Top 10 Happiest Countries in the World

Money, love, freedom – happiness means something different to everyone. But where in the world are we most likely to find it??


I often wonder if certain countries are simply happier than others. Yes, is the answer to this question!

Check out this list of the Top 10 Happiest Countries in the World, based on a recent study.*

And if you fancy setting off on a quest for true happiness, our tip is to head for northern Europe…

Who is the Happiest of Them All?

1.    Denmark
2.    Finland
3.    Netherlands
4.    Sweden
5.    Ireland
6.    Canada
7.    Switzerland
8.    New Zealand
9.    Norway
10.  Belgium

Been to any of these countries? Was everyone on happy pills? Got more recommendations for happy countries??

Post up your comments below, we want to hear from you!

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Photo: Happy people in Denmark by Flottenheimer

*List taken from happiness research conducted by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development.

175 thoughts on “Top 10 Happiest Countries in the World”

  1. Well I have to say I had a friend from Copenhagen and she certainly was a happy soul!!

  2. So far I’ve been to Denmark, Switzerland, and Norway and lived in Sweden for the most part of my life. All of these countries are happy! I’m surprised there are no countries in South America on the list.

  3. I wonder who did this survey!! how come Australia is not on the list?
    It has been voted the 3rd happiest country on earth..

  4. Hi Milton,

    It depends which survey you’re referring to. This one was done by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development.

    Each one produces different results!


  5. hi to all ! in my idea the happiest country in the world is where we can to spend our best time with our freinds. i am from Afghanistan and i think here is the best place to live and it is one of the happiest country in the world.

  6. Well reading all the comments i guess, no can can be completely happy all the time, ups n downs are part of this life. I m a PAkistani n i believe that PAKISTAN is one of the happiest countries of the world, coz in worst conditions we feel easy n safe n be happy.
    We have Asia’s Switzerland here in PAK name as SWAAT, World’s Second Highest peak K2, World’s highest Railway Station n many more…
    We Always live happy n our hospitality is on top according to a survey in 2007.
    so For me PAKISTAN is world’s happiest n best country.

  7. Finland is far from being a happy nation, it has the second suicide rate in the world.
    Finland has the highest domestic related murders in the world.
    two years in a row, students open fire at the students in a classroom, killing dozens.
    old people are found dead in their flats many years later.
    (Finland holds the world record with 5 years !)
    Finns live isolated, don’t express their emotions, down town Helsinki, it is normal to see people drunk and wasted.

    Depression reachs its Max. during long dark and cold winters.

  8. I have travelled a lot in the world and I agree with this list. I am Indian myself but if you ask me, most people in India, Pakistan, Brazil are just miserable. Do not fall for the media hype about Brazil. People in North Western Europe seem to the happiest of all to me. But not big cities like London though.

  9. In my experience Scandinavian countries should always be on top. People from this part of the world are alway happy and have no worries. Full time happy. But concerning each and everyone then its come to home land and ofcourse everyone love his/her nation and think about it to the happiest place from them in the world. For me its my lovely lovely Pakistan, strange to the world but its a part of existence.

  10. I think Brazil is missing in the list, despite the social problems we have, we are the place where there spirit of the carnival truly lives.

  11. wow!!! out of 97 countries Nigeria is on the top 30…its sound good. thereafter, if nigerians are happy on this type of condition and lack of good rullers i think when they would gain there freedom they most become “THE MOST HAPPIEST IN WORLD” i promise you that.

  12. though most of the Indians are poor and some are the richest in the world, Indians I think are the most happiest people on this planet. I have been to Inida and lived there and I have seen people with so much positive thinking and smiles everywhere.

  13. The wealthy or middle class educated in India may be happy, yes.. but the huge majority of the nation has dirt poor, starving, people who are oppressed by the ones at the top. India is one of the worst nations on earth when it comes to classism and racism- calling certain members of their very own people “untouchables”. India certainly is not even close to the happiest nation on earth, and rightly so. The US doesnt make the top 10 either, because in my opinion, weve become a nation of lazy couch potatoes that sit glued in front of our TVs, promoting capitalism as God’s holy word get rich at whomever’s expense, spending too much time on Republics vs. Democrats, and not enough time appreciating all of our friends and neighbors, regardless of political or religious views, reading books, and getting up off our lazy fat backsides….

  14. INDIA : Of COURSE the happiest people in the world.
    The Governments wash away more than a billion dollars of loans – passing the bucks to honest taxpayers just to garner votes – and they are happy.
    People attack their own countrymen and tell them to go back to their own states because they don’t belong to their City – and the city actually Votes & supports such Swines to come to power – and they are happy.
    Girls are regularly raped in Full Public view & Running Trains – while people merely oogle at this shame- no wonder they are happy.
    Among the top in corruption, highest road accidents, maximum ransom kidnappings – Ahh we are indeed proud & happy Indians.

  15. People in India may not be rich but even in that much amount they live more happily and do good, they are keen to get their kids educated and will spend more money on luxuries if they can afford them.
    Thats why some of the Indians are so rich.

  16. Ireland is by far the happiest country….and I have travelled all over the world. As for Julie’s statement about. What a stupid and rascist comment. In Ireland it rains, but no more than half, or more, countries that I have been to. Would you prefer the Sahara, where people are begging for water? What a silly a comment. And as for the beer. I have been all over the world and Irish people drink no more than most countries I have been too. What a rascist comment. I travel all over the world – ALL of Latin America, India, most of Africa, All of europe, India and much of Asia, most of Oceania – and Ireland is definitely the friendliest, happiest, and warmest that I have ever been to.

  17. I’m Maldivian and I’ve been to like almost every country in the world and in my opinion, I must reiterate that this is only my opinion; Japan is definitely the most disciplined and friendliest.

  18. wonder who did this survey!! how come India(Great India) is not on the list?
    It has been voted the 3rd happiest country on earth..

  19. I like what Nomadic Matt said in that he liked to think he was the happiest country to live, so that is my quest to be the happiest country! Dosent matter where you go as long as your happy with yourself, then I would love to see the wonders God has made! Sweden, Scotland and Ireland high on my list though.

  20. Asking someone how happy they are will get you slightly different answers in different cultures. Some people have a bigger need to tell themselves – and others – that they are happy. Others don’t necessarily value “happiness” so highly, depending on the cultural connotations (also language related). It also matters how your phrase the question of course.

    But yes, these countries roughly represent decent societies in my opinion.

  21. hi @eugge ! I am an indian. I am saying OK india is not in the world top 10 counties list. But the point wich you raised that is very smaller part of india. IN india more than 99 % of marriages goes at the end of life not like most of the country where people not able to continue marrige life even for one year. Our families are very big. In most of the indian families all people (brother, mother, father, paternal uncle, grandfather … ) all live together happily. Not like english country where even mother and son are not able to live together after son marriage. We have hindu, muslim, sikh, christian , buddist and many others live happily together. India have more 200 festival to celebrate, They celebrate every day.

  22. If India is such a great place to live, and people are so happy, then why do so many of them leave to come to english speaking countries like the UK and Canada…?

  23. well,although the list dont seem to be accurate…but including many problems,daily threats of terrorism and no stable economy…i bet Pakistan is the best.pakistanis never look down upon the poor,they respect everyone,they are kind hearted,caring,lovely and beautiful people.i have lived in Pakistan and never ever bored a single day because of love and frankness of pakistani people.there is a kind of slogan i must say for pakistan that they believe in “DONT WORRY BE HAPPY”..pakistan should be the happiest country in the world.


  25. u see in a game of chess i have 4 powers and 8 pawns and you have 4 powers and 1 pawn. who is winning.

    i know a majority in india are poor(pawns) and uneducated but.
    for a given unit of land – we have more good looking, smarter and wealthier members(powers).

    a dog ,cow, horse in india is skinnier han a dog,cow or a horse of european breed. doesnt mean european cows r happier.

    when u take a population and inject GOODNESS in it – the population expands but genrally not physically tougher.
    but in a cold harsh place like europe – only lesser population can be accomodated and living is quite harsh – thats why u find tough guys in the west and indians are genrally just happy and less martial.

    taking into last 5000 yrs. indias wealth was so abundatnt for the earlier 3000 yrs. medium btween 100 to 1100 th century and quite bad in the last 400 yrs – wiki- list of countries by past GDP.

    besides we have the best attitude , family structure and principles that makes us the happiest people on earth.

    in the not so near future we will be back to becomin rich – at which time you will kiss upto us and not the other way around

  26. New Zealand definitely. Guys remember just cause your happy in your country doesn’t mean everyone else is. USA definitely not! It may be a great country but still have thousands homeless while NZ has barely any because we are socialist and not rich selfish capitalists.

  27. my country is the happiest all i know, they smile when theres a storm, they smile when they dont have anything to eat, they are happy to help others, they are happy to say hi hello gud am gud pm merry christmas etc…TRY AND FEEL THE PHILIPPINES

  28. Nigerians are definitely one of the happiest people on earth. Despite the corruption in the government, poverty, poor health infrastructures, poor education, they still forge ahead believing without a waiver of faith that tomorrow holds more and will be better so they keep up a smiling face to combat the many odds around. The are certainly the happiest!

  29. I am sorry everyone, has anyone been to or heard of Costa Rica, the little country in Central America. They themselves says ” Pura Vida” so I don’t knooowww!!! No army, very peaceful, and prostitution is legal. I think they need to check their surveys if you ask me. But then again I just a Tico nickname for costarrican. Oh well! so long everyone and remember Pura Vida my friends. Oh! a perfect example take me for instance, call me and you will see how nice of people we are at ( five six one) 7 zero 3- three 5 two six. Talk to then, hasta luego!

  30. The Philippines is a poor, corrupt country, and every cruise i have ever been on has had people from the philippines talking bout how they had to leave their country and work on cruises to earn enough money to live. and india… lol. how do you measure happiness? if giant masses of poor starving homeless children is happy than yea, maybe india does win. ive been most everywhere in the world and to be honest most european countries seem happiest to me. ireland and denmark and switzerland seemed like the most happy to me. when i went to switzerland every single person seemed to be smiling and happy and carefree. many people also overlook tiny Liechtenstein which is also an incredibly happy little nation.

  31. hi..i’m from the islands of the philippines.

    keep me wondering why people keep saying so and so are the happiest countries on earth. on what condition we must consider make us feel and say that we are living in the happiest country or place on earth? where exactly on earth is the happiest place to live in?

    i think the happiest country in the world is where my home no matter under what circumstances be it in the east, west, north and/or south.

    just my opinion. thanks for the wonderful blog. keep it up.

  32. I realy think this list is very bias i don’t beleive cold bitter northern europe is even the happiest place in europe i believe the southern europeans counties are much happier like spain and greece and how could not one latin american country not make that list like spain and portugal those countries culture of living life to the fullest and the care free hispanic/latino life style the passion of our people is unmatched LATIN AMERICA and SOUTHERN EUROPE are the happiest places in the world

  33. NO WAY yemen is the happiest country in this world just ask any body if u want to make sure!!!

  34. No way!! We have drunk midgets in my country of kazakstan and I am the happiest person on earth!

  35. well I dont know if wee should be on the top of the list, but i know that Denmark is a great country and im proud to call myself danish. So eventhough we have the highest tax rate of the world as well, wee still smile when we give away our money to the people who need them more than we do.
    But i cant see why Finland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden shouldent have the same score, these scandinavian countrys are as symilar as different countrys can be.
    Scandinavia rocks!!

  36. Finally,Ireland gets credit if being one of the happiest country in the world.Lots of people forgot about Ireland all the time which makes me disappointed.Ferx is right,Ireland sure rains a lot,but since the Earth is warming up,lots of people in Africa need rain to produce food.Also Ireland is famous for it’s beer,but that doesn’t mean Ireland has a lot of drunk people.Most drinkers in Ireland only drink one 500 ml of beer a week,I seen other nations that has drinkers that get drunk.So Julie was proved wrong by Ferx and me.

  37. i have been to france, mauritius but i felt so lonely… i think INDIA is the happiest place where u get to see everything……..

  38. i dont beilive that philipines is a poor country ive been there for almost 2 years,then even if we are going to search philipines is top 7 richest country in asia,when we talk about hunger i dont bielive that no one in each country is poor, i went to america,i saw and meet alot of poor people,i went to greece,spain, india how much more, malaysia and even in russia, among the country pilipinos are very hardworking anywere you put them, there like elastic,

  39. Strange, go to Denmark and you will see no one smile. Go to Thailand and you will see everyone smile.
    Denmark, Finland and Norway are some of the worlds heaviest drinkers, and Denmark has most people on Valium.
    + A lot of people are leaving Denmark because of the high tax.

  40. i am an american but still i dont feel that my country iz da best because it is attacked by several natural disasters such as kutrina and rita i prefer india at no 2 because of its culture traditions taj mahal etc and i will gine no 1 to spain bcauz they are da world champion in soccer and indians have been no 1 in tradition culture and the taj mahal is the n0 1 in the seven wonders of the world

  41. If this is from the same survey, which it seems to be based on the order, you forgot (or intentionally left out Israel). Israel was tied at number 8 with New Zealand. I just want people to know that, whatever your political beliefs are regarding Israel, understand that they are very happy and it is wrong to attempt to take that away from them.

  42. For the past 9 years Turkey has drawn me back, and the reason why is that everyone is happy, warm-hearted, welcoming and not only that, but if you have any problem at all they will do their best to help you. Many have very little, but are much happier than us westeners who have an abundance of everything.

  43. Some people say money does not garentee happenis well it shure does :p the richest countries with people with the highest incomes made the top 10. I’m glad my country scored 3rd. I’m glad that I was born in Europe.

  44. I wouldn’t doubt this survey, myabe because I’ve always believed Europe is the best place to live in. Asia is too conservative and religious. Not a place for free thinkers. Philippines, while they have a way of laughing their lives away, is still corrupt. Not just their government but theirselves, I would have to blame that on their religion as well. Korea is a great country but also close minded. However, if they continue to be open I believe they’ll become liberals in the future. America is already becoming corrupt. While Europe is facing advanced problems, America is still stagnant on same sex marriage and war.

  45. I dont think that Finland belongs to this list, we have one of the worst suicide statistic in the world… I really dont feel happy here.

  46. no one can be seen happiness, and it can’t be expressed by words, but real happiness can be felt in your heart… because others can laugh even they have problems behind and other can says, they are happy but the truth is, they are not…

  47. Being Finnish-Italian, having lived in both countries, I have the impression that the people in Finland (both young and old) are more independent than people in Italy. At least here in Rome, my friends feel guilty in many situations where a Finn would just enjoy his/her day. My italian friends would give up travelling or going out or enjoying their time just because they decide to do something they actually don’t want to do but they must because otherwise someone else would “rimanere male” (feel bad).

  48. I believe it is the snow! The summer is relished, because i know, in a few months the sun is gone for six months. Also there is nothing like breaking some north country bordem with jokes or some silly games.
    ~ Canada

  49. I dont believe too much on this survey beacuse you could not expect to get an accurate result from 1 million people out of 100 million people living in a certain place or countries which has a bigger population than any countries in the World. The real happiness could be measured on life expectancy of a certain countries beacuse I do believe that countries with a long life expectancy are more happier than those people living on a country with a shorter life expectancy. Basically a worried and unhappy people shorter their life compare to those people with a positive minds in the world. Faith of any religion also help life expectancy beacuse faith boosted positve thinking on their daily lives. What ever their living status or form of their goverments it is on their own capacity to adopt their own environments, who could say Japan the second world largest economy in the world is more happier than North Korea when more Japanese commit suicide during the 2008 world crisis. Above all it is Gods own judgement who really are the happy people in the world.

  50. Probably why denmark is the most happy country is due to the high taxes. It helps equalize the people who live here. If you are poor you will still be able to go to the hospital, get an education in whatever you wan’t and so on… sorry we don’t smile that much and drink a lot but that is how we happen to be… :)

  51. futhermore the tax money will allso be divided between those who needed, as long as they are in search of a job…

  52. Hi
    India is definitely the happiest country in the world. People leave their coutries for many reasons. That does not mean they are unhappy with their countries.

  53. Haha, I opened this post to find places to escape the miserable winter and social coldness of Finland. Guess I’ll try Denmark then.

  54. Bhutan for sure is No.1, interestingly, economy wise Bhutan may be among last few countries, but that only proves- money has not made anybody happy :)


  56. Well what can I say? Of course Scandinavia has happy countries, you have beautiful scenery, lovely women, great night life and interesting food. The summer is a paradise in the archipelago of Finland and Sweden and the winter snows are exquisite. Scandinavian countries always figure in the top 5 countries to live in.

  57. This list is very biased towards the West..surely this list isn’t accurate at all…what about Malaysia? i am Indian and have been to a great many countries but i think Malaysia should have had a figure among the top 3. people are so warm and hospitable.they are simply fabulous.India is a very happy nation indeed what with its close social bonds and cultural affiliations but there are just too many problems to be taken care of before we finally achieve true happiness for humanity.

  58. Anybody ever been to, or heard of, Cape Verde. I was born there, and there is happiness and joy everywhere. Should be on the list. It’s a country off the west coast of Africa.

  59. What can I say, I was in Sweden 3 times so far, and when I got there for the first time, man that was a shock. People were so happy looking and relaxed… Unlike the damn Balkans. Amazing.

  60. are u kidding? hahaha BRAZIL is the number one. We are not rich like europeans but we are the most happy people in the world.

  61. the most happy and cheerful i think are the countries from latin america , BRAZIL, COLOMBIA, CUBA, PUERTO RICO, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, MEXICO ETC,,, first of all the music is so tropical, vibrant, shows what these countries have, exotic, colorful, our mix of indigenous rhythms , african and european…and the people are very warm and always greets you with a huge smile.

  62. Eric Weiner has written a fascinating book called “The Geography of Bliss”. He provides an insightful and humorous description of some happy countries (and a sad one) and his speculation of what makes them happy. Well worth the read.

  63. Oh wonderful! I want to know, why can they say these countries are happiest countries on the world. I am a Myanmar. I am so happy to live in my country. I think My country too one of the happy countries.

  64. that in Scandinavia is where there are more suicides, the weather is horrible, almost no light, not tourist country to be sad people are depressed, can not possibly be the happiest countries
    people travel to Italy France Spain, United States
    France is the country with more tourists, Spain is the second United States third
    tourists seek happiness and happy people


  66. Sorry, but no one with a bit of common sense can believe this!!! Happier countries will always be the ones with better wheather. Any South, Central American country is a delight to be in and in Europe, where is Portugal, Spain, France, Greece??? Well the Irish are really friendly that is true, but the northern europeans are a bit grumpier as they feel they are more responsible and hard working !! Why are there swedish , finnish and not British?? British can bit a lot friendlier, at least have better sense of humour !! Would love to know where did you base this study on?? On best living standards probably or possible on all beer drinkers??

  67. Well I’m Canadian and I think there’s just as many depressed people here as in the US, so not sure how they get their stats. Ask us in January – we are NOT very happy at all then!

  68. hai India is one of the happiest country,if anybody like to visit..then u could realize that human values and bonding are excellent…
    lovable people and different cultures and festivals in 1 place

  69. I agree with the winner. I have lived in Denmark, Sweden and Belgium so far, and finally settled in Denmark, and i am HAPPY. i think it is the best place to live.

    Sweden is also very beautiful country, but Belgium is not even in the same league with others. Honestly, i think Belgium as one of the worst countries
    in EU.

  70. I feel it somewhat unrealistic to assume than in a country with a 3 – 4 hours of daily sun (the Nord-European countries) anyone would be consistently happy.
    I guess, this might well explains why the villages in the South of France and Spain are so densly populated with retirees from Nord Europe. And it might be the case that this also explains why the Scandinavian countries have one of the highest alcohol dependency rates in the world.

  71. I think all the people here are nuts! Whether you be a Western or Asian, happiness always remains in your mind. If you are a free-thinker(if you claim so) you’ll know to find happiness in each country. So no country is unhappiest in this world.

  72. Haha, I have to laugh about those comments from the Latin countries. The way you react because you’re not on top shows why you’re not the happiest countries in the world. Northern Europeans don’t care about such trivial things, they just try to live the best life they can. Don’t get yourselves so worked up sweethearts, you might get a heart attck!

  73. i think philippines is the happiest country in the world because even they struck by the storm still the Filipinos laughs and it is lso happy especially when christmas time

  74. i think philippines is the happiest country in the world because even they struck by the storm still the Filipinos laughs and it is also happy especially when christmas time

  75. i don’t understand why colombia is not on the list, we are the most happy people in the world and feel very proud about our country.

  76. i think pakistan is the most happiest country as i came here when i was 18 to live and here the people are very loving and caring as campared to america

  77. and guyzz here im noticing that people are living very luxurious life as no one takes any tension and everyone helps each other

  78. In all the fights, to establish their countries as the most happiest, people forgot about Bhutan,the world’s most happiest country, voted by UNESCO.Bhutanese are known for Gross National Happiness, on the contrary to the popular GDP.


  79. This can’t be right about Belgium. The weather is incredibly depressing and it has the highest suicide rate in Western Europe for both men and women.

  80. I’ve never been to other countries and I live in The Philippines. I always think this is a very happy place to live in. I’ll try to go to those countries in your list soon Hahaha

  81. hy iam pakistani but india is most and beatiful country butin my opinion india is the happiest country in the world

  82. Finland??? Give me a break, researchers! In the Oct-Nov/1997 we were doing flights between Helsinki, Finland and Santa Cruz de Tenerife – Canary Island, Spain with Finnish tourists. One month we were based in Finland – gray sky, gray buildings, frawning faces and rain. When we land in Tenerife – the other pole – sun, sea and smiles. You don’t want to go back! Next month our base was changed to Santa Cruz: we were the same three crews and we lived a happy life there!
    That research lists the countries with the highest living standard – nothing more!

  83. I’m amazed at peoples’ ignorant comments. They have no idea about the variables they look into to determine levels of happiness. It is not about how happy you or your family and friends are. A lot more is involved. Anyway, why is it that in the US we only see news of countries in conditions much worse than ours? is it so we would think this is the best country in the world? How about showing news about Denmark, Norway, Israel, New Zeland, etc? I guess keeping the masses ignorant serves their ulterior purposes.

  84. I am a nigerian nd honestly!!! Nigerian is the most happiest country in the world can say this over again…. The country is olready crying yet the people are happy parting about everyday.

  85. i think dividing countries up and saying that 10 out of all the 157 countries are the best is not right. i believe the person who wrote this was just informing you about some information they collected, they didn’t mean any harm but judging by the comments she has gotten many people seem so enthusiastic about telling everybody that “oh guess what, i have the best country and. I believe we should be happy where ever we live(but unfortunately some people aren’t, too bad soo sad)and we should address ourselves as we instead of saying i am Irish i am Indian i am Pakistani because we live on this earth and everyone shares it and we shouldn’t divide it up because that’s how wars start. for now i would say the happiest place to live in is planet earth…..

    PS: sorry in advance for any grammar or spelling.. being in grade 8 i dont even care about these things but since i am writing about sometn=hing soo important it is quite important

  86. Viva Las Islas Filipinas!!! You will see them laughing in the streets seldom you find anywhere else in which as you see them, you can laugh out loud with no other reason at all but by just simply looking at them. I have Filipino colleagues in my office and its boring to work without them.

  87. i will prefer Denmark., just because i cant wait for my visa approval to Denmark for a holiday.

  88. …correction …
    I totally disagree …
    First, Brazil or any Latin country is NOT on the list … Go to Brazil and then you will see true happiness …
    Second, I live in Canada, and Canada is not a happy country AT ALL !!!!
    The long winter makes people not happy … and when you walk on the streets, people dont look on your face … different than places like Latin America … where even not knowing you the still say hi and talk to u and the most important SMILE at you !!!!!

  89. INDIA…..&& PAKISTAN……..They ARE the HAPPIEST!!!!
    I am a very happy Pakistani Indian……I went to America,Britain& France….
    They are fullllll of tension……But in India & Pakistan……………People are tension free……..(me too!!)

  90. the happiest place to leave on earth is with family,bcos all we need is love,without love could be happy.go to africa and see the love people are geting, xpecially Ghana.

  91. i feel happiness lies in heart…..but not in a place…it depends on how u take situations….

  92. I think Philippines should be considered as one of the happiest country in the world because the people is friendly, accomodating, hospitable and easy to be with. Above all, you can do want you want in the philippines when you are there because everyone has freedom. God bless you all.

  93. Money wise, rich people countries are the happiest, but taking into consideration feelings, friendship and pure heart, Colombia is at the top of the list.

  94. Katie,

    Have you ever had about Uganda, the Pearl of Africa. What of Bhutan (The happiest country in the world according ton all international standards and indicators)

  95. southeast asian countries like malaysia and indonesia shud be no.1.
    great food,great people and amazing weather.

  96. I believe New Zealanders are the happiest and most accomodating souls that wander this planet.

  97. John, in the list of countries by suicide rate Finland is 19th…. After for example Switzerland or Belgium….!!!!!!! Sorry, and Finland also belongs to the most peaceful countries. Even though the suicide rate is higher in Switzerland, it belongs also to the best countries in the world.. Also in the U.S. the states that are ranked as happiest have the highest suicide rates.. Because those who feel then bad, feel extremely bad. Finland really is a happy and excellent country to live in.

  98. You got everything wrong: the happiest country in the world is Uganda and the village leading in it is Ngora in eastern part of Uganda surrounded by huge natural rocks! that is where I live.

  99. I’ve been to a lot of countries and for sure Brazil is one of the happiest country with beautiful cities, beaches, nice people, and it isn’t not at all miserable if you compare to Pakistan or India, Brazil is a country quite advanced and with a the sixth greatest economy in the world and today is considered almost a first world country.

  100. Country never make people happy but peacemakers make country happy. The world can say(judge) thousand but U be the judge of yourself.

  101. I think it is true because when I went to Holland everyone was in general a LOT happier than in england.

  102. I think Indonesia should be on the list. Been there many times and always left with a good feeling. The people may not be rich as a whole and they hate their government, but person to person they accept each other ‘s differences very well, unlike many other places I ‘ve been to.

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