Top 10 Cleanest Streets in the World

Are you a clean freak? Maintain your high standards on the road with these 10 super shiny cities, ideal for a germ-free vacation!

Cleanest Streets

Proper traveling involves getting dirty.

You won’t always have access to the facilities you’re used to at home. And it’s only when we’re truly filthy do we appreciate being clean.

But if the thought of wallowing in dirt brings you out in a cold sweat, then you’d be well advised to seek out travel destinations renowned for cleanliness.

Check out this list of the 10 Cleanest Streets in the World:

Eat your dinner off the sidewalk!

1. Calgary, Canada

2. Honolulu, Hawaii

3. Helsinki, Finland

4. Ottawa, Canada

5. Minneapolis, US

6. Oslo, Norway

7. Stockholm, Sweden

8. Zurich, Switzerland

9. Katsuyama, Japan

10. Bern, Switzerland

Been to any of these places? Could you eat your dinner off the sidewalk? Post up your comments below, we want to hear from you!

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List taken from World’s Cleanest Cities.

39 thoughts on “Top 10 Cleanest Streets in the World”

  1. I’m really glad to see Ottawa, Canada on this list. It’s my hometown, so I’m a bit biased. It’s very green and very clean!

    My husband and I spend a lot of time in Minneapolis when we’re in the States. It’s a lovely city.

    I also agree with Aye. Singapore should also be on this list. It’s super-clean!

  2. The research was conducted by Mercer Consulting – 25 countries on the full list and nope, no Singapore.

    The study is a few years old though, when was the ban introduced?

  3. Wow, this is definitely an interesting collection of the cleanest streets in the world. I agree with many of the selections. But I was shocked to hear that Calgary was chosen as no. 1!

  4. Been to Bern, Zurich, Stockholm and quite a lot cities in Japan….

    but NONE are as clean as Singapore (though Bern may be close)! That city is immaculate.


  5. stockholm is squeaky-clean during the week, but the partying on the weekends can take its’ toll–however, come monday morning, it’s like nothing ever happened. magic!

  6. I’ve been to Calgary several times, it’s clean but I wouldn’t eat my dinner off the street. Of course I wouldn’t do that anyways.

  7. I live in Calgary and I agree that all visitors friends and relatives who came here always appreciated the cleanliness here. Yes definitely can eat the dinner off the sidewalk. :)

  8. Lived in Calgary and Ottawa. Both nice, clean cities. But the cleanest? I dunno, I’ve seen several European cities that are as clean, if not cleaner. I guess the ‘ol fudge-factor must be hard at work, eh?

  9. Hello everyone ,

    I have recently been to Malaysia and Singapore on a tour and I can definitely say that Singapore is really a clean and green city and country. Really worth visiting .

  10. I’m from Bombay, India and I know my city or country will never figure on this list. But I do eat on the side-walks of Bombay (of course, not off them!!!) and I figure it does its bit to boost up my immunity, acting as a sort of vaccine by feeding me small doses everyday…. love it!

  11. No and never any Indian city can make in even in 1000 clean cities for the reason that Indians do not have civic sense. Tobacco pouches, cigarettes, plastic bags everywhere! Indian cities are nightmare. Moreover, slums of Indian cities are what genital warts for miss universe! I have been to Singapore and liked the city, planning and greenery! Cleanliness of course!

  12. Just came back from Oslo. It has a really dirty downtown (around Central Station), with alot of graffitti and beggars!!! Maybe it will get cleaned up when the weather is warmer, but as of now… it is much dirtier than most European cities I have visited. It is a shame, because I wanted to like Oslo’s downtown, but couldn’t enjoy it.

  13. Since I work in airline industry I have visited many countries but I was really mesmerised by super clean streets of Singapore.Before one does the conclusion on cleanest cities one must visit Singapore with out any doubts it is the cleanest City in the world with super clean Streets.

  14. Calgary IS the cleanest City in the world – by far actually – when ALL factors are considered. From air quality to recycling, from water management to energy efficiency. I have traveled to most of the Cities mentioned in this list and lived in a number of them (Montreal, Calgary, Vancouver, Boston, Zurich etc…), each having its own distinct charms and benefits or drawbacks. Only Montreal faces the challenges Calgary does… imagine a City where crews spread gravel and salt (literally dirt) on its own streets by the thousands of tons in order to ensure traction on icy conditions and yet clean it all up in almost zero time to have its every street swept and each sidewalk as clean as new…. Now that is admirable…! And I agree that Singapore’s exclusion is inexcusable.

  15. I’ve lived, worked and/or vacationed in all the cities mentioned except Minneapolis. I live in Ottawa, and I can assure you it’s not a clean city. There is always a loot of garbage on the streets (mostly cans, junk food wraps, cigarette buds, plastic bottles) even though the trash can is within arm’s reach. Singapore has to be number one. Most of the Taiwan as well. I could eat off the floor in the metro stations. Worked and visited Calgary and I wouldn’t place it in this list. Bern is very clean (but smoking is permitted in restaurants still). I travelled everywhere in Japan except Hokkaido, and it’s so clean (I love the bus, taxi drivers and their white gloves); store owners are always washing their stores and sidewalks. I love the cleanness of Oslo, Stockholm and Helsinki as well.

  16. Ottawa? Are you joking? I lived there for a year and was shocked how dirty it was. Just walk along the Bank Street or Rideau Street. And what you see? Dirt, beggers and junk. You get on the bus full of newspapers on the floor, which people throw after reading. You can not compare Ottawa with any Scandinavian or Swiss cities. It is a gap between them.

  17. I visited Zurich for a day, and it is amazing. Spotlessly clean, without any garbage in the streets or pavements. Without any stinking walls or parapets. Unlike in Indian cities, where it is full of garbage lying here and there, and people spit wherever they like, and the side walls stink with smell of urine.

  18. A city with a sparser population would likely have less trash on the roads. Population density may have to be considered too for this ranking to be fair and realistic. How densely populated is Calgary? Singapore is one of most densely populated cities in the world. Being in the equatorial region, it has the privilege to be evergreen throughout the year. The very lush trees and plants right in the centre of the city enhances the feeling of cleaniness. It deserves to be in position 9 or 10 at least.

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