Top 10 Recession-Friendly Vacations

by Katie Sorene

If your yearly vacation’s hanging in the balance and the recession’s robbed you of any ounce of travel adventure – check out these budget travel destinations, all for under $100 a day!


I’m constantly dreaming of escaping to an exotic island paradise but my dreams are cruelly cut short when I consider the price tag.

From India to Peru; Malaysia to Russia – these exciting, recession-friendly vacations won’t break the bank.

You might even get away with spending as little as $12 a day!

Costs quoted are average daily costs for food and lodging only, based on a budget trip.*

1.    Jaipur, India $12

2.    Langkawi, Malaysia, $21

3.    Puno, Peru $25

4.    Krabi, Thailand $34

5.    Quito, Ecuador $34

6.    Dahab, Egypt $39

7.    Monastir, Tunisia $35

8.    Monte Gordo, Portugal $44

9.    Polis, Cyprus $57

10.  Budapest, Hungary $70

Been to any of these places? Got more recommendations for super-cheap vacations?? Post up your comments below, we want to hear from you!

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*Cost per day quote is an estimate based on the best information we have, actual costs may vary.

Photo: Langkawi, Malaysia by dmytrok.

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Well I can definitely recommend Krabi – not too touristy and CHEAP!


Yes, been to Budapest 2 yrs ago. We (2 couples and 1 guy) shared an apartment. It was super! Stayed 5 days and didn’t break the budget.

I would recommend Greece, particularly Halkidiki area. I’ve booked a studio for two (me & hubby) for 44 euros/night, breakfast included!


Good blog.
I think that European cities are good choice for good travel.


Why not try the beaches in the Philippines? They are cheap and beautiful :D


very helpful! people nowadays needs to have a break from their work. with all the stress in and out of work people sure do needs to find cheap but very relaxing ways to unwind. thanks so much!

recession friendly vacations

Amazing list! I really want to visit these places as soon as possible for me. Thanks for the fantastic list.


great blog :)


No no no.. This article is NOT good at all. She list Jaipur, India at $12 but when you click on it you end up on a page that states that your average costs are $117. I don’t like this at all. I will start over with Jaipur on a new Google search to find more info, but her info is NOT useful to me. I will say that the other comments are useful.

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