone there?

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Want to be a part of Obama’s inauguration? Go for free.

Obama Hope Poster, 2008 Presidential Campaign

Whether you’re a Republican or a Democrat, if you’re a patriot, any presidential inauguration is an exciting event. The inauguration of Barak Obama is a momentous occasion. The 2008 presidential campaign was one of the most polarizing and gripping campaigns that the country has witnessed. Obama is taking the reins during a very difficult—and very critical—time in both American and world history. Obama’s entrance into the oval office represents the ending of an era… and the beginning of a new one.

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Sitting out the recession in India

Ajanta Buddhist caves, India

Tripbase received an email from a friend recently: “I’m sorry to say I got laid off this week,” he wrote. Our friend explained that the company he worked for needed to trim 300,000 US dollars from its budget, and his position was one of many that were eliminated. “HR and I signed some paperwork,” he said, “and that was that.”

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Traveler’s Karma: a story from India

Cow in street, Mumbai, India

It was my last day in India, and I’d just had lunch with an Indian friend. As I was walking back towards my hostel, I noticed a foreigner standing in the middle of the sidewalk—a rock in a river of pedestrian traffic. He wore raggedy khaki shorts, a green t-shirt with the collar cut out, and brown sandals. His dark curly hair was messy and the shirt was askew—one side of the collar all the way against his neck, the other falling off his shoulder. He was glistening with sweat and he looked obviously distressed.

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Road Trip Planner and Driving Trips

Looking for a road trip planner or ideas for your driving trip? By popular demand, Tripbase is pleased to announce the arrival of our brand new road trip planner that will help you find the best driving trips for your next vacation.
You can set your parameters either by driving mileage (how many miles you want to go) or by time in hours and then get driving trip ideas based on the things you like, where you want to go and your budget.

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Family Vacation Ideas and Family Vacation Travel Abroad

Family vacation travel can be a challenge to plan—especially if you’ve done Orlando and you’re tired of the local beach. Maybe you’re just looking for some exciting family vacation ideas for the upcoming family vacation and you want to travel far and away. We here at Tripbase decided to put together a list of the best family vacation travel destinations.

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