Top 10 Incredible Underground Caves

A lot of cool stuff goes on under the ground. Check out these 10 amazing underground caves that will makes you think twice about what’s beneath your feet!

I remember learning about stalagmites and stalactites in school. Stalactites on top – tights go up, remember??

Anyway, the lessons weren’t a patch on the real thing. Check out these 10 incredible underground caves, Physics at it’s finest!

1. Reed Flute Cave, Guilin, China


Ian Sewell

2. Cheddar Caves, Somerset, UK


Andrew Stawarz

3. Lechuguilla Cave, Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico, US


Dave Bunnell

4. Waikato, New Zealand


Antoine Hubert

5. Grotte de l’Aven d’Armand, France

Grotte Silver

Coline Boitel

6. Lake of Dreams, Luray caves, Virginia, US



7. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kualar Lumpur


8. Fantasy Cave, Bermuda



9. Ice Cave, Nynäshamn, Sweden

Ice Cave


10. Grotte de Dargilan, France


Philip Larson

Been to any of these places?? Have we left some truly amazing caves off of our list? Post up your comments below and let us know!

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23 thoughts on “Top 10 Incredible Underground Caves”

  1. WOW. these are just incredible. i have to admit that i don’t feel comfortable underground. still, seeing these would make it worth the trip! thanks for sharing!

  2. These are incredible. I have to see that cave in China. Been to Batu Caves in KL and Saba Borneo has incredible Caves as well.
    @Carrie, are you talking about the cave on Cat Ba Island in Ha Long Bay? That was a great one as well. so many awesome caves it is hard to choose.
    A lot of time it is just all about the lighting, but I tend to like the more authentic and rustic caves. Exploring them with a headlamp like we did in Laos.

  3. The underground caves in Sagada, in the Philippines are pretty amazing for underground traversing. Lots of rope climbing and getting wet. Very much for those looking for a great memory!

  4. I’ve been to the Reed Flute Cave in Guilin, China and I probably wouldn’t have put it at the top of the list. It’s a nice cave, but the lights are slightly kitch (I’ve got a shot of it here with less colours:

    One of the most impressive caves I have been to was Gomantong Cave in Borneo where they collect the edible bird nests.

  5. I would Postojna and Škocjan caves and in Slovenia. Škocjan is a UNESCO world heritage site and creeping on a tiny bridge across the giant underground canyon feels like something out of Lord of the Rings.

  6. Penn’s Cave in Pennsylvania may not be up there with Carlsbad but it’s an interesting cave and well worth the visit. It’s different from the other caves I’ve visited in that you tour the cave in a boat.

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