Top 5 Places in the World to Make a Baby

by Katie Sorene

Getting broody and looking for the perfect place to procreate? Check out these beautiful destinations bursting with new life and happiness.

As Winter turns to Spring the animal kingdom is preparing itself for the mating season.

As thoughts turn to fluffy bunnies, skipping lambs and flower blossoms, it’s the perfect time to start/grow a family.

Check out these stunning places across the world, ideal for baby-making!

1. Yoshino, Japan

Yoshino Japan


THE number one destination in Japan to catch sight of the annual cherry blossoms. A dreamy destination to contemplate the cycle of life.

2. Breacon Becons, Wales, UK

breacon becons wales

Alan Stanton

Young lambs galloping across lush, rolling hills. A Spring mating paradise.

3. Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada

Lake Louise Alberta

Danny Nicholson

Water: a beautiful symbol of life. A stunning spot to reflect on the new life you’re about to create.

4. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam tulips

Amy Bonner

The Tulip capital of the world, where you’ll find fields upon fields bursting with the joy of life.

5. Procreation Vacation!

Couple Jazuzzi

The latest trend of many luxury resorts and spas, such as the Five Gables Inn offering a special “Birds and Bees” package for aspiring baby makers!

Where was your baby made?! Any more great suggestions for Spring baby-making?! We’ want to hear from you!

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i’d say somewhere quiet, with NOT a lot of tourist things to do/see. you’ve got more important things going on! :)

Cherrye at My Bella Vita

What a funny post. I’m seeing a trend here … beauty, tranquility, romance!


What a lovely post – funny too! And don’t forget you can still travel once the baby comes!

Vera Marie Badertscher

Ahhhh, but shouldn’t it mostly be going on INDOORS! So really romantic hotel suites, I would think, more than woodsy and watery locations.


Japan is a really good place to make babies:) I don`t know about Amsterdam though :O

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