Top 10 Hottest Nations in the World

Want to be surrounded by beautiful people on your next trip? Check out this list of the world’s best looking nations and plan accordingly!

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We all have our own ideas of beauty, I prefer tall and tanned whilst others opt for pale and interesting.

As beauty is so subjective, is it at all possible to create a list of the best looking nations in the world??

Apparently so! Check out this list of the 10 Hottest Nations in the World and bear in mind when planning your next trip!

1. America
2. Brazil
3. Spain
4. Australia
5. Italy
6. Sweden
7. England
8. India
9. France
10. Canada

Agree or disagree? Has a super-hot nation been left off the list?? Let us know, we want to hear from you!

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18 thoughts on “Top 10 Hottest Nations in the World”

  1. America? And didn’t England recently top a list of world’s ugliest dudes? Subjective indeed! No Russia? No Eastern European countries at all? No Middle East? hmmm…

  2. I have to say the women from Eastern Europe such as Romania, Ukraine, Moldova and those countries in that area are simply stunning. They should definitely be considered among some of the most beautiful.

  3. Have to agree with Carlo. America should be nowhere near the top of this list. Travelled there many times (10+) and whilst it has it qualities, being full of “hot” people is not one of them.
    I’d leave out USA and England and include Colombia and perhaps the Baltic States (Latvia, Lithuania & Estonia), gorgeous beautiful people in those places.

  4. America? the Americas or the country USA? Great work! Oh and Norway should top the list followed by Sweden

  5. I agree with Michael Argentina women definitely should be in the top 3. And their passion is second to none (both good and bad). Shout out to Greek girls as well Yia Mas!

  6. french people are way better looking than english!
    indians are better looking than americans by a million miles!!!

  7. What, Colombia is not on the list??? I have traveled the globe and I have to say that Colombia has by far the most beautiful woman. Not only are they gorgeous, but also nice, humble and smart. I live in the states, and I am sorry but they are NOT #1 no offense. Argentina, Brazil, what about Venezuela and DOminican Republic? Oh man… But yeah, But Colombia def #1.

  8. hottest guys are from
    Central America
    latinos r every good looking

    India wtf!!!??
    im not been rude or anything but l dont find Indian guys HOT or anything like that at all!!!

  9. Well, I’ll say that England WASN’T on a list for the ugliest men but in all likelihood for the ugliest females. There are some very attractive men in England and here are some examples: Clive Owen, Henry Cavill, Jude Law, David Beckham, Jamie Campbell Bower, Hugh Jackman (English Parents), Ed Westwick, Brad Pitt (English Descent), Tom Hardy, Daniel Craig, Alex Pettyfer, Ben Affleck (English Background), Orlando Bloom, and Joseph Fiennes. It’s all a matter of opinion though but with that being said here is my top five for guys: 1. France 2. England 3. Italy ( Sleezeballs) 4. Australia 5. US/ Spain/ or Sweden.

  10. I don’t consider Americans as hot people))) For me The Greeks are hotter, the same for the Spanish, and also as to me the people from Caucasus, and Italians, Brazil))) but for the English I think they are not hot at all, exact the opposite!!!!!

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