20 Sure-Fire Ways to Screw up Your Labor Day Road Trip

Hitting the road this Labor Day? Steer clear of road-trip hell by checking out these 20 common holiday driving blunders and get it right this year!

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Desperately Seeking to Recover Deleted Photos! (“Saving Private Photo”).

Mohamed al Amin mosque (Hariri mosque), Beirut, Lebanon

I recently took a two week trip to Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria.

No trip to Jordan is complete, of course, without a stop at Petra. One of the most interesting and beautiful sites in a region that is absolutely overflowing with historical sites, Petra is also one of the most picturesque. Shutterbug that I am, I got up extra early to head to Petra before the crowds did. I was in luck– the place was nearly empty and the lighting was beautiful.

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